Go Kart!

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Go Kart fun! Replaced the 72 tooth final drive sprocket with a 60-tooth model and boosted the top end to 40+ mph.  I still need to do some fine-tune adjustments on the tie rods, but the old Go Kart has still got a lot of zoom in it! The 195cc Tecumseh 6 HP Power Sport […]

80 Days

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  The BATFE has returned two approved Form 4‘s for the transfer of a machine gun and a silencer. Total processing time: Just 80 Days. (71 days excluding mail time). Good job BATFE!  

Price Drop: Got Guns?

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Magnum Research DE1911 was $734.99 now $685.99 Check out similar price drops on everything at Well-RegulatedMilitia.com/FFL  

It’s Good to be Back in Texas!

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The snow started in Loveland, Colorado (north of Denver) at about 8:00 PM last night.  By morning, we were under about 3 inches of accumulation. Careful driving was in order – both to work and later, to the airport. A few hours in the air and it’s good to be back in Texas!  

A dream. 4:38 AM Central Time. The river was shallow. From ankle deep to waist high, and clear. You could read the date on a dime at the bottom. The current was gentle, barely moving except near the far bank. When it was his time, something on the opposite bank drew his attention and he […]


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Quote of the Week goes to Days of Our Trailers for Sweet Irony: “(Mayors Against (Illegal) Guns or) MAIG, has a higher arrest and conviction rate of its members than CCW holders nationwide. Yet we see which group gun control fanatics support.”

Jeff writes: It’s been about 4 1/2 years since I created the People of the Gun web site. It was in response to a magazine article critical of gun rights, and it mentioned Alphecca by name. At first, a rush of “applicants” joined in but — and this is my fault — interest waned. I […]

From InstaPundit: CHANGE: House budget bill blocks ATF request for emergency anti-gun trafficking authority.

A Helpful Translation Guide

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Some helpful translated phrases from Californian to Texan from An Ol’ Broad’s Ramblings Sample: Heavily Armed  = Well-protected Go read ‘em all.

Spring is Sprung

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Spring is sprung. 66 degrees (F) at 9:00 PM – It’s good to be back in Texas!

19421-CHI Chiappa Firearms Ltd (CHI) M-FOUR Pistol 22LR 6″ Barrel Black with two (2) 28 Round Magazines Description: CHI M-FOUR PST 22LR 6BLK 28RD Manufacturer: Chiappa Firearms Ltd Model #: M-Four Type: Semi-Automatic Pistol Finish: Black Receiver: Polymer Lower Receiver Stock: Black Polymer Sights: Open Sights Barrel Length: 6″ Overall Length: 14.625″ Weight: 65.6 oz […]


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Ranging a bit North of my palatial Texas estate,  I ventured out this morning into a rather brisk day. The local weather service cited -20° C which equates to -4° Fahrenheit, before wind chill adjustment. Did I say “brisk”? Why, it was downright nipply! -20° C also equates to 253.15° Kelvin, so it maybe wasn’t […]

We can hope. Where the human spirit yearns for freedom no oppressor can stand in the way.

Gatling uploaded by reelgood0008. – Technology reviews and science news videos. Gau17, 6 barrel, 7.62 mm Gatling gun. Capable of firing up to 6000 rounds per minute. Animations follows the loading, chambering, firing, extracting and ejecting of a round. h/t TechBlog

[Picture links to B/W video plasmabullet.mpg ] SOLAR FLARE: Sunspot 1158 has just unleashed the strongest solar flare of the year, an M6.6-category blast @ 1738 UT on Feb. 13th. The eruption appears to have launched a coronal mass ejection (CME) toward Earth. It also produced a loud blast of radio emissions heard in shortwave […]

Switzerland rejects tighter gun controls Swiss voters have rejected proposed tighter controls on gun ownership, near-complete results show.

NRA WEIGHS IN on the ATF gunrunning scandal. “BATFE’s desire to mandate reporting of multiple long gun sales by border area firearms dealers is questionable since BATFE seems incapable of managing the criminal leads it already has and unwilling to submit to constitutionally mandated Congressional oversight.”

