2011 is over and done; let’s hope 2012 turns out more fun. Y un Próspero Año Nuevo a todos

New Year’s Eve Update

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It’s no longer sunny at 8:00 PM, but it is 70 degrees outside. Yea! 63 degrees at 9:30.

He’s got my vote! Go Rick!

I’m thinking about building a second firearms website with a different name. “Officer Friendly’s Safety Shop” currently has no Google hits. I’m just wondering if the “Well-Regulated Militia” title carries a certain stigma that discourages online purchasers. Your thoughts? Update: Kevin suggests “BloodBath and Beyond“.  Awesome.

Retropost: Life During Wartime

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Audio here.

The ATF’s NFA Branch has been doing a wonderful job clearing lawful firearms transaction in accordance with Federal Firearms regulations. Until lately. Transactions that used to take 3 – maybe 5 months to process are now being completed in almost 8 months (237 days to be exact). Is is a sign of increased demand? Or […]

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“God bless us, everyone!” – Tiny Tim (A Christmas Carol)

Trigger Jack Band

The Firearm Blog has this: This one of a kind, note the “1 of 1″ engraved on the magazine well, Barrett M107A1 rifle was designed to celebrate their 30th Anniversary next year.    

And some will be even better prepared. Be prepared for change.

h/t Knowledge is Power Source: No Lawyers – Only Guns and Money

That is all.

God Bless Our Soldiers.  

Momentum – Part II

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I’m liking what I hear from Rick Perry.

Oh what harm could be done if an anarchist held the power of the Presidency and staffed the DOJ with his minions. Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s Press Conference Statement in response to DOJ Letter.  

And I have a stack of new ATF reporting forms to prove that the demand letter had its desired effect.

“Now I get that many every couple of days, but it was still a special moment.” – Glenn Reynolds Dang, that’s a lot of clicks. Thanks Glenn!   12/14/2001   .Posted 12/14/2001 07:31:30 AMby Glenn Reynolds INSTAPUNDIT’S ONE MILLIONTH VISIT happened yesterday, and I didn’t even notice. What a maroon! Oh, well. I don’t think […]

  The Rick Perry I Know from Ben Howe (Diary)

Road Test Review: Pelican 1510LOC

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The “dual zipper gripper” is a very nice touch. Sized for carry-on compliance, but lockable for checking carry-firearms, the Pelican 1510LOC proved up to the task. A bit smaller than my TravelPro, the Pelican Case was loaded with pants, five sets of shirts, socks, underwear and a belt plus toiletries, hairbrush, hard hat and a […]

Make the Online Catalog easier to shop! It takes me 10 mouse clicks to and two scrolls to add each firearms to a category. I have recently added Long Guns by Caliber or Shotguns by Gauge to all products from American Tactical through Mossberg. Next up is Olympic Arms Remington Rossi through Winchester. Once long […]

video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player Hat Tip to Bungalow Bill’s Conservative Wisdom

He may not be the most articulate, but I think Rick Perry has the best track record on gun rights.

You may need a Zombie Slayer. New Product from Ruger.

FLIR Thermal Imaging for $2,708.99. FLIR PS32 FLIR 2x Digital E-Zoom FLIR FLIR Scout FLIR Scout Green (FLIRPS32) See link for ordering info.  

Happened too fast to get a picture. The sound was spectacular!

Oust we much. Holder has to go. Story at The Washington Times. Related:   This from Instapundit.


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