Afraid of Fireams: A Ballad

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Rachel Lucas is back in the Blogosphere  – from Italy.

Bring enough gun!

Use of Lawfully-Owned Suppressors While Hunting Legalized in the Lone Star State Yea, Texas! h/t NRA

Girls with Guns = Freedom!

It’s On!

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Dallas area Blogshoot – lock and load for April 21 OK, I have final confirmation on availability of the venue for 21 April, so let’s lock the date. The lovely and SMLE Mrs. Borepatch will be out with me, so ideally we’ll have a turnout of the ladies to keep the rest of us on […]

(Click for Larger Size) ATF data shows NICs Background checks are 61% Higher in the Obama Era compared to the average of the previous 9 years and seven months. Full data file here – csv format. Right-click to save as a file.  

Q: Dude! So, since when did you start wearing pantyhose? A: Since my wife found a pair in the glove box of my car h/t Mom

Seems like a positive growth trend.  Click for larger picture. These statistics represent the number of firearm background checks initiated through the NICS. They do not represent the number of firearms sold. Based on varying state laws and purchase scenarios, a one-to-one correlation cannot be made between a firearm background check and a firearm sale. […]

You don’t have to look very far to read multiple breathless accounts of the return of ammunition shortages at retail outlets. I’m not seeing that right now. It is true that the available distributor stock fell dramatically during the last 69 days: But this appears to be only but a recent adjustment following a spike […]

Given the current Spot Market price of Silver (Ag) of $34.30 per Troy Ounce, 115 Grain 9mm rounds would cost $8 each, plus the cost of casing, propellant and primer. A 168 Grain .308 round would cost $11.70 (plus casing, propellant and primer). In addition, the melting point of silver 960+C is about three times […]

PI Day – 3.14

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Who doesn’t like PI? PI is the constant that yields the radius, circumference and diameters of circles? I certainly do. Here are some fractions for approximating PI: Best Two Digit Numerator: 22 / 7 (within 0.3%) Best Three Digit Numerator: 355 / 113 (within 0.001%) Best Four Digit Numerator: 1,065 / 339 (within 0.005%) Best […]

What Aisle is the Polish Sausage in? Everyone seems to be in such a hurry to scream ‘prejudice’ these days … A customer asked, “In what aisle can I find the Polish sausage?” The clerk asks, “Are you Polish?” The guy, clearly offended, says, “Yes, I am. But let me ask you something … If […]

2012 E-postal Match #1

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At Mr. Completely‘s Place h/t Captain of a Crew of One  


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I currently list 14,308 hand guns with a retail value of $9,933,127, 32,398 long guns with a retail value of $24,891,482, and 583,676 boxes of ammunition with a retail value of $16,656,261.

Orders are usually available for local pickup or shipment to your FFL in five to seven business days.

"Anyone who still wants guns, rifles or ammo should go to Traction Control/Well-Regulated Militia: Still pre-panic prices and a huge inventory and good reliable service. Tell everyone you know"

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