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Howdy There, New Neighbor!

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@iowahawkblog is someone who votes with his feet. Good for him. And God bless Texas. — Johnny B (@SageCommander) July 3, 2014 Iowahawk is moving from Chicago to Texas! Welcome to the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave. David, Drop me a comment or an email.  You will always be welcomed […]

I’d like to open my speech today with two shout outs, one to my most devoted sponsors, the One Hundred Heads Life and Casualty Company and the other to the twice-elected President of the United States, Barack Hussein Obama, on the singular milestone in his career, or indeed of anyone who has ever sat in […]

AUSTIN, Texas – The Texas State Rifle Assn., the Lone Star State’s leading organization championing and supporting the rights of law abiding Texans to own, enjoy and use firearms as guaranteed by the Constitutions of the State of Texas and the United States of America, will be a platinum sponsor of the 2nd Annual A […]

He may not always vote like a conservative, but damn. John Cornyn (R – Texas) puts out a good ad.  

You just never know when it will come in handy. Houston firefighter puts out truck blaze with beer  

– Full article from The Washington Times: Angry Colorado gun firm Magpul relocating to Texas, Wyoming

From Stockman for Senate (stockman2014.com): ‘Harry Reid’s Republican’ killed filibuster of amnesty, voted to fund Obamacare, approved leftist judges, tried to defeat Paul, Rubio and Cruz AUSTIN – Congressman Steve Stockman (R-TX 36) announced Monday he is leaving his United States House seat to challenge U.S. Senator John Cornyn (R-TX) for the Republican nomination for […]

Texas Border Closed!

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Via Brietbart’s Bog Government: Exclusive–Texas Lt. Governor: We Shut Down the Border Ourselves Texas Lieutenant Governor David Dewhurst announced a Texas-led three-week effort that he says reduced illegal immigration, smuggling, and human trafficking to a standstill in the Rio Grande River section of the U.S./Mexico border. At a cost of $5 million per week … […]

James McAuley, a Marshall scholar studying history at the University of Oxford wrote about Dallas’s Role in Kennedy’s assassination. “For the last 50 years, a collective culpability has quietly propelled the city to outshine its troubled past without ever actually engaging with it.” The New York Times published his drivel. Since the opinion page had […]

Via Twitchy Texas loves freedom. Ted Cruz is a Texas hero! ARLINGTON — U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz received a hero’s welcome during a swing through Tarrant County Tuesday as he continued to drum up support for his battle to end the country’s new health care program. Denounced by top leaders in his own party for […]

Senator Cruz returns to Texas welcome after shutdown battle Welcome back home, Senator. Get some rest, take some encouragement and go back and hit ‘em again. We Texans support you. The rest of the country will thank you, once they realize to enormity of the stakes in the game.

One country? Or two? It’s up at Sipsey Street Irregulars

A soldier arrested for carrying an assault rifle told the police officer who arrested him that he had the weapon, “because he could,” Grisham, who’s stationed at Fort Hood, was carrying an AR-15 rifle and a concealed handgun, for which he had a permit. Texas law allows for rifles to be carried in public. Court […]

If a Sunday evening robo-call is a reliable indicator, Wendy Davis – Texas’ own ‘Abortion Barbie’, is announcing a run in Haltom City, Texas later this week. Following her ineffectual bid to thwart the will of the people in the Texas legislature earlier this year, Abortion Barbie (a.k.a. Wendy Davis) may be testing the waters […]

He looks a lot better since he quit smoking!  

h/t to Sister Toldjah. You’re welcome.

Harley For Sale

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2000 Harley Davidson FSXTB Night Train 5600 miles $13,995 [Click any to view Larger size]


Welcome, neighbor. The 72,000 square foot facility, which will now be known as Mercury Studios, features 3 sound stages that are up to 14,500 square feet. TheBlaze produces 6 hours of live programming every day from Irving. Full report at DallasNews.com.  

