Ted Cruz Wins!

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From Sarah Palin’s Facebook page: Congratulations to Ted Cruz! This is a victory both for Ted and for the grassroots Tea Party movement. This primary race has always been about the kind of leadership we need in D.C. Our goal is not just about changing the majority in the Senate. It is about the kind […]

LA Times Exclusive: “Five ATF officials found responsible for Fast and Furious” Citing a report “likely to be released later this week” from Rep. Darrel Issa, LA Times claims only 5 ATF “managers” pulled this operation off. Unlikely.  

Sharpening with Belt Sanders

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Use clamps to secure a belt sander to your workbench and you can use it to sharpen a number of blades. I started with chisels, progressed from hatchets through machetes and finally put a new edge on the lawnmower blades: The grass ain’t ever gonna know what hit it.  

In 2008, the prized shotgun used by an Olympic champion to win four medals was stolen from her truck at a Lake Elsinore, CA outlet center. Since then, Kim Rhode has recovered her shotgun and today, became the greatest U.S. Olympian ever – winning the Gold medal in her fifth consecutive Olympics. Previously, Kim won […]

ATT Fails

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Instapundit (Glenn Reynolds) writes: Arms-trade treaty talks collapse, supporters rip Obama.“Obama will end up taking the blame for this “failure,” which might seem unfair — but Obama chose to participate in this folly in 2009 after the US had previously refused, so he only has himself to blame for the impossible position in which he […]

Even though I had to drive several miles out of my way to get there, I had a sudden urge to try Chick-fil-A for today’s lunch.  I ordered the Spicy Chicken Deluxe combo – with Dr. Pepper.  Yummy! The Arlington, Texas location was crowded on the inside and cars at the drive-through were more than […]

I stood and ovated as well after seeing this video. USA! USA!

It’s Done! With an exact height of 34″ the Portable Shooting Bench can also be used as an extension to the table saw for supporting larger woodworking pieces. It can also be used for dog grooming, fish scaling, garage sale displays, an extra table at a cookout, a general work surface in the shop or […]

Making an alignment jig, The bolts that join the shooting bench platform to the base will pass through three 4 x 4 blocks. (Note: Actual measurement of a 4 x 4x is 3-7/16″ x 3-7/16″ yet there is no apparent “truth in labeling” outrage over this). To align the drill in a position to create a […]

Portable Shooting Bench Plans: The Base [Click any picture for LARGE view] Three views of base assembled. Tripod design, 4 x 4 Construction, Dimensions (LWH) 44″ x 32″ x 33.25″ (34″ with 3/4″ Platform in place). Disassembled components fit many vehicles for ease of transport. My earlier design (see Portable Shooting Bench Plans) had a […]

Thomas Sowell: Two Quotes

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Quote 1: “Too many people in the media cannot seem to tell the difference between reporting the news and creating propaganda.” Quote 2: “The real problem, both in discussions of mass shootings and in discussions of gun control, is that too many people are too committed to a vision to allow mere facts to interfere […]

… or Sideshow Bob. For the record, The Joker had green hair. What a moron.

Here. Click he link. It’s worth a read.  

Congratulations to Ernie Els

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South Africa’s Ernie Els won The 2012 Open Championship with an overall score of 7 under par. Great job Ernie.  Perseverance pays off. The four bogies on the back nine for Adam Scott put Ernie Els into contention. Adams’ missed putt on 18 sealed Ernie El’s victory and avoided a playoff.  

Jeanne Assam: Writing on Facebook: “Speaking from experience, this shooting incident in Aurora is a huge trigger of some very bad memories for anyone who’s ever been involved in a shooting. Particularly, those from Colorado. I ask that you please lift them up in your thoughts & prayers as well as the victims and families […]

A Toronto man set up an online site with a goal to raise $5,000 for a vacation fund after a video of her being harassed to the point of tears surfaced on the Internet this week. Go ahead and guess what the amount is up to now. Click here for the current total or to […]

If Obama’s government is responsible for success in America, why has he made so little success lately? Good question, Frank J.

John Brennan opted out of TSA body scanner at the TSA checkpoint in Portland, Oregon. Bravo, Sir!!

Romney hits his stride in this Virginia speech. h/t Hot Air

I like the suppressor. No magazine, though.

