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Posted at Daily Pundit via Washington Rebel:

A gun question for our readers | Washington Rebel

I had a peek at the safe inventory the other day and realized there are several items in there that I have never actually, you know, fired. That seems like a serious oversight that I should rectify soon, but raises the question of whether it’s a common thing or is it just me that’s buying weapons faster than I can practice with them?

My comment at Daily Pundit follows:

I started out to ‘sensibly’ use common ammunition for all my guns.  9mm Hi-Power, 9 mm UZI, 9mm S&W, etc.

One problem with the 9mm was that is wasn’t 45. So, it was 45 Kimber, 45 Thompson, 45 KRISS, etc.

Except that cowboy action shooting called for a different 45. So it was 45 Long Colt Uberti, 45 Long Colt Puma, etc.

Then 12 Ga.  Side-by-Side Coach gun for Cowboy stuff, FN Police model for ‘protection’, Benelli M2 for the Benelli cool factor, Siaga 12 – because an AK-47 chambered in 12 guage is just awesome, then a Crossfire 12Ga on top with an AR Magazine-fed .223 on the bottom was just ‘different’.

Except pistol rounds weren’t in the same class as rifle rounds, so it was 30-06 Springfield for the 1917 Eddystone, 8mm Mauser for the 1898 Gewehr, 270 Win, 308 Win M-1919, 7mm for the Mako.

But, the common rifles just werent 50 BMG.  That called for a BMG upper assembly for the Bushmaster AR, followed by a Barrett M-82A1, and later a a Barrett M-107.

Could I go bigger?

Yes, I think I can. An M203 grenade launcher for the AR-15 would be a ‘destructive device’ and carries additional licensing and tax issues – but a U.S. Coast Guard Approved 37mm flare launcher looks the same and carries no stigma of ‘destuctionalism’.

Then there are the “M” series:
I bought an M1 Garand (because Jeff Cooper said so).
Then I bought an M1 Carbine (because they look cool and Kim du Toit had a beauty for sale).
Then I bought an M1A1 (because it was an NRA Camp Perry Commerorative Special Edition Limited issue)
Then I bought an M1A Thompson submachine gun (because I was ’rounding out’ the M1 set of the collection).

Then I noticed that there was an M1 Abrams.  Collection progress seriously stalled on that news.

Fortunately, I have a place to shoot ‘all of the above’. It’s a private 70 acre lease south of Dallas the costs just $275 per year.

The landowner considers ‘Class III” (full auto) gun owner-members to be a plus, owing to the Federal background check requirements as an indication of worthy character.

Seriously, Bill.  You have got to escape from California and join the free state of Texas.

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