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via gerardvanderleun at American Digest … by Josep Sumalla / 500px

  Why the Internet will conquer the World!

Makin’ Bacon Part 6: Ego Gates Eventually I found a place that had cheap (Chinese made?) gates on sale. They were about half the cost of the original gates. All I needed to do was drive 50 miles round trip, buy gates that were 1 3/4” diameter “pipe” (tubing) instead of 2”, wait for them […]

50 First Dates with Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore IMDb has a Summary   Watch 50 First Dates in Comedy | View More Free Videos Online at Veoh.com   The ending made me cry, it did.  

Walken in a Winter Wonderland

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  I thought about this the other day, but someone actually did it!

  Do you remember a time when “God” was an acceptable word in The United States? I do.

Cool Card Trick

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Me? Or your lying eyes? Hold something over the seam and compare the color of the top gray block to the bottom block. Want a more scientific way to compare? Use MS Paint to open the image, and use the Color Picker tool to sample the color. The top is Red 123 Green 124 and […]

Cool Pic: Sunset Refraction

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Sunset Refraction. pic.twitter.com/1XsLFGcmWk — Earth Pics (@PicturesEarth) November 16, 2013 via Twitter I especially like the birds standing on the shoreline at the bottom of the glass.  Nice.

but not all together. Armed and Dangerous wrote this: Stratum 1 time server on a tiny SBC? I’ve been working on GPSD a lot recently – we’re heading towards a 3.10 release with a lot of new features. As part of this release I’ve decided to ship a HOWTO on setting up a high-quality NTP […]

Alcohol and Drugs Only drink Grand Marnier, and that’s to keep the throat from drying up in a place where there’s a lot of smoke. As for drugs: a big NO! Food Eat anytime, anything you can get your hands on. I mean it! Health Whenever you get to feeling weird, take Bayer aspirin. I […]

Apollo 11

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For historical perspective about Apollo 11, it was a mere 66 years from Kitty Hawk to the moon — Dave in Texas (@DaveinTexas) July 20, 2013   Hard to imagine, isn’t it?

Because: AMERICA

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Video at MArooned

Drive a stick shift Swim Start a fire without matches or a lighter See all 78 at How To Survive It  

$250,000 Sikorsky prize awarded to Canadian Aerovolo team after their human-powered helicopter remained aloft at 3 meters in the air for a full minute. [64.11 seconds was the actual time – Ed.] Read full UPI article here.

Want a place to shoot?

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There’s an app for that, and it’s free. Available for free in the Apple App Store and Google Play, Where To Shoot puts North America’s most comprehensive directory of shooting ranges in the palm of your hand Read more at The Daily Caller

Seen at John Lott’s place. “If you are concerned about what places prevent victims from being able to defend themselves, this App might be for you.” He’s got pictures, too.  

Click link and find the Play button. You’ll see a visual lesson in the art and science of what can be done with metadata. h/t God’s Own Crunk  


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  At 240 fps from ViralRead. Cool stuff.  

America’s Got Talent

Re-Arrange The Letters

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Bill Quick has a cool find at Daily Pundit: Rearrange the letters 2 A Taste: Election results  -> Lies let’s recount  

The Loophole and The Next Move: Food Drive! Send Free Food certificates to all IRA Offices. (Mailing actual food may be cumbersome and not in compliance with Postal Service guidelines). Registered mail, return receipt requested. If mail is accepted, close the offices. Problem solved! No more IRS employees.

There’s Obviously Some Sort Of Liquor Store At The Top Of This Embankment

The Borderline Sociopathic Blog for Boys has this neat video!

1st person aviation videos – above, below, and through the Golden Gate bridge, from Popular Mechanics h/t Glenn Reynolds  

Steven Hayward at Power Line writes in Liberal Hypocrisy Watch (paraphrased): “While liberals are demanding increased background checks for gun purchases, Obama’s nominee for secretary of labor, Tom Perez, opposes allowing employers with federal contracts to use background checks for new prospective employees. There’s an obvious remedy for this problem: a company can require that […]

1,000 HP twin turbo powered 2006 Ford GT from Hennessey Performance. Go fast with white stripes.

When markets are created, suppliers supply. Stolen from The Cluemeter via the Lars Larson Show’s Facebook page.

Best number from the finest pop concert film ever made, Stop Making Sense. [Full film is HERE.] Enjoy some Talking Heads

Got Dents?

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The Dent Artist Excellence in Paintless Dent Repair 410 Lillard Rd. Suite 305 Arlington, Texas 76012 817-296-5775 Mobile, 817-276-1470 Office

DIY Armed Drones

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Forget DIY Drones, How About DIY Armed Drones? J.D. Tuccille|Dec. 13, 2012 2:26 pm h/t InstaPundit

Blocked in Iran?

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  Check http://www.blockediniran.com/ to see if your site is blocked in Iran. Evidently, Traction Control is all good!

The AT&T Android app AT&T Smart Wi-Fi on the Samsung Galaxy Note II disables Wi-Fi while purporting to connect to ‘free’ AT&T Wi-Fi hot spots. It doesn’t connect to ‘free’ spots. Instead, it redirects to billable ‘on-air’ spots. Actually, the AT&T Smart Wi-Fi app disconnects your legitimate Wi-Fi connection and reverts to AT&T or roaming […]

Black Friday at GameStop

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Early Black Friday Report: Midnight Sale at GameStop Shopper: “It was so civilized.” “They asked people in line for the midnight opening what they were shopping for and had their orders ready at the checkout counters when the doors opened.” Good business practices are good for business, and their customers.  

Of course if you consider I upgraded from a basic non-smart Motorola Razr phone, I find the new Samsung Galaxy Note II to be at least seven levels of awesome in improvement. I put on my new Skullcandy RocNation Aviator headphones, clicked the Google microphone button and spoke the first thing that came to mind […]

At The Other McCain …  

Two Cool Pools

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Project 1794

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Government report on secret flying saucer program made available. Declassified docs show Air Force flying saucer – from Fox News The truth isn’t out there … it’s been stored in a warehouse for 56 years. The National Declassification Center in College Park, Md., opened one of more than 100 cardboard boxes from the Air Force […]

he were to claim he was not informed that militants stormed Benghazi, massacred our ambassador to Libya and his guards, and then and tried to blame in on a video no one had ever seen, or a budget that hasn’t been passed for four years? And he denied protection the compounds after multiple attacks and […]

Full MP4 Video. Wow!

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