October’s ePostal Match: Score 100  

Except for “Use both hands” gun control is freedom control. Hot Air’s Ed Morrissey has this post.

Belgian Browning Hi-Power very much like the 2825i Browning J.P. Vigilant Renaissance Gold model.

The King Ranch (est. 1853) is 825,000 acres. For comparison, the State of Rhode Island is approximately 776,957 acres.  

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Steve Jobs has Passed Away

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My first computer, the Apple II was his company’s product. R.I.P. and thank you for opening the door to technology at the personal level.  

Darth Vader Yacht – Mike Liebhold just snapped this photo of a strange juxtaposition of a “Darth Vader yacht at the entry to Mandraki Harbor on Rhodes, Greece by Agios Nikólaos a ruined 15th century fortress, now a lighthouse. ” via Boing Boing

Five rounds per target, four targets per page. Twenty rounds in total. RULZE: There are four classes, but if you have something interesting to shoot that doesn’t quite fit these classes, go ahead and enter anyway.. TARGET: The same target is used in all classes.  Download the PDF file and print with “No Scaling” to […]


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