9:41pm: Murkowski will hold a press conference in twenty minutes. 9:40pm: Being generous, let’s say there are 7000 valid GOP votes left to be counted. Murkowski would need 61% of them to win. She’s done. From Swing State Project UPDATE: CNN’s Shannon Travis in Anchorage has confirmed that Sen. Lisa Murkowski will concede tonight. H/T […]

Miller Time?

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Big Government says, “the trend in the count of absentee ballots makes it virtually impossible that Sen. Murkowski will overtake Joe Miller in the GOP Senate Primary.” It’s Over.

What’s next?  Camps?

Dear Abby, Dear Abby … My feet are too long My hair’s falling out and my rights are all wrong My friends they all tell me they’re no friends at all Won’t you write me a letter, Won’t you give me a call Signed Bewildered Bewildered, Bewildered… [Chorus:] You have no complaint You are what […]

The federal government’s Clean Water Act contains guideline to reduce the amount of nitrogen and phosphates that are introduced into municipal sewage treatment facilities.  As of July 1, phosphates are now banned as an ingredient of dishwasher detergent in 16 states. Manufacturers’ new offerings can be expected to turn aluminum utensils black, fade the patterns […]


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I love the FlightAware.com site. I use it to track flights and arrivals to pick people up at the airport.  It even shows arrival gates – an important feature in an airport like DFW where gates can be a quarter-mile apart. But …

Travelin’ Tunes

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My rental car – a KIA Sorrento, has a USB slot to the sound system. Yay! I had to format the Thumb-Drive as FAT32 to make it recognizable, but once that was done, here’s the travelin’ tunes I loaded up:

Has the Tea Party Put Another Senate Seat Into Play? Short Answer: Yes The New Republic posts: Last month I (I am quoting Jonathan Chait, Senior Editor- Ed.) touted the possibility that Tea Party candidate Joe Miller could upset Lisa Murkowski in the Alaska Republican Senate primary, possibly turning another safe GOP seat into a […]

In what could become one of the biggest political upsets of the year, Republican Sen. Lisa Murkowski trailed her tea-party-backed opponent by a small margin Wednesday in Alaska’s GOP primary with thousands of votes yet to be counted. Attorney Joe Miller, who also had the backing of former Gov. Sarah Palin, led Murkowski by less […]

Hot Air: Upset in Alaska

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Ed Morrissey at Hot Air writes this.

How can I call this race with some 16,000 7,600 absentee ballots left to be counted? It’s simple: As far as I can tell, there are no Democrats involved in the counting process. We’ve had enough of “hanging chad” elections where “voter intent” was determined in closed rooms. Joe Wins! DaTechguy’s Blog has more about […]

Classical Values has the story. To be fair, it wasn’t entirely Sarah Palin’s endorsement that led to Joe Miller’s victory.  It was coverage on the Mark Levin Show that convinced me to support Joe’s campaign. Last month I traveled to Alaska, met with Joe’s campaign officers in Anchorage and asked  Joe’s Research Director ‘fact check’ […]


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 As of 10:20am eastern (which is 6:20 in Alaska) Joe Miller is leading incumbent RINO Lisa Murkowski by just under 2,000 votes with 98% of the vote counted. Still unaccounted are the absentees. h/t to Ace


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U.S. Sen. Lisa Murkowski is battling for her political life this morning against Republican primary challenger Joe Miller, the Tea Party-backed candidate who had a slim lead as ballots continued to be counted overnight. Miller, a Fairbanks attorney, led from when the first returns came in Tuesday night, and was on the verge of pulling […]


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The Hill reports (posted 4:48 AM): Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska) is in danger of becoming the third incumbent senator to lose in the 2010 election cycle. Attorney Joe Miller appears on the verge of a stunning upset in Alaska’s Republican Senate primary but the race has not been officially called and could be headed for […]

Is That An Important Attribute?

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Seen in a Fast Cupid ad. Seriously, elbows? Knees I maybe kind of get, but ELBOWS? How does that work?

Blogger Payola

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Weak BS Story at Daily Caller claims “political groups oftentimes pay bloggers for their insights”.  See  True stories of bloggers who secretly feed on partisan cash. Myself, I am pleased with the (not quite) daily wheelbarrows of cash from the NRA that appear at my door.

