Today, we honor those who gave their lives in defense of Liberty.

“Let’s move before they raise the parking rate.” (click pic for tuneage) More for chords:

Last week when the Gulf oil spill seemed to be under control, Obama gave a speech in which he claimed – with his team of scientists and Nobel Laureates in the Oval Office, to be responsible for every action taken to stop the oil spill.  … that he and his eminently qualified team had been […]

2001 Harley Night Train. $13,800 5,338 miles, 150 Rear Tire, Harley-Davidson Soft Tail Saddle Bags, Corbin Solo seat (also have original seat), Run Roader Ultra Fat Boy-style exhaust (also have original chrome exhaust) system, upgraded grips, pads & pegs, handlebar tool bag, console pouch, Küryakyn® Hypercharger Air Cleaner Kit, Black fiberglass “ground effects” regulator cover, […]

My son came to me last night with $67 of his allowance & savings to ask me to write a check to his school.  You see, the school year is coming to a close and evidently, one of his books has been lost. $67 seemed a bit much to pay for a biology book and […]

Hi Neighbor!

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An instant classic:  from Iowahawk. By Golly! Go Read. And note the shiny new Traction Control link in his left sidebar.  I’m so proud.

The Obama administration offered a job to PA Democrat Sestak to drop out of the Senate race. Title 18 states that this is bribery – an impeachable act. Mark Levin says (on his May 28 show) that a Special Prosecutor should be appointed immediately, or (he asks) “is this just one more law that doesn’t […]

Obama press conference: ‘anger and frustration’ over oil spill “The early Republican criticism that this could become Obama’s “Katrina,” referring to the perception that President Bush was slow in responding to hurricane Katrina in 2005, has started to gain wider traction.” Katrina? More like Chernobyl. This event was wholly under Federal jurisdiction – unlike the […]

Ace notes: This Just In: Gadsden Flag Now Officially “Offensive” In America Well then, be offended … … but DONT TREAD ON ME.

Top Kill Cam

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BP’s Top Kill efforts to stop well on live cam. Efforts expected to take two days for results to be seen. Information site  with Technical briefings here. UPDATE: ‘Top kill’ method ‘stops BP oil leak’ in Gulf of Mexico * I hope this is true … BP says further evaluation to continue … next step: […]

Seen at Proof Positive. Reunions

Unfired Thompson Submachine Gun, .45 Caliber. Transferable on Form 4 to well-qualified purchasers.  All NFA Rules Apply. Top:  Full-Auto model. Bottom: Semi-Auto Short Barreled Rifle $25K for both – includes hard case and magazines.

Commemorating Texas Governor Rick Perry’s encounter with a coyote. Manufacturer Sturm, Ruger & Co. Inc. has a version (of the LCP . 380) marked with with “Coyote Special” and “A True Texan” on either side. The box says it is “For Sale to Texans Only.” Heh.

Upcoming UN Hearings on OAS / CIFTA Treaty prompt NRA funding requests after President Obama Announces Support for Firearms Treaty. The best background analysis I have found is at The Heritage Foundation, where Dave Kopel has be contributing. (more from Dave here). I received my call  from the NRA about two hours ago. I told […]


Gun Pr0n: Sako A7

Category: Guns, Pr0n | Comments Off has a review … and I’ve got one for sale in (short action) 7MM 08 Rem. Sako guarantees 5 shots in a one-inch group at 100 yards! No brag, just fact. MSRP $935 at Beretta’s site. $749 seems to be a popular price range, too. What’s in your wallet?

Recommended Reading: The self-evident and you.

A new broom sweeps clean. Arlen Specter is out Sestak moves ahead. All this following the KY victory of Rand Paul. Next up Lincoln in Arkansas? Forced into runoff.

Thanks to The NRA Blog and the NRA.


Worse than Bush. US actors and liberal intellectuals joined a list to be published Friday of nearly 2,000 people accusing President Barack Obama of allowing human rights violations and war crimes. It seems that Obama has now lost the left, the right, and the center.


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Operation Blackbriar. Code-word from the Bourne Ultimatum. Mini Moview Review: Cool movie of cat-and-mouse Law Enforcement surveillance assets vs a quarry aware of their tactics.

Meet your friendly neighborhood gun blogger at the 2010 Annual Meeting.

“Information now a diversion, imposing strains on democracy.” Got that? Obama actually said to a commencement ceremony at Hampton University that: “Information now a diversion, imposing strains on democracy.” Say what? “Information now a diversion, imposing strains on democracy.” That’s right.  Obama said: “Information now a diversion, imposing strains on democracy.” Did you get that? […]

I made a visit to my mom on mothers day.  73 years on this Earth imparts lots of life’s lessons. Mom has never hesitated to impart her wisdom. Thanks, Mom. And to the other mom in my life – the mother of my children.  I love you. Thanks for all you do.

JR from A Keyboard and a .45 was spotted today with his lovely wife.  After smiles and waves, all appears well.

Last of Navy SEAL 3 acquitted. Michele Malkin has the story.

Q: What are your thoughts? Are the others just real stiff until you break them in? Does the action continue to loosen over time so it needs adjustment? The three I mentioned seemed to work real smooth right out of the box so I am leary of having to “break it in”. A: I recommend […]

… and his vision is pretty damn good. With two consecutive shots, British sniper Craig Harrison, killed two attackers who were firing a machine gun from 8,120 feet away. On his third shot, he took out the machine gun. That’s three 1.54 mile shots. I would be proud to buy Craig Harrison as many beers […]

The Age of Innocence

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Presidents at early ages … current and past.

PSA: Drive Safely

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Bad things can happen quickly. Click for WMV video (right click to download and save). Drive Safely.


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