Report from Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s investigation concludes document presented as Obama Certificate of Live Birth was forged. Media Supplement for document analysis from mcso.org. Downloadable version here as well. Update: Part II – released today – is here. SHERIFF’S INVESTIGATORS: “PRESIDENT’S LONG FORM BIRTH CERTIFICATE IS UNDOUBTEDLY A FRAUD” Hawaii’s process for issuing Birth Certificates […]

Great Caesar’s Ghost!

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That is an odd expression.

$39.5K seems like a pretty good price, too! Update: Link is now functioning – seller responded with “Site seems OK” message. Why would anyone “need” such a thing? Because, legal is legal and this is awesome times four with wheels. It will probably take a bit of work to get all four to hit the […]

On July 9 at SFO airport, the TSA’s suspicions were aroused by a ‘package’ found in a man’s trousers. They worked ‘hard on‘ their screening methods to ascertain the 13.5″ of manliness belonged to none other than Jonah Falcon – the man with the world’s largest penis. Note to TSA: Get out of our pants! […]

Who would say such a thing?

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“There are a lot of wealthy, successful Americans who agree with me because they want to give something back,” the president said. “If you’ve been successful, you didn’t get there on your own. You didn’t get there on your own. I’m always struck by people who think, well, it must be because I was just […]

Easy Peasy

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h/t Texas Fred on Facebook  

Mark Levin has something for you to read.  

Story here. Being suspended from a bunch of party balloons in a lawn chair is one of my least preferable ways to ride out a thunderstorm. Good call.

You know what I’m talking about, they are soap slivers: what remains of a once full bar of soap after some time in the shower. Full bars of soap seems to melt into a sliver in about two weeks, but soap slivers seems to last forever! I try to fuse soap slivers together at the […]

Oh, right. I forgot that Obama had all their engines filled with sand and destroyed. Dang. I could use one for hauling plywood & such. Auto Trader Search Results: We found 0 listings within 25 miles One listing was found for an Isuzu pickup with 330,000 miles –  180 miles away. No engine, no transmission. […]

Plans for a Shooting Bench that breaks down into three pieces for easy transport to and from the range. Solid 4×4 post construction for strength, three point platform for stability, dado-cut channels for top alignment. Dimensions of platform are larger than typical fixed benches to accommodate rifles like the Barrett M82A1 with monopod kits. Update:  […]

Full Repeal of Obamacare  

From: Virginia Commonwealth University Libraries Title PS Magazine Issue DA Pamphlet 750-30 Creator United States. Dept. of the Army Illustrator Eisner, Will Issue Date 1968 Length 30 p. Description PS Magazine, also known as the Preventive Maintenance Monthly, is an official publication of the Army, providing information for all soldiers assigned to combat and combat […]

A catastrophic pump failure put the Texas Estate’s pool filtration system out of order. Leslie’s Pool Center at Stanton Plaza in Arlington deserves a BIG tip of the ol’ sombrero for getting me back up and running for just the cost of parts.   A $58.00 charge for a capacitor and some seals was much better […]

Woodworking Tools: The Dado Sled

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I found this instruction video on YouTube and I thought, “Why not?”   Video Source and thanks to TheApprenticeandThe Journeyman.com I modified the stop configuration on the movable fence – using the saw to place a notch at 3/8″ instead of drilling hole for dowels as shown in the Box Joint Fence video. A 3/8″ […]

h/t Gateway Pundit via Weasel Zippers The Obama bus – made in Canada.

Bail set at $1 million. Zimmerman’s fundraising may have generated enough to cover his $100k deposit, or more. Self-defense comes with a high price for law-abiding Citizens who exercise their rights to survival. But, without the 2nd Amendment George Zimmerman would likely have no legal defense at all.  

Table saws can produce an unhappy event called kick or kickback.  Mine did, and I have the pictures to prove it. RayGirling.com has an informative piece called Tablesaw Kickback – The Nightmare Explained which includes diagrams and information about some of the causes of kickback from table saws. I used his article to confirm my […]

Independence Day

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Please celebrate responsibly.

Meet The Camo-Clad, Gonzo Bloggers Behind The fast And Furious Story Recognition, well earned.  

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