30 Round AR-15/M16 Magazines

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Eight (8) Bownell’s 30 Round AR-15/M16 Magazines for $11.99 ea (sold out) Price gougers take note: customers will remember.  

h/t Gateway Pundit

Americans never give up your guns 28.12.2012 By Stanislav Mishin  These days, there are few few things to admire about the socialist, bankrupt and culturally degenerating USA, but at least so far, one thing remains: the right to bare arms and use deadly force to defend one’s self and possessions. This will probably come as […]

Alan posts a link with: Guns And Ammo In Short Supply Since Obama Re-Election

For refusing to deliver purchased goods to customers who paid in advance. Not a good business model. Customers who ordered Troy Industries AR pattern rifles for $799 were informed that their orders would not be filled. Troy Industries – who entered into an an exclusive distributorship agreement with Dick’s have been dicked by Dick’s. Dicks […]

h/t to iOwnTheWorld.com: You’ve Been Warned

Ammunition Stock levels have fallen by more than 90% from the pre-Election Day levels. Less than 10% remains available.  Available Ammunition links will be updated throughout the day. Handguns are down by 80%, Long Guns by 63% for an overall 72.2% reduction in firearms inventories. AR pattern rifles are becoming particularly difficult to source.

Gun Buyback

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News stories from yesterday featured 1,500 guns collected in an LA gun buy back program where you could claim $100 per firearm or $200 per “assault rifle” in grocery coupons. If that sounds like a good program to you, Traction Control will make you a better offer: $300 cash for each of your functional firearms […]

Utah Teachers Flock to Gun Training A good article from abcNew by CHRISTINA NG (@ChristinaNg27)  

Ft Worth Gun Show!

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December 29 and December 30, 2012 – I hope to see you there!  

Got Dents?

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The Dent Artist Excellence in Paintless Dent Repair 410 Lillard Rd. Suite 305 Arlington, Texas 76012 817-296-5775 Mobile, 817-276-1470 Office

DC Police to investigate NBC’s Dick Gregory for violation of law banning possession of 30-round AR magazine on Meet The Press. Title Stolen from Robert Stacey McCain’s Tweet: Allow me to assist the DC Police in their investigation: A) Was he in DC during the taping?  Yes B) Was the magazine a 30-round AR Magazine […]

Peace On Earth and Goodwill Toward Men

Bill Whittle’s Latest.

As nightfall descends across the Nation, it is time to recognize that Christmas Eve is upon us and to extend sincere hopes for Peace on Earth and Goodwill Toward Men. Let us pray that God The Almighty can forgive our trespasses and purify our souls in celebration of the birth of His Only Begotten Son, […]


Lots of dots on that map could be lots of people to start a lawsuit against the publication of their private information. What’s troubling is all the blank spaces in CT and NJ. How do people in those States expect to defend themselves? Oh right, probably through the consumption of tax dollars from the rest […]

An Endorsement! Thanks DAve

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Seen at Ace of Spades comments. We can’t help but agree with the endorsement. Thanks DAve! I tried to comment back at Ace’s place, but it looks like I’ve been (inadvertently?) put under the Ban Hammer.

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DFW Blog Dinner Looks like the 23rd wins and we’ll call it 7 p.m. at Campo Verde in Arlington. The light display really has to be seen to believed so I encourage everyone in the area to come out for this. Campo Verde Located: 2918 W. Pioneer Parkway, Arlington, TX 76013 Telephone # 817-275-7003 Please […]

Gun Restrictions Have Always Bred Defiance, Black Markets For reasons of their own, most people, in many countries, defy anti-gun laws J.D. Tuccille | December 22, 2012 Read it at Reason.com

  Today Yesterday This Month Total Traction Control 321 499 9,512 793,326 Well-RegulatedMilitia.com 475 889 8,144 216,523 796 1,388 17,656 1,009,849 Just over 1 million page views were registered sometime this month on StatCounter between the blog and the Commercial Site. Thanks to all for visiting the ever so humble Traction Control sites.

