Peter Fonda’s Easy Rider Bike is up at auction. $1.0 to $1.2 million may win the bidding. These comments after the article drew my attention: Comment: “I always hated the way the conservatives shot them at the end of the movie.” Comment Response: “That was the best part.”

I saw the Blood Moon in full Eclipse this morning. This picture (not my photo) was closest to what I saw this morning in southern Illinois near the Indiana border. One description I read today was that during a Blood Moon, we see all the sunrises and all the sunsets of Earth projected onto the […]

Lightning Bugs. I don’t know what purpose they serve, except to prove that God loves us and wants us to be happy. And I’m OK with that. (not a Haiku, and I’m OK with that, too.)

The Antanov 225 pictured above landed in Edmonton at 8:00 AM today carrying a boiler manufactured in Berlin for Agrium for the production of Nitrogen fertilizer. The Antanov 225 is the largest plane in the world with 6 engines and can fit a complete assembled fuselage of a Boeing 737 in its hold. When it […]


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Sunset at 10:05 PM Picture from Edmonton, Alberta Province taken yesterday from the plane on final approach to landing. The daylight time is amazingly long in the summer: It’s light outside from about  4:00 AM to about 11:00 PM!  

Maid Service / housekeeping was running very late at my 2-star (I am being generous with the rating) hotel today. By 2:00 PM they had managed to remove the used towels, but the beds were unmade and my essential coffee ration had not been replenished. At about 5:00 PM I retrieved some coffee packages from […]

Two lessons from the biker attack on a family in NY 1. Given a choice, try to avoid jurisdictions like New York, New Jersey, DC and California. 2. Make sure that all adults and teenagers in your family can use weapons. Much more at the link, above. Be wise. Stay safe. Travel well.

Missed It By That Much

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Layers and layers of fact-checking have failed at CNN. (Seen at,  Heh.) CNN: The Most Trusted Name In News. Yea, right.  

Unless a better picture shows otherwise, I’m seeing a semi-auto pistol. Not a “Machine Gun” here. Selector positions seem to show only Safe and Fire … no “Auto” in enlarged picture: The media doesn’t get many firearm articles right, do they?  

Harley For Sale

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2000 Harley Davidson FSXTB Night Train 5600 miles $13,995 [Click any to view Larger size]

• Sum Ting Wong • Wi Tu Lo • Ho Lee Fuk • Bang Ding Ow Bay Area Fox affiliate KTVU Pranked

777 Crash at SFO

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Appears that tail hit before start of runway – separated at time of landing. shows 120′ upward ‘bounce’ at last reading’. 02:28PM 37.6170 -122.3740 294° West 85 98 200 120  FlightAware Preliminary Details: • 291 passengers and 16 crew members were aboard • Korean Air Flight 214 originated in Seoul, South Korea • 2 […]

Having recently returned from a nine or ten week assignment in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico I was under the impression that the area was relatively safe – for Mexico anyway. Now this story pops up: More Senseless Drug-Related Murders in Mexico    Follow-up: Seven severed heads found by highway in central Mexico Not a good indicator […]

Excerpt: Formula One searched for answers on Monday after headline-grabbing British Grand Prix tire blowouts plunged the sport into crisis and triggered talk of a possible driver boycott in Germany next weekend. Tire supplier Pirelli, who have faced criticism from some teams since the start of the season, began an immediate investigation after four drivers […]

When guardians of freedom are banned, the occupants of the UK are on their own. The UK has been disarmed of weapons; now it is being disarmed of ideas. My advice for the UK? Escape Now or Stand up and Fight! Create your own destiny – or cower under the rule of these thought police […]

The TSA’s 2.5 year delayed notice and comment rulemaking, allowing them to use nude body scanners as primary screening in U.S. airports, came to a close yesterday after 3 months of accepting public feedback. At the time of writing, the TSA has admitted to receiving 4,321 comments, a number sure to increase as they continue […]

Smoky Mountain Shootist Society meets every second Saturday on a hilly area near Oak Ridge, TN. Rain or shine. New shootists are welcome, if they’ve got the right collection of weapons. It ends with an authentic cowboy lunch of beer, barbecue, and chili. via Glenn at Instapundit Full Article here

