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14-Year-Old Boy Saves Himself and Mother from Attacker

Good on him!

Corpus Christi, Texas October 10, 2006 —
Police said a 14-year-old boy was defending himself and his mother when he shot and killed an intruder Monday afternoon. (read it all at the link above)

Defense is one of the legally defined situations under (this State’s) law whereby minors (under the age of 17) can access firearms without incriminating the (adult) firearm owner. Were it not for this provision in State law, the firearm owner could face criminal charges if the minor shot someone after gaining access to an unsecured weapon.

Other acceptable situations where minors can wield firearms are:
When under the supervision of an adult (paternity not required), and when working in agriculture.

Barring the exceptions enumerated above, the law holds a firearm owners responsible and accountable for security of firearms; including barring access to minors.  Responsible gun ownership sometimes means that your child has the combination (or the key) to the gun safe.


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