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I delete all your entries, unread. Then I delete all traces of your existence with this: DELETE FROM `****_users` WHERE `****_users`.`ID` > ####; DELETE FROM `****_usermeta` WHERE `****_usermeta`.`user_id` > ####; OPTIMIZE TABLE `****_usermeta` , `****_users`; Doesn’t bother me one bit.    

If it was yours, please re-post. My apologies.  

… but it was very funny. Pretty useless without a link, eh?  

Sorry for the inconvenience but the site has recently been getting 1,200 new user sign-ups per month – all of which cannot be legitimate. So I nuked them all. If you have logged on before for comments, your sign-in may have to be renewed.  

I have been seeing this dialog appear on various sites, including my own since yesterday. Until whatever SiteMeter has done gets resolved, it will stay removed from TractionControl.

My very first Instalanche from March 28, 2013. Thanks to Ed Driscoll. Heh.

hi!,I like your writing so a lot! proportion we communicate more about your post on AOL? I require a specialist in this space to solve my problem. May be that’s you! Taking a look ahead to peer you. — No spaces after the comma.  It was a dead giveaway!

  Today Yesterday This Month Total Traction Control 321 499 9,512 793,326 475 889 8,144 216,523 796 1,388 17,656 1,009,849 Just over 1 million page views were registered sometime this month on StatCounter between the blog and the Commercial Site. Thanks to all for visiting the ever so humble Traction Control sites.

Total visits so far today: • According to SiteMeter: 5 • According to StatCounter: 86 102 Current customers online at 7:20 PM according to osCommerce’s dashboard: 1,209 Bot Swarm from Google, et al. New Products For November MRDE44CABCBLEM $1,532.99 83005 $21.99 AUT1DBLEM $1,090.99 MRDE44CA $1,383.99 AUTA510DBLEM $904.99 MGTIMGRUG25 $34.99 MRME380BLBLEM $407.99 ARLB012/FH $2,061.99 8454 $583.99 […]

Could these be Spam comments?

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I requested the leopard together with hot pink coloured headphones intended for my children birthday. It was the main she selected and in the event the headphones arrived people were not people she required or Document ordered. I do not have the time period to give them back and order a new pair. She said […]

Hope Bill gets back on line soon. Every voice is needed now. Update: I made a “Quick” call. He’s checking it out now. Update II: Daily Pundit‘s Back!

Because … Danica!

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Rhymes with Right has GoDaddy Codes

Are You Sure?

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Sometimes it’s best to fully consider your answer before you click ‘Yes’. Catalog readers experienced about a half hour of blankness after I emptied all 25,195 entries in the catalog by clicking ‘Yes’. Oops. Everything’s restored now. Backups are your friends.

A milestone of sorts. I just added item number 26,000 to the catalog. There are lots of goodies available, including: Quantity Models MSRP Value Ammunition 807,823 1,020 $16,141,947 Handguns 31,623 1,274 $17,665,671 Long Guns 26,977 1,978 $17,250,884   I also have clothing, binoculars, scopes, mounts, grips, stocks, electronics, knives, tools, and more! Click over […]

Nuke Time: Phase II

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Uh, Oh: The OS nuking didn’t help. Laptop runs an hour, then it’s, “Boom Boom, Out Go the Lights.” Perhaps it’s heat related? I guess I’ll have to delve into its innards to see if it has fur balls in need of extraction. Update: Disassembled laptop. Fired up the compressor and blew out a cloud […]

Nuke Time

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After a couple of years, multiple program installations, several printer configurations and the inadvertent glitches that occur over time, Windows computers seem to reach a point where the Windows operating system can benefit from only one thing: Nuking the OS. The laptop reached that stage today after shutting down repeatedly after start-up. The full nuke […]


“Now I get that many every couple of days, but it was still a special moment.” – Glenn Reynolds Dang, that’s a lot of clicks. Thanks Glenn!   12/14/2001   .Posted 12/14/2001 07:31:30 AMby Glenn Reynolds INSTAPUNDIT’S ONE MILLIONTH VISIT happened yesterday, and I didn’t even notice. What a maroon! Oh, well. I don’t think […]

Having noticed No. 1 daughter’s car has 1 missing and two damaged hubcaps, I ordered 4 new ones for $197. Having heard No. 2 son’s plea for car amplifier and sub-woofer, I chipped in for an equal amount ($200)  toward the purchase as a Christmas present. Upon calling the wife to inquire what Son No. […]

Thank you for being a Traction Control reader, and remember the real message of Thanksgiving: Communism Socialism Doesn’t Work.

