Click pic to view MP4 video from Gunblogger Rendezvous IV. Want to GO? Click link to sign up to attend Gunblogger Rendezvous VI September 8 – September 11, 2011. Open to Gunbloggers, Gunblog readers, and Gunnies in general. There will be Show ‘n Tell – guns & stories (Friday), shooting at the long-range range (Saturday), […]

Reminder: BUY A GUN DAY! Approaches

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Choose from thousands of new Firearms – Pistols, Rifles, Shotguns, Revolvers, Black Powder, Rim Fire, Centerfire (but no HellFire), plus Ammunition, Grips, Pads, Stocks, Safes, Cases, Bags, Brushes, Solvents, Patches, Pants, Boots, Shirts, Vests, Belts, Scopes, Mounts, Sights, Rings, Lasers, Tasers, Bandoliers (but no Phasers), Spotting Scopes, Binoculars, Knives, Flashlights, Uppers, Lowers, Range Finders and […]


April E-Postal Match: Alien Invasion! hosted by CTD

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Cheaper Than Dirt – our friendly neighborhood shootin’ supply buddies in North Ft Worth are sponsoring the April E-Postal match! Alien Invasion! Details, rules, targets and more are to be found at CTD Shooter’s Log. Actually, It’s pretty cool of Cheaper Than Dirt to have its own blog and to be a part of the […]

Rolling Stone: The Stoner Arms Dealers

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Interesting Story ProTip: It’s the corners you don’t cut that keep you out of the “tan prison-issued jumpers”.

War Pr0n: Returning Home

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Click pic to biggerize B2 (Spirit of Pennsylvania) returning to Whiteman AFB following 25 hour round trip to Libya. Full article (with more pictures) at The Daily Mail. Alternate pic: Hat Tip to some guy I never met from Northrop Grumman who did the original caption. Heh. The original: Classic.

That Was Quick

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Yesterday I was in Ireland – today it’s Colorado! Posting may be slow as the Jet lag washes over. Jets are cool.  

In this post, Charles Johnson of Little Green Footballs associates Japan’s Tsunami to the GOP’s House vote to reduce climate change research funding. Observation: Correlation does not equal Causation. Japan’s warning systems and drills for evacuation are among the most sophisticated and effective in the world. Does the solution for Japan’s disaster preparedness really depend […]

No comment from the White House on ATF’s Operation ‘Gunwalker’. CBS has more details

See for details and sign up! I did. Say Uncle‘s planning to be there. Maybe Kevin, too. Maybe Robb as well. And definitely Tam And Newbius. And Linoge Possibly Cargosquid. Also, pdb is going to try to make it and … (to be continued)

Sometimes you never know where good blog fodder is going to appear.  In this case, I just had to open the window at the hotel. A picture from Ireland – 3/8/2011

TSA Methods Targeted By Texas Legislature

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A bill would add any TSA-style pat-down used “to grant access to a publicly accessible building or form of transportation” to the description of “sexual assault” in Texas’ penal code. Read more:

International First Class on the Boeing 777. The first class seating area is almost as big as my first apartment in Austin, Texas. The chair swivels 45 degrees left and reclines flat as a bed. It also swivels 90 degrees (even more left) to use a fold-down work surface. A flat screen video display rises […]

Previously, a memo from my distributor advised me of a GLOCK policy of minimum advertised pricing (MAP). Non-compliance would result in cancellation of my “Dealer Account”. The “GLOCK memo” initially led me to price all goods at the commercial site at “GLOCK compliant” rates. The overall markup was 15.6% from “Dealer cost”. To keep pricing […]

It’s Good to Be Back in Texas!

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My flight from Denver left right on time and I’m back in Texas where it’s 72 degrees at 7:20 PM. Sweet! But tomorrow’s another day.I’ll be heading to Madrid, Spain on the way through Dublin to arrive in Navan, Ireland on Sunday. Maybe I’ll post another picture. Do I have any readers in County Meath […]

After last week’s snowstorm, the view from Loveland, CO is much improved. Maybe, I’ll start posting pictures of the many places around the world I happen upon. Check the Travel category for more …


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