Gun Pr0n: Little Girl, Big Gun

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Steven Den Beste has more at his place. – Go see!

So, nothing new here in London other than an undisclosed ‘incident’ at Heathrow that routed arriving air passengers onto bus transports to the terminal instead of JetWay offloading. I see no “media” coverage so I assume it was simply a day of  ‘routine’ terrorism in the UK – or simply some sort of  ‘Union activity’.  Same […]

Midnight in Aberdeen

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Midnight in Aberdeen, Scotland. Pic from the hotel window.  Click to embiggerate.

Segway leads to Segue

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The CEO of Segway makes a smooth transition from the living into the afterlife … drives Segway off a cliff and plunges to his death.  (Sad) Statement at It is with great sadness that we have to confirm that Jimi Heselden OBE, has died in a tragic accident near his home in West Yorkshire. […]

The (London) Financial Times had an insert today on Foreign Exchange (ForEx) currency trading. Per the article there is massive growth in this area – about 4,000 billion dollars massive.  Accounts are (for now) accepted with at 50:1 leverage ratio. I’m going to file this note under Kick.Me.Hard. at Christmas Time. Here is what I […]


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Timelapse Montage from Mike Flores on Vimeo. Click the full screen button for bigger coolness!

[Solved!] alan sailer has 475 high-speed pictures of everything from ornaments, to rubber bands, to well just about everything else being shot.  Check it out! Alan Sailer’s website is h/t Everyday, No Days Off – Gun Blog

Here in Old Blighty, everyone seems to have agreed to drive on the left side on the road; to transform simple intersections into roundabouts; and otherwise subvert all natural laws of driving by putting steering wheels and other driver controls on the right side of their cars. My first reaction to riding in England – seated […]

The Last Best Hope: JOIN or DIE

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Ace says, “Pretty Darn Good“. Traction Control says, “Oh, Hell Yea!” From RedState; video produced by Ben Howe of November. JOIN or DIE

Street Views

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Aberdeen, Scotland, UK The Mither Tap Street View

Street Views

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Uxbridge, Middlesex, England, UK

H/T to Tammy Bruce

Republican Joe Miller attracts 42% of the vote in the first Rasmussen Reports poll of the Alaska Senate race since GOP Senator Liza Murkyvski announced her write-in campaign to try to keep her job. Source: Rasmussen Reports poll. (Headline Note:  “(W³)” is for “Whiner who Won’t Withdraw” – Ed.) Send Money to Joe!

That’s some mighty fine shooting, Matt! h/t The Maddened Fowl Story here: Matt Kline Shoots 2.815″ Record at 1000 Yards with 300 WSM

The Rick Santelli Rant that ignited The Tea Party Movement CHICAGO SUN-TIMES ‘Best Five Minutes of My Life’ – Rick Santelli

This headline is on, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a Real.Serious.Question. Man challenging constitutionality of gun permit revocation WORCESTER —  Citing a recent U.S. Supreme Court decision, a Shrewsbury man is challenging the constitutionality of a state law under which his license to carry a firearm was revoked five years ago by Police […]

 If only all of life’s choices were this easy.

This time as a write-in candidate. “Only Out For Herself“ So once again, we take to the soap box. Soap Box, Ballot Box, et cetera.

I like!  Click pic to embiggerate. See more pics at h/t to The Blaze.

Democrat Logo

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Fixed by Bore Patch. Nicely done, too.

h/t to Six Meat Buffet

Quotes: “Where was (Rove’s) anger directed at a Democrat … ever?” “Where is this criticism of Democrats? … Let’s go balls to the wall for Christine O’Donnell.” Yup.

From her campaign website. You Go, Girl!! Update: As of this morning (9-17-2010) she has raised $1,355,377!! – $1,699,868 as of 8:00 PM! – $1,768,226 as of Saturday morning!

Toronto, Ontario

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From the Admiral’s Club The Airport (YYZ) The Admiral’s Club in Toronto.

Sudbury, Ontario

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 Purty, ain’t it?

 Interesting choice – h/t to Robb at Sharp as a Marble: Nice Logo for the improvements “Oh, there will be change.” November 2, 2010.

GBR V: Post GBR Travel

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Sudbury to Toronto to Dallas to London – Time flies and so do I. Since my return from GBR V in Reno, NV I’ve got some traveling to do. I might take a picture or two!

GBR V: Range Day by Girls <3 Guns

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A Range Day report from Girls <3 Guns.

GBR V: More Range Day Pics

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From The Clue Meter.  Go look!

GBR V: Cowboy Fastdraw Results

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At the Gunblogger Rendezvous site. Congratulations, and well done to  CST from CS Tactical Blog. Plus, a hat tip to Molly! and all the other participants.

Friday at the blasting range, Rick pulled out his Awesome Card. Texans, waddya expect? Video at Anthroblogogy

Big Cigs & Big Taxes

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Are you paying $60 for a carton of cigs?  More? Here’s a dramatic illustration: At the Duty-Free store (today) a carton of Marlboro was $35 and a liter of Jack Daniels was $25. Total = $60. What that means is for every carton of cigarettes we buy in The States, we’re forced to “tip” the […]

Via Insty: “It’s yet another win for the Tea Party crowd over G.O.P. insiders.” Now, I’m talking to YOU, John Cornyn; it’s time to show NRSC support. From Hot Air: Cornyn, who chairs the National Republican Senatorial Committee, refused to discuss whether his organization would support Tea Party-backed Delaware Senate candidate Christine O’Donnell if she […]

No Time for RINOs

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9:16 PM Delaware Primary: Christine O’Donnell leads Mike Castle 53.7% to 46.3% with 85.5% of Precincts reporting. n/t Politico

This isn’t the site for you: Huh?

Christine O’Donnell pulls ahead 47-44 in Public Policy Polling (PPP) poll. Christine O’Donnell has gained the endorsements from Tea Party as well as Mark Levin and Sarah Palin. Let’s Roll!

Anthroblogogy scores the number 4 slot!

GBR V: And So It Ends …

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The 5th annual Gunblogger Rendezvous has come to a close and Traction Control would like to extend a special thanks to organizers Mr. Completely and KeeWee, and to everyone who was able to attend. Another special thanks is due to the great companies who helped to sponsor GBR V.  According to notes (and links) compiled […]

Fried Chicken

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My teacher asked us what our favorite animal was, and I said, “Fried Chicken.” She said that wasn’t the correct answer, and wasn’t funny, but she couldn’t have been right, because everyone else in the class laughed. My parents told me to always be truthful and honest, and I am. Fried chicken is my favorite […]

The Gunbloggers headed out to the Cowboy Fastdraw Association‘s headquarters to participate in slappin’ leather Old West Style at Sage Hill Clays in Reno, NV. Sage Hill Clays 7370 Desert Way Reno, Nevada 89521 (Navigation notes) Once everyone arrived and signed in, we were treated to an overview of the Cowboy Fastdraw technique by none […]

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