Having noticed No. 1 daughter’s car has 1 missing and two damaged hubcaps, I ordered 4 new ones for $197. Having heard No. 2 son’s plea for car amplifier and sub-woofer, I chipped in for an equal amount ($200)  toward the purchase as a Christmas present. Upon calling the wife to inquire what Son No. […]

Attorney General Eric Holder made an unusual plea Tuesday, urging a conservative news outlet to stop drumming up calls for his resignation. “You guys need to – you need to stop this. It’s not an organic thing that’s just happening. You guys are behind it,” Holder told a reporter for the Daily Caller. Read more […]

Is the Justice Department Retaliating Against Fast and Furious Whistleblowers? A disturbing scorecard – by John Hayward Here’s the scorecard for the Fast and Furious management team: – Acting ATF Chief Ken Melson, who oversaw the operation, is now an adviser in the Office of Legal Affairs. He remains in ATF’s Washington, D.C., headquarters. – […]

Got Sig?

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New Shirts are here!

Quotes from Jeff Cooper

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From Jeff Cooper’s Commentaries Vol. 1, No. 1 – June 1993: As time passes we discover that there are a good many readers who have not been to school and who are puzzled by our reference to “The Mozambique Drill.” I added The Mozambique Drill to the modern doctrine after hearing of an experience of […]

Arpaio, a much sought after endorsement in the GOP field, plans to campaign with Perry in New Hampshire next week, the source said. The Texas governor will be in the Granite State Tuesday and Wednesday, holding three town halls and a breakfast at the Nashua Chamber of Commerce along with speaking at the New Hampshire […]

Dallas Market Hall, November 26 and 27 Sat 9am-5pm – Sun 9am-4pm  

Title from Eddie Chiles whose 1970s Western Company’s radio commercial  featured the line “If you don’t have an oil well, get one—you’ll love doing business with Western!” It took a while, but I can check off one more item from my ‘to do’ list. As of September 17, 2011 my oil and gas wells are […]

From publisher Simon & Schuster (with thanks to Jessica Abell): SOFT TARGET (December 6, 2011; $26.99), the latest ingenious thriller from New York Times bestselling writer Stephen Hunter, taps into our collective fears and one of America’s time-honored traditions: Black Friday. As the largest shopping mall in the country is seized by a band of […]

Thank you for being a Traction Control reader, and remember the real message of Thanksgiving: Communism Socialism Doesn’t Work.

Rick Perry’s Thanksgiving Video

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Good Stuff!

And it seems that your investigative mojo is weak as well. Since you will not take a fraud report on your call-in ‘Help Desk’ line, I’ll provide these addresses of those using hacked or stolen credit card information to be used for reference at your leisure.  These are the ‘drop’ addresses – other online merchants […]

Sipsey Street Irregulars posts this: Praxis: Why you should always fly with a weapon. Interesting strategy for using firearms to keep TSA and baggage pilferers out of yer stuff. Here’s what I’m planning to use: Lockable, airtight and meets carry-on size requirements (for when I’m not checking a weapon on the arline). PP1510LOC Pelican Protect […]

National Ammo Day

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DoublePlusUndead has the reminder: National Ammo Day is tomorrow! Git some here: By Brand or by Caliber 100 rounds or more.  Free shipping on orders over $1,000! Must be 21 to purchase.   A brief explanation – What is National Ammo Day? November 19 is National Ammo Day. It is a nationwide BUYcott of ammunition. […]

Ann Barnhardt goes Galt.

Story at InstaPundit Seems unwise to me.

And I approve this message. Straight talk.

37 new Weatherby models added in the last two days! All Bolt Actions. Some with matte stainless steel finishes, most with a black matte finish. Some with a Simmons scope and Leupold ring combinations, most without. Some in carbine length models, and some in youth model configurations. Calibers range from 22-250 to 338. All are […]

70 dump trucks deployed to clean out the Occupy Portland “occupiers”. Gateway Pundit has the details.  

Admin Note: Link Fixed

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Evidently the picture linked from my December 14, 2007 post was referencing “JPG”  instead of “jpg” and would not display. My apologies to those who may have experienced turmoil due to my oversight. This egregious error has been corrected. Picture Note: Power Supply was mounted with fan pointed to the pegboard, instead of outward into […]

Zero is the place to start with any foreign aid.


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Details from MSNBC. This one was found in freshwater. There must be some way to keep Canadians attached to their feet.  The story doesn’t mention legs.  

If so, then what should be eliminated?

Hotel: The area where your hotel is located often determines your risk level.  Try to stay in “nice” places and avoid “bad” places.  If you are uncomfortable after a drive-by though the neighborhood, keep driving and follow you instincts before you check in to any hotel. Floor Level: Pick a moderately high floor – 3rd […]

Monday Night Football

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Go Teams! Philly versus Da Bears on ESPN right now.


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That was the sound my computer made when the screen went blank. Reboot attempts – not successful. Power supply – extremely hot. Replaced power supply … the blog station is back! Good idea: mount with cooling fan facing away from the wall this time.  Duh.

Rick Perry’s WHO-AM Radio interview with Jan Mickeson. In depth commentary from the Texas Governor.

About as much as a strawberry. News you can use!

Update:  I missed her completely! Mrs True Blue Sam scored a 25 at 25′. That some fine shootin’, ma’am. —————— Mr. C registers the overall high score of 92 in Class 2 Pat B wins Class 1 with a 78. Pat B wins Class 3 with a 70. Classes 6 and 8 (Rimfire and Centerfire […]


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