Vote on 8/24 Alaska!

Alaska’s Tea Party Senatorial Primary (from TownHall.com) Posted by : John Hanlon at 10:02 PM It seems odd to question how much of an effect the tea party will have in this Tuesday’s Alaskan Senatorial primary. Alaska’s own former Governor Sarah Palin is a well-known tea party supporter, and the former vice presidential candidate’s endorsements have certainly helped many Republican candidates […]

Greystone Castle

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Greystone Castle

[Click Pic to humongous-ize] This handy backyard barbecue accessory from E.D.M. Arms features Nightforce optics. [Image via GunPundit]

Fellow Patriots: A critical election for U.S. Senate is just 4 days away and constitutional conservatives across America need to rally together to support Conservative Republican Joe Miller for U.S. Senate in Alaska. Joe is up against the political establishment and special interests in Alaska, and I can tell you first hand that my own […]

Blackwater Worldwide (now call Xe Services) has agreed to pay $42 million in fines for hundreds of violations of U.S. export rules. The violations included illegal weapons exports to Afghanistan, making unauthorized proposals to train troops in southern Sudan and providing sniper training for police in Taiwan The privately held company, based in North Carolina, […]

Collect Them All!

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h/t SondraK. Made me laugh, it did.

This caught my eye today on a flight to Toronto. Christian Island is an island in a lake (actually a bay) with three lakes. latitude 44.833545° longitude -80.193448°

More on Obama’s Gun Ban

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Obama bans over 100,000 rifles from Daved Kopel at The Volokh Conspiracy Yet another example of the lawless Obama administration acting lawlessly. Here is the full article from The Korea Times [Exclusive] US opposes Seoul’s bid to sell old rifles The U.S. government is opposing Korea’s bid to sell thousands of aging U.S. combat rifles […]

Blog Talk Radio: B B & Guns

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The B B & Guns Show ‘aired’ tonight featuring Kevin from the most excellent Smallest Minority blog who covered The Gunblogger Rendezvous! Good show tonight. Yours truly called to confirm that all rumors which may have been whispered are true! Click the Gunblogger Rendezvous link to hear the audio. Make your reservations now for GBR […]

When It’s Not Your Time To Die An amazing WMV Video of an airplane landing after its right wing is sheared off! Damn! That’s some mad flying skillz on display right there. h/t Argghhh!!!

U.S. Government Blocking Return Of Surplus M-1 Garand Rifles and M-1 Carbines From Korea h/t Ammoland read the article at the link. As far as I’m concerned, if it is taxpayer-paid property, it’s taxpayer-owned property. These rifles should be returned to their owners – that’s you and me! From their actions, you might get the […]

60’s Mattel Tommy Burst Detective Set ad. $3.00 for the Tommy Burst, $7.00 for the complete set!

Who’s Extreme Now?

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Answer to be delivered on November 2. hat/tip to Ace: Holy Frick: NRSC Ad Is Extremely Effective

Heh. Thanks Murky, but I’m urging Alaska to VOTE FOR JOE! Looks like the Joementum is increasing.


It is being reported that the last combat brigade has left Iraq – entering Kuwait today for their journey back. Welcome Home, Heroes! We are forever in your debt.

Via Free Republic Forum: Miller Overwhelming Murkowski (Facebook analysis) On Facebook Friends: Murkowski, the sitting U.S. (RINO) Senator, had 2244 on July 31. By August 14, she had added only 84. Four days later she is really surging (LOL), having added a whopping 13, for a grand total of 2341. For the past 18 days, […]

Wi-Fi poacher “ZA-PC” with an “ISOTHERM” domain showed up on my network map yesterday, even though my wireless network was configured with WEP security. I reconfigured my router to exclude the address he was using (Yes, I know it’s a “he” because he’s my next door neighbor). I hear that “under Michigan computer access law, […]

It probably can’t be done from a boat, but in a plane it’s possible to see the shorelines of both Illinois/Wisconsin and Michigan from the middle of Lake Michigan. Just thought you would like to know.

VOTE Alaska!

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For Joe Miller – US Senate

Pic clicked today in Northern Ontario. I think someone emptied a Zamboni in the parking lot. Heh.

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