Switzerland to vote on gun controls If approved, it would end the long practice of Swiss men keeping their weapons at home both during and after compulsory military service.

.380 Auto Ammo Drought has Ended!

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90102 $16.99 99 Buy Now ARM38095GRFMJ $310.99 5 Buy Now CCI23606 $17.99 2245 Buy Now CCI3505 $19.99 579 Buy Now CCI5262 $347.99 46 Buy Now CCI53608 $388.99 77 Buy Now COR38090 $22.99 166 Buy Now CORPB38070 $23.99 26 Buy Now FE380HS1PDH $17.99 533 Buy Now FEAE380AP $388.99 18 Buy Now GS380B $20.99 99 Buy Now […]

From what I see, all reviews are positive but my guess is that Ray’s marketing department didn’t include a focus group for selecting product names.

Robb Allen wrote today saying “SB 234 is the largest piece of pro gun legislation we’ve seen since Shall Issue was pushed 24 years ago“. Please take a moment to visit his blog post: Florida Carry Alert–Carry Reform Bill in Committee needs your help now! … as well as Florida Carry’s web site http://www.floridacarry.org/ SB […]

Maybe I’ll see you there!

The Joyce Foundation’s sister organization, the Brady Campaign, is calling on it’s ‘grass-roots’ (yea, right) members to vote in a poll originally posted by Baldr Odinson (Ceasefire Oregon). Baldr took his poll down after garnering only twelve votes in support of his anti-Liberty position. Linoge has vowed to keep his poll up regardless of the […]


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eBay removes Harrier jump jet over weapons ban. “An eBay spokesman said: “We have strict policies in regards to the sale of military weaponry, meaning the jet should not have been listed for sale.” [GFW – Ed.]

Joe Huffman has a message to the Brady Campaign

Source: http://www.federalpremium.com/pdf/45_Auto_warning.pdf

An interesting undersea pattern in the Canary Basin off the west coast of Africa. Go to Latitude: 31.401382° and Longitude: -24.421521° to see for yourself. Measured at the southern edge, the length of the pattern is 102.74 miles. The perimeter of pattern is 353 miles. The somewhat uniform “blocks” within the pattern measure about 4 […]

When the $315 Million acquisition was announced, AOL stock prices plunged another $315 million in total capitalization. Net value: -$730 million. AOL’s stockholders might not be pleased.

Where Muscle = 550 Hp of 427 Cubic Inch bad-to-the-bone awesomeness. More details at this UPI Article

h/t Holger Awakens and Irons in the Fire A .50 BMG from Hungarian manufacturer Sero – it’s the Gepard GM6 Lynx

jeep.com If someone were to buy them for my twin boys, I would very much appreciate it . KThxBye

Texas Weather

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Sleet and snow well ‘fore the dawn The Sun came up, and now it’s gone

A Toast to Gabrielle Giffords

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Giffords Asks for ‘Toast’ for Breakfast as Recovery Continues Godspeed for a full recovery.

What’s Up With Ian Anderson?

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“Ian owns no fast car, never having taken a driving test, and has a wardrobe of singularly uninspiring and drab leisurewear. He still keeps a couple of off-road competition motorcycles, a few sporting guns and a saxophone which he promises never to play again.” He now lives on a farm in the southwest of England […]

Read more at http://buttpaste.com

Good. “Arabic culture was to be integrated into the curriculum in elementary and intermediate schools …” What were they thinking? Oh, right. The Mansfield News-Mirror has the story

Super Bowl Champs Green Bay Packers (No Longer) Left Waiting for a Congratulatory Call from Chicago Bears Fan President Obama There are certain traditions that American Presidents ‘get’ instinctively: like congratulating the Super Bowl winners immediately after the game, or visiting the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier on Memorial Day. Not Obama.

Green Bay Packers win! 31 to 25 over the Pittsburgh Steelers in Arlington, Texas.

Conditions for road travel are clear and dry all through Superbowl weekend in Arlington, Texas. The Steelers vs. Packers should be a great game!


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