Uploaded by BarrettFirearmsUSA on Apr 28, 2011 Courtesy of Rampart Pictures, we give you the newest segment of our 2011 Trade Show Video, first seen at the NRA 2011 Annual Events and Meetings in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The .50 BMG certainly has a distinctive sound.

Chicks With Guns, by Lindsay McCrum

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New Arrivals – It’s been a while

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  Six received today! 5 still available at time of this post (9:25 AM). Click picture for details. Update:  Four available at 9/30/2011 – 5:48 AM Update: Three available at 9/30/2011 – 5:43 PM Update: Two left at 10/04/2011 – 7:17 PM Update: All gone on 10/06/2011 – 5:27 PM


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180 from heartchanger.com

GLOCK Recoil Spring Replacement Notice

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GLOCK ANNOUNCES VOLUNTARY REPLACEMENT OF RECOIL SPRING ASSEMBLIES IN GEN4 PISTOLS Replacement Program Limited to Gen4 Model with GLOCK Covering All Shipping Expenses SMYRNA, GA – September 6, 2011 – GLOCK Inc.announces that it is voluntarily exchanging the recoil spring assembly (RSA) on its new Gen4 pistols shipped between August, 2009, to July 21, 2011, […]

Doomed UARS Satellite to Pass over Dallas

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(It’s now south of Australia) Estimated Impact in 6 to 10 hours. Update 8:24 Central Time:  Passed over Dallas – next: Toronto. Latest Estimated impact: South of Hawaii Splashdown: North Pacific Ocean early Saturday morning i with reports of debris all the way to Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Great GBR VI video from Aaron at Eight Shots and a Ping aka The Suburban Redneck!

Unwelcome New Obama word: Buzzkill

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Buzzkilling Secretary Donley brings the malaise, warns Air Force cuts are coming  

Click to embiggernate. Og started it with: “Take the knife out of your pocket and take a picture of it, and post it. Or post a picture of the same knife from a brochure or whatever.” “No, not your favorite knife, or your prettiest, but the one that never leaves your side” Mine’s a Benchmade, […]

It’s been a long time since 1935 when Austrian physicist Erwin Schrödinger introduced the paradoxical cat question. I’m pretty sure that after 76 years, “He’s dead, Jim.”

Got Glocks?

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Now we do! For several months I had been marking all Glock firearms as “Out of Stock” to suppress their display in the online inventory at Well-RegulatedMilitia.com/FFL. Why? Because the pricing algorithms I use for almost everything else in the catalog were resulting in prices that were 8-10% below GLOCK’s “Minimum Advertised Pricing” (MAP) guidelines. For […]

New Products For September

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New Products For September —– MS27571 $414.99 MARXT-22TR $181.99 CTAR6450 $1,025.99 55228 $37.99 90352 $56.99 JS960510 $624.99 TRYSSIGFBSTTBT00 $153.99 TRYSSIGFBSFHFT02 $129.99 SPYC148GP $25.99 SW170161FC $828.99 REMLN40SW4BX $22.99 ML140T $7.99 FN89000 $1,839.99 DP308-LR-05TL $327.99 CS29TMT $34.99 CMMG10228 $930.99 APXFSS $156.99 VGT257WR4O $429.99

NRA Weekend at Cabella’s

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Cabella’s hosted the Gunblogger Rendezvous participants in a guided tour of their Reno facility last week. This weekend, September 17-18 Cabella‘s is having NRA Weekend. The NRA Blog has these details: When you purchase or renew your annual NRA membership at any Cabela’s store this weekend, you’ll receive a discounted price of just $25.00. But […]

Bags packed and checking out of the Silver Legacy in the next few minutes. Time to thank all who made it out to make GBR VI “The Best Ever.” More to follow with individual posts about our sponsors … Thank you all!  

Once again this year the Cowboy Fast Draw Association (CFDA) hosted the Gunblogger Rendezvous’ gunslingers to an exciting morning of wax slinging. The Cowboy Fast Draw Association’s website is www.cowboyfastdraw.com. For those not familiar with Cowboy Fast Draw, we have this from the August/September 2011 edition of Gunslinger’s Gazette, the guns used are period correct […]

bu·reau  (byr)n. pl. bu·reaus or bu·reaux (-z) 1. A chest of drawers, especially a dresser for holding clothes. Shiny.

Tiny (888 Kb) wmv format movie of The Packing Rat firing a full-auto Uzi burst. (The picture shows what looks like 5 casings in the air.)

More information about Steel Challenge shooting is available at the Steel Challenge website. Short story:  It’s a lot of fun! In fairness to all the other competitors, I did not simply walk up and sweep the stages with the sub-gun. Heh.

Thanks to the Washoe County Regional Shooting Facility!  

Mr. Completely and Kiwi were scheduled to arrive yesterday. The Smallest Minority arrived yesterday afternoon. Random Nuclear Strikes and Alan Gura are arriving this evening. Chris and Mel are on the way and The Packing Rat is packing. More to follow … Update: I met Joe Huffman and Ry Jones at breakfast, and Caleb’s (Call […]

Thursday, September 8th 8:30 am. Leave the Silver Legacy “Silver Baron C” Hospitality Room for one of the restaurants for breakfast. 9:30 am – 1:00 pm [I will be Conference Calls and meetings not related to GBR VI] 2:15 pm. Leave the Hospitality Room to car pool to Cabela’s. 3:00 pm – 5:00 pm. Guided […]

The suitcase with various ‘sundries’ weighed in at 59.4 lbs on check in and the TSA inspection process went fine. I arrived on time into Reno and left a message for Kevin Baker who is driving in. Next, I sent an email to Alan Gura so I can meet him at the airport on his […]

Pelican Gun Case Tutorial

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  Handy Tip: Using an electric carving knife for custom fitted Pelican gun case foam. Video from OpticsPlanet.

F16 Full Operational – Awesome RC Jet Video

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Coolest RC Jet video I’ve seen! A camera inside the jet at the pilot’s head links to VR goggles worn by the operator on the ground, whose head movements turn the camera left and right and up and down. The view is just like you are in the cockpit operating the plane. Take-off starts at […]

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