This is America.  Americans fight. A message from the Brevard County Sheriff

Self Defense is an unalienable Constitutional right. Be prepared to shoot back.  

Always Remember September 11, 2001

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“What Difference, at this point, Does It Make?” – Hillary Clinton

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State Department Spent $630,000 on Facebook Likes – but had No Money for Benghazi Security Frugal, her.

9-11: Remember our Heroes

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Michelle has a roundup – and a round up from other sites. Lan astaslem: I will not surrender … and forgiveness is not an option.

BOLO (Be On the Look Out): Laser Cannon Denton (Texas) police have stepped up their search for a high-powered laser cannon used to align railroad tracks. The 2-foot-long laser, valued at $12,000, was taken sometime between 8:30 a.m. and 3 p.m. Friday from the bed of a Kansas City Southern Rail pickup parked off Jim […]

Details and video from Wild Thing at Theodore’s World.


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We Remember .

Because when it’s for keeps, it’s not the thought that counts but the number of rounds on target. Traction Control proudly assumes responsibility as a Citizen for the children and all good church-going women for protection from the harsh realities of the real world. Whenever, and wherever I can. Visit the source for Major League […]

Why Terrorists Can Never Win

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Two kinds of Engineers

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Overheard at the water-cooler: There are basically two kinds of engineers: Mechanical Engineers and Civil Engineers. The difference? Mechanical Engineers make weapons. Civil Engineers make targets.


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