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Day 21:

I found the 6-part door repair series by milkcrate82 very helpful in this process. Here are links to his videos: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6

The disassembly sequence for Chevy truck doors is:

1) Panels

2) Track (bolts at back of door and inside)

3) Weather Strip

4) Vent Window Assembly – three scews at the top of the door frame and two bolts inside the door. (Rotate glass to the inside of the door and remove it through the window opening)

5) Window glass and regulator. Roll up window all the way, remove all four bolts and lift glass outside and above the top of the door, sliding glass rearward to clear tracks. After the window handle is removed, the regulator comes out through the lower hole in the door.

6) Latch, inner door handle, lock – all come out at once. Easy to see these parts with everything else removed!

7) Outside door handle.

Reassembly is pretty much the reverse of the above sequence with the following tip for installing the weather stripping and window track:

With the regulator installed and the window down. press the new weather stripping into the channel around the window opening. Next roll the window all the way up and position the track. Pull down on the weatherstripping to remove any kinks and press the weather stripping into the track inside the door.  Be sure the metal section at the bottom of the window is inside the weatherstrip which should be inside the track.

Align bolts, tighten everything, roll the window down and snap in the window sill fuzzies and seals. Add inside weather seal, panels, escutcheons and handles to complete the installation.

This process was actually much easier than I had imagined it would be. The result:



The drivers’ side door aligned easily but the passenger side took lots of shims to get the latch to line up. The door panels, levers and lock button are new chrome pieces. Door panels are attached with stainless steel machine screws (1-4″x 20 x 3/4″) with finishing washers where the arm-rests would attach.

Net gain:  Doors with handles, locks I have keys for, and vent windows that close and lock!

The costliest parts in this phase were the complete vent window assemblies. ($209.95 each at LMC Truck).


Either the bed or the front fenders, grill and hood.  I’ve been holding off on the front-end body panels while waiting for a new steering column to arrive. All should be delivered in a few days anyway.


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