Admin Note: Link Fixed

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Evidently the picture linked from my December 14, 2007 post was referencing “JPG”  instead of “jpg” and would not display. My apologies to those who may have experienced turmoil due to my oversight. This egregious error has been corrected. Picture Note: Power Supply was mounted with fan pointed to the pegboard, instead of outward into […]


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I did not do one. It saved a lot of effort. And I still like it the way it is. So that’s why.  

The Eye of Sauron

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Kevin Says, “Either someone was goofing off at work, or I was visited by the Eye of Sauron! Hi, Hillary!” Me too! But she didn’t stay as long. Click to embiggenate.

Sometimes wires need messin’ with, and this was one of those times. I wondered why, oh why did my 1 Gbps LAN connection only show – and perform, at a 10 Mbps rate. First, I found an interesting chart at Their chart showed that my beloved Linksys WRT54G router was rated fourth from the […]


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SkinIt makes ‘skins’ for a variety of devices: Cell Phones, Laptops, etc. in lots of of patterns and colors. They even allow custom designs! Here is my custom ‘skin’  to cover my ‘Ice Blue’ Dell Laptop – I may post installation pictures and a review when my order arrives. Stay tuned.

Now almost 4% shinier. The WordPress version update went smoothly, I hope. WordPress 3.2 required a server side PHP update to 5.2.4 before it was installed.


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The Violence Worker is signing off from blogging. THE VIOLENCE WORKER MANIFESTO I believe in the shining city on the hill. I’m a Reagan Republican. I believe in not asking what my country can do for me, but what can I do for my country. I’m a JFK Democrat. I believe in the power of […]

  So here’s a picture.      

… deleted from my daily reads.  It’s been three years since I’ve read an intelligent post there. The LGF RSS feed has now been terminated.

Milestone: Yesterday, the Commerce Site had more traffic than the blog. Yeah! Issues remain for online credit card approvals … several good transactions have been declined in the last few days. It’s not your fault. We’re working on a fix … meanwhile you can call in your orders to 817/832-0972. Thanks

Two interesting visits: one from February 28 and one from March 2 at the Commercial Site: Click pic for bigger pic

Site-launch update #5 My favorite, solitary Google-bot (IP Address has been on the job 13 to 22 hours a day at the  Something New place. Evidently it’s working!  A Google search for “” returned About 29,900 results (in 0.24 seconds). Meanwhile, the msnbots, aka (Microsoft network) search-bots (IP address tend to operate […]

Something New

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Site-launch update #4 Don’t you just hate it when you’ve spent the last three weeks and three days getting a catalog updated and tens of thousands photos collected only to find that the version of the software you are using was about three versions out of date and there was no upgrade option other than […]

Feed Demon Upgrade

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Ignore the upgrade notifications for a while: FeedDemon 4.0, 4.05, and 4.0.20 are having problems. Update: Make sure you use the current FeedDemon shortcut – and not the one in the FeedDemon3 folder when upgrading. Update 2: 4.0.20 seems to be working OK

Site-launch update #2 Photos are being added to products in all categories. Hand Guns (3,438 items) are complete.

Something New

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A site-launch update. Now has 19,432 products in 31 categories. Firearms-> (7699) Hand Guns-> (3445) Long Guns-> (4254) NFA Firearms-> (1) Black Powder Firearms-> (9) Used Handguns-> (10) Ammunition-> (1759) Magazines-> (1442) Scopes-> (609) Scope Mounts-> (726) Optical Accessories-> (115) Binoculars and Rangefinders-> (99) Spotting Scopes-> (33) Sights and Lasers-> (649) Barrels, Chokes, Uppers, Conversion […]

My newest ‘Frequent Shopper’ at the Something New site is a GoogleBot! Nearly 15 Hours online? That could be a good thing. Online IP Address Entry Time Last Click 14:46:15 06:31:29 21:16:13

Slow Load Time Alert

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Slow Load Time?  My Domain database web server is crashing. Hopefully, GoDaddy will get this sorted out soon. Evidently, this performance is acceptable to GoDaddy’s load analysis.

Here is where I give kudos and thanks to Clayton Jones, Site Administrator and Legal Editor at Daily Pundit (the first blog I ever read). Warning.  This is long and quite possibly uninteresting.  Skip to the end for the answer. Mistakes were made When I started using WordPress, I always put attachments (pictures, videos, etc) […]

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Orders are usually available for local pickup or shipment to your FFL in five to seven business days.

"Anyone who still wants guns, rifles or ammo should go to Traction Control/Well-Regulated Militia: Still pre-panic prices and a huge inventory and good reliable service. Tell everyone you know"

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