Legally Make Your Own Gun

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Handy instructional video from about machining 80% receivers.

Semi-Auto Rifles

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Updated January 29, 23013 4:50 AM Use this link for latest available Semi-Auto Rifles. Auto Ordnance AUM1SBR $1,599.99 1 Barrett Rifles BFM107 $10,733.99 1 Citadel CIR22M1S $322.99 99 Colt’s Manufacturing Colt SP1 $2,099.99 1 KRISS Vector SBR $2,229.99 1 Norinco Norinco AK47 $1,779.99 1 Springfield Armory SPMA92NRAC $2,599.99 1 Umarex 2245051 $509.99 1 Umarex UX2245055 […]

Semi-Auto Pistols

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Updated January 29, 23013 4:50 AM Use this link for latest available Semi-Auto Pistols. Kahr Arms KAPM9093NA $907.99 1 Magnum Research DE1911G $873.99 2 Magnum Research MRDE1911G $873.99 3 Magnum Research MRDE44GOFC $2,110.99 2 Sig Sauer SG26R9BW_Kit $2,129.99 1 Springfield Armory SPB9100NRAC $1,529.99 1

Newt Slaps Piers

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Bravo to Newt!

A Brilliant Article… (posted with permission from the author) …from David Mamet, whom we expect to write brilliant articles (as well and books, plays and movies): The Left loves a phantom statistic that a firearm in the hands of a citizen is X times more likely to cause accidental damage than to be used in […]

Selections (model numbers) that are ‘sold out’ now outnumber the selections that are available. Stock levels are now just 1.5% of pre-Election Day levels. At last updated 1/29/2013 @ 5:22 AM, overall ammunition levels are down 98.5%, from 908,757 boxes on Election Day to their current level of 14,050 (up from a low of 10,860). […]

Guns Across America – Texas

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Today is Gun Appreciation Day Good pictorial roundup at Wake Up America. h/t to Weasel Zippers for the Texas coverage (and the pic).  

Dallas Needs a new Ex-Mayor

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Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings says he’s all-in on Obama’s gun control agenda Texas Fred has the story.

If you want at place for safekeeping your firearms and magazines, email me at for shipping information. Free, legal, and  secure storage options are available for your lawfully owned property.    

doubleplusundead has some thoughts to share for Piers Morgan’s “little book” sneer.

Some useful info on Reddit covering our ATF Title II transfer rules for owning machine guns, suppressors and other items. Looks to me like the information is accurate, but check your local listings to confirm. The procedure at the link above outlines how individuals may comply with the National Firearm Act (NFA) of 1934 to […]

E.E.F. – Marauder

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It’s the Marauder for the E.E.F. WIN! (See Say Uncle’s  EEF definition) Hat Tip to Borepatch. The Marauder is a product from the Paramount Group of South Africa. For £100,000 I would definitely be interested in owning a Marauder. Who is the US Sales rep I need to contact?

Piers Morgan encounters Ben Shapiro

A lively discussion on CNN.

Where did I see this? If the government made the same restrictions and penalties on ‘regular’ semi-automatic rifles equal to those that are currently in effect for ‘full-auto’ weapons, what would you choose?    

Roger Miller -1956: “I don’t pay no union dues.”


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