Memories Pizza is under attack from the left because of a news report from ABC News. The owners are now in hiding after death threats. They have set up a GoFundMe site for donations As of now, they have $491,976 in support donations! Update: Now $842,592!! Hit the Memories Pizza GoFundMe site and add what […]

Speed Dating Question

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Seen at (stolen from) GottaGetDrunkFirst Heh.

Barely a mention in the MSM about Fukushima.  

Lightning Fall

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The latest novel from our friend Bill Quick. Bill Reports: LIGHTNING FALL Now Roaring Up the Charts at Amazon! I’m now about a third of the way through it.  It’s a good read. Order yourself a copy on Amazon.  


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Bookworm Room has this observation: “Color is an interesting thing.  I long ago realized that the 1920s and 1930s seem further away for me, visually, than the pre-modern era.  The difference is color.  When I think of the Middle Ages or the Renaissance or the Enlightenment, even though the images are frozen, they still are […]

Pablam pab·lum ˈpabləm/ noun noun: pabulum; noun: pablum 1. bland or insipid intellectual fare, entertainment, etc.; pap. Yep. Pablam.  

Made Me Laugh

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    Seen at Curmudgeonly & Skeptical²

Either way, cherry picking sometimes involves a lot of effort.

Run Them Into The River

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  It’s time.

Hello 2014! We’re starting new with a clean slate. Let’s have a good year! All the best wishes for a happy and prosperous New Year!

And that was the year that was. See you on the other side!

From casa de Traction Control. May God Bless your life with prosperity in the coming New Year.

She wasn’t a hunter, she wasn’t a competitive shooter or a collector by any means. She was simply a woman who didn’t feel safe. Emily Gets Her Gun

Charlie Daniels Weighs In

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It's a sorry day in America when a man speaks his mind and gets suspended from work for expressing heartfelt religious opinions. — Charlie Daniels (@CharlieDaniels) December 19, 2013 Well said.

Angel Heart Starring: Mickey Rourke, Robert De Niro, Lisa Bonet * Most Disturbing category, excludes Natural Born Killers for Angel Heart  to win.

Here’s a new one: Teen Playing ‘Knockout Game’ Shot Twice by Victim I would probably shoot you four times, if twice didn’t stop you. Some fun, eh? Game on, “teens”.

Missing Pussy Rioter Nadezhda Tolokonnikova Found At Siberian Hospital After disappearing for more than three weeks in Russia’s draconian prison system, Pussy Riot member Nadya Tolokonnikova has been located in a remote hospital. The Daily Beast has more.

James McAuley, a Marshall scholar studying history at the University of Oxford wrote about Dallas’s Role in Kennedy’s assassination. “For the last 50 years, a collective culpability has quietly propelled the city to outshine its troubled past without ever actually engaging with it.” The New York Times published his drivel. Since the opinion page had […]

Missed It By That Much

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Layers and layers of fact-checking have failed at CNN. (Seen at,  Heh.) CNN: The Most Trusted Name In News. Yea, right.  

RIP Tom. CBSNews has details

Alcohol and Drugs Only drink Grand Marnier, and that’s to keep the throat from drying up in a place where there’s a lot of smoke. As for drugs: a big NO! Food Eat anytime, anything you can get your hands on. I mean it! Health Whenever you get to feeling weird, take Bayer aspirin. I […]

Story at Since The Journal News in New York published a map showing the locations of every handgun owner in two New York counties, news agencies have shown they cannot be trusted with certain information.


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Remember: When @BarackObama race-baits a Hispanic-American citizen in front of the whole world, you're a racist for noticing. — Jim Treacher (@jtLOL) July 20, 2013

From Betamax3000: The King of Charismatic Drunks Excerpt Nine (Out of Sequence) … by way of Ann Althouse

Interesting, No?

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Really, the Tweet of the day has to be: “So a Hispanic shoots a black and is acquitted by women, but it’s still white men’s fault.” From Alphecca.

All 50 States Now Enjoy Concealed-Carry Welcome back, Illinois.  

When guardians of freedom are banned, the occupants of the UK are on their own. The UK has been disarmed of weapons; now it is being disarmed of ideas. My advice for the UK? Escape Now or Stand up and Fight! Create your own destiny – or cower under the rule of these thought police […]


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Because a big guy with a little knife and a frown, isn’t as scary as a little guy with a big knife and a smile. Heh. Shamelessly stolen from Irons in the Fire.  

Michael’s Rant de Jour… is a good one. Addressing gun-blog critics and ammo hoarders. Go read it! h/t to The Freeholder for the pointer.

Legal Insurrection has Live Stream video.  

Happy Father’s Day

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To all you out there. Thanks for being a Dad.

Staples backing off contest policy shows shallowness of anti-gun support – David Codrea at “Angry reactions following its disallowing a gun retailer to enter its small business contest has resulted in office supply chain Staples ending the discriminatory practice, Deena Winter of Nebraska Watchdog revealed in a report updated yesterday.” h/t Sipsey Street Irregulars  […]

U.S. NEWS: Second Amendment Hero Dick Heller Offers Searing Indictment Of Media Coverage Of Guns. “You folks in the media, I challenge you to add another [notch] to your resume. Learn about guns. Take a safety course,” Heller told a room of reporters at the National Press Club. “If you don’t … you’re going to […]

2:39:14 with Bill Whittle

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The always amazing Bill Whittle at home.

The Medical Consequences of the Retreat from Marriage Sounds bad.. So … do the right thing, OK?

Ear Beer?

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I’ve heard of near beer In Colorado, but I never heard about “Ear Beer” before today: See Ed’s post  

Pump 16 – Burbank

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[Video Removed] h/t Powerline

Bloomberg reports Richie Havens died today at the age of 72 of a heart attack in his home in New Jersey. RIP  


Current Reading List: World War Z

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World War Z by Max Brooks. Delicious.    

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