“If you are serious about actually stopping school shootings, contact your state representative and tell them to look into allowing someone at your kid’s school to be armed. It is time to install some speed bumps.” – Larry Correia (correia45)  An opinion on gun control Go to Monster Hunter Nation and read all 10,041 words […]

Since Election Day: Firearms levels (handguns and long guns) are down 55% from $40,400,696 to $18,242,120 in value and 62,830 to 28,273 in number. Hand gun levels dropped by 56% in number, and 54% by value. Long gun levels dropped by 53% in number and 56% of value. Ammunition levels are down 79% from $19,412,227 […]

Firearms at 60% 52% of Pre-Election Levels. Distributor’s have been shutting down online orders due to overwhelming volume. 80,000 Magpul Magazines sold in one weekend. Charges will be refunded or cancelled for any orders that cannot be shipped immediately at Well-RegulatedMilitia.com/FFL.

Fast and Furious guns claim another victim in Mexico. When will Eric Holder be called to account for this scheme?

Firearms and Ammunition inventory levels continued their plunge at Nationwide Distributors which serve firearms dealers. Ammunition broke the 50% level (less than half of pre-election day stock on hand remains). One order for Magpul PMags was cancelled today at Traction Control. At 5:30 AM I showed 9,330 units on hand, when the order was received […]


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Click pic for NFL.com highlights.


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The plunge in available firearms and ammunition stocks continues Nationwide. The chart above depicts daily value of available inventories of two major distributors monitored by Traction Control. Total sales value to date: $17.3 million    

20 year old Adam Lanza was may not have been too young to legally possess the pistols used in his assault on the Sandy Hook Elementary School Furthermore, but his apparent mental disorder further disqualified him as a legal owner of any firearm. Plus, weapons were not allowed on the school grounds – rendering those […]

“I Told You So”

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… on October 9, 2012 From International Business Times: It is the ultimate example of how you reap what you sow: Huge numbers of American workers who voted for Obama are now seeing their own jobs slashed below 30 hours a week as employers desperately try to avoid “Obamacare bankruptcy.” Obamacare mandates for businesses only […]

Benghazi Lies > Susan Rice

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Obama’s Benghazi spokes-woman withdraws name from Sec State bid. Althouse says: “We were “being played by a political maneuver designed to keep us from looking deeply and broadly into the issues surrounding the Benghazi attack.” We were lured into focusing on and talking about Rice.” Pretty much. And American voters fall for this crap every […]

DIY Armed Drones

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Forget DIY Drones, How About DIY Armed Drones? J.D. Tuccille|Dec. 13, 2012 2:26 pm h/t InstaPundit

Blocked in Iran?

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  Check http://www.blockediniran.com/ to see if your site is blocked in Iran. Evidently, Traction Control is all good!

“How we burned in the camps later“ “And how we burned in the camps later, thinking: What would things have been like if every Security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain whether he would return alive and had to say good-bye to his family? Or if, during […]

Remington has announced that a specific lot code of 100-round boxes of .38 Spl. +P 125-grain semi-jacketed hollow point ammunition may contain .357 Mag. ammunition. This packaging mix pertains to lot number P24UA18R, and should not be used as firing .357 Mag. ammunition in .38 Spl. firearms can result in firearm damage and personal injury […]

Romney Lost Because …

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Romney said, “When I’m elected, I will put Americans back to work,” and 51% of the nation said, “Screw That!!”  

Critter Sighting – Mule Deer

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Click pic embiggerize.

The Obama administration secretly gave its blessing to arms shipments to Libyan rebels from Qatar last year, but American officials later grew alarmed as evidence grew that Qatar was turning some of the weapons over to Islamic militants, according to United States officials and foreign diplomats. See Rhymes with Right for more

More New Stuff!

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New Products For December at CIM1878CG-26 $510.99 BM90280 $1,007.99 BRSPEC0557A $429.99 511-51084 $50.99 TDBG-FGBLK $72.99 SV13790 $152.99 SV13780 $152.99 MGFN47695-4 $41.99 534191114 $1,247.99 REM84273 $879.99 MFTRQDGSDE $22.99 FEP3006TC2 $38.99 EASARK2P9 $338.99 EASARB6P9 $289.99 CMTLG483 $180.99 2-850021FS $310.99 1-740031FS $310.99 400426 $351.99

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I currently list 17,975 hand guns with a retail value of $12,119,506, 39,004 long guns with a retail value of $29,919,716, and 821,035 boxes of ammunition with a retail value of $22,985,949.

Orders are usually available for local pickup or shipment to your FFL in five to seven business days.

"Anyone who still wants guns, rifles or ammo should go to Traction Control/Well-Regulated Militia: http://tinyurl.com/2ea4lhn Still pre-panic prices and a huge inventory and good reliable service. Tell everyone you know"

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