Today, we honor those who gave their lives in defense of Liberty.

“Let’s move before they raise the parking rate.” (click pic for tuneage) More for chords:

Seen at Proof Positive. Reunions

Unfired Thompson Submachine Gun, .45 Caliber. Transferable on Form 4 to well-qualified purchasers.  All NFA Rules Apply. Top:  Full-Auto model. Bottom: Semi-Auto Short Barreled Rifle $25K for both – includes hard case and magazines.

Commemorating Texas Governor Rick Perry’s encounter with a coyote. Manufacturer Sturm, Ruger & Co. Inc. has a version (of the LCP . 380) marked with with “Coyote Special” and “A True Texan” on either side. The box says it is “For Sale to Texans Only.” Heh.

Gun Pr0n: Sako A7

Category: Guns, Pr0n | Comments Off has a review … and I’ve got one for sale in (short action) 7MM 08 Rem. Sako guarantees 5 shots in a one-inch group at 100 yards! No brag, just fact. MSRP $935 at Beretta’s site. $749 seems to be a popular price range, too. What’s in your wallet?

Q: What are your thoughts? Are the others just real stiff until you break them in? Does the action continue to loosen over time so it needs adjustment? The three I mentioned seemed to work real smooth right out of the box so I am leary of having to “break it in”. A: I recommend […]

PSA: Drive Safely

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Bad things can happen quickly. Click for WMV video (right click to download and save). Drive Safely.


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