That’s some over the top, really creepy shit right there. Yikes! I have to ask: Who among us – and I include all of humanity, all across the globe, has ever conceived, much less acted upon, an urge to have one’s likeness rendered into a 16′ sculpture? I’ll bet it’s a minority. Is that racist? […]

Rachel Corrie unavailable for comment on this Reuters story.

Obama Leads From Behind (Again)

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President heads to storm-ravaged Louisiana (followed closely by Obama) Jim Treacher at Daily Caller Update:  More from Emperor Misha Update 2: J O S H U A P U N D I T has more to add. Update 3: Weasel Zippers notes: Obama Will Have Made 7 Campaign Stops Before Visiting Where Hurricane Hit…

Decision in response to a motion filed by Zimmerman’s lawyer asking the court to overturn a ruling by Judge Kenneth Lester refusing to step down from the case. Full story at Reuters

Coming This Fall

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Hating Breitbart Jim Hoft (Gateway Pundit) says, “The ending takes your breath away. I hope you see it. It is a tribute to the man we all loved.”

Good advice from Dom at SurvivalTube. Keep your hands and fingers behind the front of the cylinder. Escaping gases are not your friends.

‘You Didn’t Build That‘ <– Annoying audio from our annoying ‘ear leader-in-chief’ at the link. It bears repeating, because it reveals precisely what President Obama thinks of the real Americans who make this economy run – and precisely who Obama is behind the mask.

Epic Iowahawk snark. It seems that The Won has some humility issues.


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Via Andy @ Ace Of Spades HQ

Click for hugeniferation.

R.I.P. Neil Armstrong

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Neil Armstrong, the first man to walk on the moon has died.  He was 82. America has lost a true hero today.  

Samsung Galaxy Note 2

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The long-rumored Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is set to go on sale by mid September. Rumors abound.  

Phyllis Diller, age 95, whose career in comedy clubs spanned nearly 50 years, died in her sleep Monday at her home in Brentwood, CA. I miss her already.

Three Tricks

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Steve Frayne

Hit The Road, Barack

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Unexpected cover from Newsweek magazine.

Veet Reviews on Amazon

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Some interesting NSFW product reviews for Veet for Men Hair Removal Gel Creme 200 ml h/t Adam Baldwin on Twitter

Free Pussy Riot

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Verdict deemed by German Chancellor Angela Merkel to be “excessively harsh”. Update: Pussy Riot release new single: Putin Lights Up the Fires  

The Cadillac Cyclone never made it to market, but I’ll bet a one of a kind concept car like this would fetch a pretty penny at an auction today.

Haiku from The Looking Spoon

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  See all ten at Ten Haiku About Liberals.  

Deal of the Day

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Use Bill’s Link for a 64 Gb USB Memory stick.  

Says Romney. Touché.  

The end of the Obama ‘experiment’ will likely usher in a new era of American prosperity. The Romney / Ryan ticket will give capitalists (like me) the assurance that investment is safe again. Billions of investment dollars sit on the sidelines or in safe havens because investors are reluctant to embark on big projects. Would […]

Seen at Daily Pundit: Kim du Toit has written a new book, called Prime Target. Here’s the blurb at Amazon on it: Nick Walker moves to California to take a new job as a senior data analyst. Everything looks rosy: he’s getting a good salary and has fine prospects at a reputable company. On his […]

Another murder plot, from Eric Holder Via Say Uncle from Bob Owens: Four suspects were arrested in March 2010 in connection with a failed attempt to take out Julián Leyzaola, and that the suspects allegedly confessed to conspiring to assassinate the police chief on orders from Tijuana cartel leaders. One of the firearms traced back […]

I just arrived this afternoon. Anyone want to have a beer at the Marriott? Ruby Falls 1720 South Scenic Hwy Chattanooga,TN 37409 423-821-2544    


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For Romney.  

Just a hunch …

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… but I’ll bet the Same-Sex Kiss-In at Chick-fil-A restaurants don’t draw the same level of supporting crowds as the “Don’t Tread On Me” majority that turned out on August 1 to give the franchise its top sales day ever! [Click logo above for the Chick-fil-A locator page] Of course, that won’t likely stop our […]

h/t JOSHUAPUNDIT Via Political Math: using the Bureau Of Labor Statistics’ BLS A Tables data. Facts can be pesky things in an election year.    

“You Didn’t Build That” That one phrase from Obama epitomized the disrespect that Obama holds for the achievements of successful individuals. Message: If you succeed, you are a target. Options: Vote them out or, go Galt.    


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