A Sad Day: News from Alaska

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Yesterday Alaska Governor Sean Parnell signed the certification of election for U.S. Senator Lisa Murkowski (R-ino) – Alaska. Story at the Anchorage Daily News My favorite Senate candidate Joe Miller is to announce appeal plans Friday Update: U.S. Senate Miller Ends Fight, Concedes Alaska Race

Stephen Hunter writes: Some months ago a fellow attracted a lot of attention with the coinage “epistemic closure.”  The liberals loved the conceit, an allegation that the conservative mind was unalterably closed, sealed off, locked in the past.   Actually, I thought it was pretty accurate: that’s WHY I turned right 25 years ago, because […]

Interesting Product of the Day You can buy it here for $5.99 – Note shipping charges apply for orders less than $1,000 Cold Steel Comb Brush Black Plain Hair Brush/ Dagger Hair Brush 8 1/4 Zytel 92HC (COLD STEEL HONEY COMB).

(Even though it was posted June 18, 2009 this has my vote.)

Interesting product of the day: GG&G, Inc. Green 2 in Receiver 1 GGG-1387 (GG&G CLAYMORE HITCH COVER) Makes me wish my truck had a receiver hitch! You can buy one here. IMPORTANT NOTICE: This product is prohibited in some states including but not limited to the following: Colorado–This item is prohibited under Colorado 18-12-109, Paragraph […]

In a post on September 28, 2010 I noted: The (London) Financial Times had an insert today on Foreign Exchange (ForEx) currency trading. Per the article there is massive growth in this area – about 4,000 billion dollars massive.  Accounts are (for now) accepted with at 50:1 leverage ratio. I’m going to file this note […]

Merry Christmas

R. Lee Ermey: Head Elf Hat Tip to WindsOfChange

Gianornmongous (93 MB .wmv file) large (33 MB .avi file) video. Click picture to play. A sampling – well actually a large sampling – suitable for “speed-shopping” at 6-8 frames per second, of the long guns at Well-RegulatedMilitia.com/FFL.

308,745,538 .308 Win 7MM .45 Auto 5MM Remington Rimfire Magnum .38 Special I think I’ve spent too much time updating the catalog. Heh.

Many pictures were taken … few turned out so well.

Reported by Michael Bane – NJ Governor Chris Christie signs letter ordering Brian Aitken released from prison as soon as possible. Happy Holidays and our many thanks to Governor Chris Christie!

 Twenty four Ruger® 10/22® models are available today, however none are short and full-auto like this one. Click either pic to enhuge-ify.

AK-47: How It Works

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Cool animation (GIF):  AK-47: How it works at Gun Free Zone

Site-launch update #5 My favorite, solitary Google-bot (IP Address has been on the job 13 to 22 hours a day at the  Something New place. Evidently it’s working!  A Google search for “Well-RegulatedMilitia.com/FFL” returned About 29,900 results (in 0.24 seconds). Meanwhile, the msnbots, aka search.msn.com (Microsoft network) search-bots (IP address tend to operate […]

Something New

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Site-launch update #4 Don’t you just hate it when you’ve spent the last three weeks and three days getting a catalog updated and tens of thousands photos collected only to find that the version of the software you are using was about three versions out of date and there was no upgrade option other than […]

Shamelessly stolen from Curmudgeonly & Skeptical Seems a guy cruises through a stop sign and gets pulled over by a local policeman. Guy hands the cop his driver’s license, insurance verification, and registration. The policeman notices a Concealed Carry Permit as the man was fishing out his drivers license.  So the cop asks,  “Are you  […]

My new desktop wallpaper – found whilst updating the catalog. It’s big! Click pic for full-size.

Feed Demon Upgrade

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Ignore the upgrade notifications for a while: FeedDemon 4.0, 4.05, and 4.0.20 are having problems. Update: Make sure you use the current FeedDemon shortcut – and not the one in the FeedDemon3 folder when upgrading. Update 2: 4.0.20 seems to be working OK

The Link is here One of Joe’s three videos are here:

Mach 8 muzzle velocity – current tests are made with 8 megajoules of power and plans are to create a 64 megajoules version for the Navy. One megajoule is the kinetic energy of a one-ton vehicle moving at 160 km/h or 100 mph. Schmack! h/t Curmudgeonly & Skeptical


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Bill Quick said it first. (but the spelling was off a little). The future cannot be stopped.

Something New

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Site-launch update #3 Photos are being added to products in all categories. Hand Guns (3,438 items) are complete. The Long Guns category (4,258 items) is in progress.

Here’s a quick video of what was added in the last three days: It’s my first YouTube Post ever. I think Steve will approve. Steve Tyler and Chuck Ziegenfuss at the Reno airport following the 2007 Gunblogger Rendezvous.

Site-launch update #2 Photos are being added to products in all categories. Hand Guns (3,438 items) are complete.

Hint Hint

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Holiday Gift Guide at the NRA Blog

That’s strange. And I was under the impression that San Francisco leaned to the Left. Håkan Dahlström got this delightful shot of one of San Francisco’s steeper hills, turning his camera so that the road (and not the houses) were at level to convey the extent of the slope. Crazy hills of San Francisco (Thanks, […]


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