Via the Christian Science Monitor: Gun control backfires? Rick Perry to lure blue-state gunmakers to Texas. Go Rick! Note to all ‘Blue-State’ employers: Business is better in Texas. Come on down and see how doing business in a free state benefits your stockholders.  

Ted Cruz Corners B. Todd Jones On His Record This post by Cardigan at IOwnThe World.com shows one reason why it was important to support Ted Cruz in his Texas Senate run. Cruz gets it. Bravo!    

1,000 HP twin turbo powered 2006 Ford GT from Hennessey Performance. Go fast with white stripes.


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Home again. Took a picture of the Grand Canyon on the way, but at 33,000 feet altitude and 25 miles away it looks like a drainage ditch.


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It’s great to be back in The Lone Star State. 81 degrees and sunny!

Rick Perry Rocks at CPAC

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Shield Tactical, a California retailer and firearms training provider, has decided to ‘get the heck out of Dodge’ — and move to Texas John W. Harrington founded Shield Tactical in 2008, but with California’s hard-line stance on gun control, he decided the state was no longer a good place for his business. Harrington, originally from […]

Bad News.  DFW Gun Range near Dallas’ Love Field has gone up in flames. The smoke was visible as far away as Lake Arlington this afternoon. Early news reports said tracer rounds may have been involved.

The Firearm Protection Act, sponsored by Republican Representative Steve Toth (The Woodlands, Dist. 15), would stop Texas law enforcement officials from confiscating so-called assault weapons or large capacity ammunition magazines; create a Class A misdemeanor for officials trying to enforce future federal gun control laws – making the police into the law breakers; and give […]

MIDLOTHIAN — Police have released details about the 200-mile procession planned for a former Navy SEAL sniper who was killed at a Glen Rose shooting range. Midlothian Police Chief Carl D. Smith said the procession for Chris Kyle will begin at about 8 a.m. Tuesday at the local school district’s multi-purpose stadium and will end […]

Guns Across America – Texas

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Today is Gun Appreciation Day Good pictorial roundup at Wake Up America. h/t to Weasel Zippers for the Texas coverage (and the pic).  

Dallas Needs a new Ex-Mayor

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Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings says he’s all-in on Obama’s gun control agenda Texas Fred has the story.

From (The Austin-American) statesman.com “Is Gov. Cuomo looking to take your guns? Sick of the media outing law abiding gun owns? Are you a lawful NY gun owner seeking lower taxes?” reads one of two pop-up ads. A second reads: “Wanted: Law abiding New York gun owns looking for lower taxes and greater opportunity.” Click […]

DFW Blog Dinner Looks like the 23rd wins and we’ll call it 7 p.m. at Campo Verde in Arlington. The light display really has to be seen to believed so I encourage everyone in the area to come out for this. Campo Verde Located: 2918 W. Pioneer Parkway, Arlington, TX 76013 Telephone # 817-275-7003 Please […]

Fast and Furious guns claim another victim in Mexico. When will Eric Holder be called to account for this scheme?

First Day of Early Voting October 22, 2012 (Monday, which is next business day after statutory deadline) Last Day of Early Voting November 2, 2012 From votetexas.gov

he were to claim he was not informed that militants stormed Benghazi, massacred our ambassador to Libya and his guards, and then and tried to blame in on a video no one had ever seen, or a budget that hasn’t been passed for four years? And he denied protection the compounds after multiple attacks and […]


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At Pamela’s Place: Atlas Shrugs hosts the Saturday Night Cinema classic: Hud. Highly recommended.

DOJ Inspector General to Testify Before Congress About Fast and Furious “For a year and a half, Attorney General Eric Holder has cited the ongoing Inspector General investigation as his reason for declining to hold those responsible for reckless conduct in Operation Fast and Furious to account. Next week, this excuse for delaying action ends,” […]

Ted Cruz Wins!

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From Sarah Palin’s Facebook page: Congratulations to Ted Cruz! This is a victory both for Ted and for the grassroots Tea Party movement. This primary race has always been about the kind of leadership we need in D.C. Our goal is not just about changing the majority in the Senate. It is about the kind […]

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