When I travel, I peek into gunshops. I look at their stock; their arrangements; their people.  Occasionally, I am treated to an exceptionally good place to do business. Today was one of those days. Allow me to present: Midwest Gun Exchange 3415 Grape Road Mishawaka, IN   Gun Shop of the Year (so far) Nominee: […]


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Sometimes air travel has its disruptions – even on a bright and sunny day. My flight connection yesterday afternoon was to link through New York’s Kennedy airport, but as soon as our plane left the gate, the pilot shut down the engines and announced that JFK had a ground hold in effect while a ‘certain […]

Aerosmith drops Indonesia show over security fears  

The kiosks for the US Customs and Border Protection’s Global Entry program went dark today. The agent manning international border checkpoint at the DFW Airport claimed the outage was nationwide. Seems like anything the Federal Government can control fails to work under the sequester plan. Solution? Let’s find less things that the Federal Government can […]

Guadalajara, Jalisco

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Muy buen clima. 90 degrees and sunny all week!    

Steaks Rib Eye Steak 10 oz $26 House rub marinated Angus rib eye, maitre-d butter, onion strings, Yukon gold mashed potatoes. Yummy!  

Here again for most of the the week at the Santa Clara Hilton. … with a picture of the Mount Hamilton Observatory. Temps to be in the mid 60’s, rising to 75 degrees by Friday.  Spring!      


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Home again. Took a picture of the Grand Canyon on the way, but at 33,000 feet altitude and 25 miles away it looks like a drainage ditch.

For just 90 cents. What a deal!  

62 Degrees with highs in the mid 60’s forecast through the end of the week in Fremont/San Jose, CA. Too bad I’m always rushing to go here and there – I could have grabbed some interesting pictures along the way.


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Back to work in Guadalajara. 73 degrees and partly sunny on arrival. Temperatures in the low 80’s are expected next week!


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It’s great to be back in The Lone Star State. 81 degrees and sunny!

Greetings from California! Does anyone in the area want to get together for a cocktail or two? Hilton Newark/Fremont

Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico

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  Tomorrow’s High: 84 degrees. Same for Thursday & Friday! The flight cost from DFW was just $340. Come on down.

Hugo Chavez, Dead

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Hugo Chavez, dead at 58

  Today’s High was 75°F – tomorrow should be 77°F.


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Happy (Chinese) New Year 恭 喜 發 財

Gun owners and even some lawmakers are planning what has been dubbed potentially the largest act of civil disobedience in state history New Yorkers are in defiance of the law hastily conceived with little debate that restricts their Constitutional Rights. Defy Them! We Citizens from the other States, will support New York Gun Owners’ liberties. […]

E.E.F. – Marauder

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It’s the Marauder for the E.E.F. WIN! (See Say Uncle’s  EEF definition) Hat Tip to Borepatch. The Marauder is a product from the Paramount Group of South Africa. For £100,000 I would definitely be interested in owning a Marauder. Who is the US Sales rep I need to contact?

Critter Sighting – Mule Deer

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Click pic embiggerize.


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A critter sighting summary from Canada. Two Foxes Three Moose Small herd of Bison Twenty-two Deer (two bucks)   Good News! It’s supposed to warm up to just below freezing tomorrow.

The AT&T Android app AT&T Smart Wi-Fi on the Samsung Galaxy Note II disables Wi-Fi while purporting to connect to ‘free’ AT&T Wi-Fi hot spots. It doesn’t connect to ‘free’ spots. Instead, it redirects to billable ‘on-air’ spots. Actually, the AT&T Smart Wi-Fi app disconnects your legitimate Wi-Fi connection and reverts to AT&T or roaming […]

Temperature Dropped Some, eh?

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From 63 degrees and sunny to 8 degrees with freezing fog. See Google Earth location: 53.0701593244, -116.792034411 View Larger Map Today’s News from Edson, AB, Canada’s Weekly Anchor: Rob Merrifield announces destruction of long-gun registry records On Oct. 31, Hon. Rob Merrifield, M.P. for Yellowhead, announced that the long-gun registry, with the exception of registry […]

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