Video: This is the start of a revolutionary technology for organ preservation for transplants.

Brazilian Dodgeball

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It’s the 300 AAC Blackout from CMMG. The 300 AAC Blackout is a 7.62 mm (.30 Cal) x 35 mm round for CMMG’s AR-15 Upper Receivers. Offered in 175 Gr. (Subsonic) and 147 Gr. (Crackly Sounding). Cool.    

Hey, I’m on a list, and it’s black. Black. It’s the new Black. Black. Black. Black. Black. Black + List Blacklist. It’s Beautiful.  

Still Life Photography from Oleg Volk

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Anti Monkey Butt® Body Wash

Win Me! Details here.  

Top Shot

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I caught the History Channel’s Top Shot show last night. Barrett M82A1 at 1,000 yards, followed by an M1 Garand competition  – not your normal TV fare. I like. Congratulations to Chris Reed.  Season Two’s Top Shot!

Kevin has a roundup here. Here’s the Registration Form. Sign up to join!  It’s for bloggers AND Blog readers, too! Plus, you’ll meet ME!  Which is pretty awesome as well. When: September 8-11 Where: Silver Legacy Hotel in Reno, Nevada See you there!

Colt Accurized Semi-automatic 223/556   Bushmaster M4A3   Winchester Model 70 Featherweight  

Previously, Sig Sauer made a Blackwater edition of the Model 226. A massively upgraded model of the Blackwater Sig is being offered here. Now Mossberg has come out with a Blackwater Edition shotgun. Five (now four) Update: now just two Update 2: Now just one is available at I ordered one myself just because […]

M82A1 Caliber Conversion

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The Firearms Blog has a write-up on the 416 Barret Caliber Conversion Kit for the M82A1. Interesting.  

Busy morning, flight delays and WiFi in the Mexico City airport.  It’s an indicator of just what shape the U.S. economy is in when we Norte Americanos begin to travel to Mexico for work.


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