I’m thinking about building a second firearms website with a different name. “Officer Friendly’s Safety Shop” currently has no Google hits. I’m just wondering if the “Well-Regulated Militia” title carries a certain stigma that discourages online purchasers. Your thoughts? Update: Kevin suggests “BloodBath and Beyond“.  Awesome.

Retropost: Life During Wartime

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Audio here.

“God bless us, everyone!” – Tiny Tim (A Christmas Carol)

The Firearm Blog has this: This one of a kind, note the “1 of 1” engraved on the magazine well, Barrett M107A1 rifle was designed to celebrate their 30th Anniversary next year.    

God Bless Our Soldiers.  

Road Test Review: Pelican 1510LOC

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The “dual zipper gripper” is a very nice touch. Sized for carry-on compliance, but lockable for checking carry-firearms, the Pelican 1510LOC proved up to the task. A bit smaller than my TravelPro, the Pelican Case was loaded with pants, five sets of shirts, socks, underwear and a belt plus toiletries, hairbrush, hard hat and a […]

Make the Online Catalog easier to shop! It takes me 10 mouse clicks to and two scrolls to add each firearms to a category. I have recently added Long Guns by Caliber or Shotguns by Gauge to all products from American Tactical through Mossberg. Next up is Olympic Arms Remington Rossi through Winchester. Once long […]

You may need a Zombie Slayer. New Product from Ruger.

Didn’t expect to see this.

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FLIR Thermal Imaging for $2,708.99. FLIR PS32 FLIR 2x Digital E-Zoom FLIR FLIR Scout FLIR Scout Green (FLIRPS32) See link for ordering info.  

Happened too fast to get a picture. The sound was spectacular!


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