March e-Postal Match

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“The Mess Revisited” At Mr. Completely‘s place. See the Rules & Classes. Download and print some targets. Send in your best score to compete!

When markets are created, suppliers supply. Stolen from The Cluemeter via the Lars Larson Show’s Facebook page.

Full Article here. h/t The Michael Bane Blog.  

The Hill newspaper reports, “Obama using fake Twitter messages in fight over gun control,” apparently Obama’s former digital strategist, Brad Schenck is involved.  

Bad News.  DFW Gun Range near Dallas’ Love Field has gone up in flames. The smoke was visible as far away as Lake Arlington this afternoon. Early news reports said tracer rounds may have been involved.

The Firearm Protection Act, sponsored by Republican Representative Steve Toth (The Woodlands, Dist. 15), would stop Texas law enforcement officials from confiscating so-called assault weapons or large capacity ammunition magazines; create a Class A misdemeanor for officials trying to enforce future federal gun control laws – making the police into the law breakers; and give […]

    Dan Bongino at Guns Across America Rally in Annapolis, MD  

By Dean Garrison at The D.C Clothesline, with full permission to re-post in full. If They Come for Your Guns, Do You Have a Responsibility to Fight? I feel a tremendous responsibility to write this article though I am a little apprehensive. Thinking about the possibility of rising up against our own government is a […]

Danica Wins Pole Position!

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You Go, Girl!

At The Brink

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John Lott’s Newest book, “At The Brink” moves up to 197 on Amazon.  (Link) Follow John Lott on twitter at @johnrlottjr . Please e-mail questions to

Sub rosa

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The Latin phrase sub rosa means “under the rose” and is used in English to denote secrecy or confidentiality, similar to the Chatham House Rule. The rose as a symbol of secrecy has an ancient history. … In current times, the term is used by the Scottish Government for a specific series of “off the […]

Gun Pr0n from Sig Sauer: The 1911-45-SPARTAN

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in flagrante delicto

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in flagrante delicto [ɪn fləˈgræntɪ dɪˈlɪktəʊ] adv (Law) Chiefly law while committing the offense; red-handed Also flagrante delicto [Latin, literally: with the crime still blazing]

Breaking: MN Democrats Introduce Law to Confiscate Guns… Using Same Language as MO Democrats Obviously a concerted effort to overwhelm the system Alinsky-style. Don’t fall for it. It is just another ruse to incite violence. Gun owners who know violence do no seek it. But ….

Apex, North Carolina –(via New York State has recently passed the NY SAFE Act, which prohibits law-abiding New York citizens from purchasing and using many of the most common rifles, handguns, and shotguns in the United States, along with most standard magazines made for these firearms. The law, rammed through the New York legislature […]

Buxton, ME –(via Based on the recent legislation in New York, we are prohibited from selling rifles and receivers to residents of New York. We have chosen to extend that prohibition to all governmental agencies associated with or located within New York. As a result we have halted sales of rifles, short barreled rifles, […]

Paranoid Enough?

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DOUBLEPLUSUNDEAD nails it. Oh, and happy fucking Valentines Day to our younger generation with $135,000 of new Government debt added to their struggles.

First they came for the blacks, and I spoke up because it was wrong … Then they came for the gays, and I spoke up … Then they came for the Muslims, and I spoke up …. When they came for illegal aliens, I spoke up … Then they came for the pornographers, rebels and […]

Stand and Fight

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Tens of millions of Americans are already preparing to Stand And Fight to protect their families and homes. Read more:

Best number from the finest pop concert film ever made, Stop Making Sense. [Full film is HERE.] Enjoy some Talking Heads

Two Deputies were shot. One has died. Cabin burned. Game Over. Not too heavy on the Due Process, I would note. Radio: @ 1:29 “Burners deployed, we have a fire.”

Announcement from Olympic Arms’ Facebook page. Press Release: Olympic Arms, Inc. Announces New York State Sales Policy FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Olympic Arms is a staunch believer in and defender of the Constitution of the United States, and with special attention paid to the Bill of Rights that succinctly enumerates the security of our Divinely given […]

Biden: We’re counting on ‘legitimate media’ for successful gun control effort “The social media that exists out there, the tragedies that have occurred, the Supreme Court decision affirming that its an individual right to bear arms – all give a lie to the argument that what we’re trying to do is somehow unconstitutional, or somehow […]

Olin Corporation (Winchester Ammunition) is recalling one lot of its 5.56mm M855 62 Grain PENE centerfire rifle ammunition 2/5/2013 Olin Corporation, through its Winchester Division, is recalling one (1) lot of its 5.56mm M855 62 Grain PENE centerfire rifle ammunition. Symbol Number: ZGQ3308 Lot Number: WCC 10M106-004 Through extensive evaluation Winchester has determined the above […]

Frayed Knot

Marines in inaugural parade had bolts removed from their rifles  from David Codrea has revealed that President Obama has so little regard for the United States Marines risking their lives under his command life that they were forced to dismantle their already empty parade rifles for his second inauguration parade. This is nothing less […]


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Happy (Chinese) New Year 恭 喜 發 財

MIDLOTHIAN — Police have released details about the 200-mile procession planned for a former Navy SEAL sniper who was killed at a Glen Rose shooting range. Midlothian Police Chief Carl D. Smith said the procession for Chris Kyle will begin at about 8 a.m. Tuesday at the local school district’s multi-purpose stadium and will end […]

NEWS RELEASE: 02/08/2012 LEANDER, TX. Updated Policy for State and Local Agency Law Enforcement Sales: Due to the recent and numerous new Anti-gun/Anti-2nd Amendment laws passed and/or pending across our country, LaRue Tactical has been forced to reconsider how we provide products to state and local agencies. Effective today, in an effort to see that […]

Posted by Becky Akers at The LRC Blog on February 8, 2013 07:07 PM 1) Show up en masse. 2) Pack heat.  

Of all the gun legislation currently on the table, universal background checks seem the most likely to pass. The proposal would close the so-called “gun show loophole” by requiring background checks for all gun “sales”  – which also happen to include gifts and inheritances. Could I support such a measure? No – it is an […]

Article via NRA-ILA: Arm yourself with the facts at the excellent, new, online, gun-rights, resource site “Firearms, Violence, and the Second Amendment“ that is now available from the Independent Institute. The site features hundreds of articles, books, and videos that defend Second Amendment rights, including the work of Second Amendment legal scholar and attorney Stephen […]

Good Answer

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Bill Whittle’s Virtual Inaugural Address. Awesome

Good Question

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Why are anti-gun activists so violent? at Say Uncle

#BENGHAZI: Absentee President When Four Americans Died The person you have called is not available now … if you would like to leave a message please wait for the beep, otherwise press 1, to die in a hail of bullets; press 2 for smoke inhalation; press 3 for “We won’t send support because we’re packing […]

Floyd Lee Corkins II pleaded guilty to three charges including a charge of committing an act of terrorism related to the August 15, 2012 injuring of FRC’s guard. He told the FBI that he wanted to kill anti-gay targets and went to the law center’s website for ideas. The Family Research Council shooter, who pleaded […]

Lawmakers Run Amok

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Rogue California Lawmakers Run Amok In Massive California Gun Grab Proposal Daily Pundit|Bill Quick We’re seeing this in other States, too. Looks like it’s time that partisan forces met immoveable object.

Seen at

I don’t care for Gun Violins, but I support your right to own one!

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