More Women Buying Guns

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More Women are buying Guns. That agrees with my experience as a licensed dealer.  The Taurus Judge models are the far and away leaders for purchases by women. The NRA has their story here.


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Genius in Art from Michael Ramirez. WE the Citizenry Stand with Israel at Traction Control. There are less than three years remaining in the “Obama experiment”. Memo to Israel: Do what you have to do in the meantime to stay safe.

So … Honey? What? Can I buy a Mustang? No … Haven’t you spent enough money already? Umm … No? Well, maybe … Do you want to at least see a picture? Sigh. It’s on at $37,961 – price good until Tuesday I’m told. It’s really all Linoge’s fault for starting this.

KalishnaKitty at PokerStars

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KalishnaKitty seen on PokerStars.  Heh.

According to (2005) IRS tax return data  50 percent of tax returns account for 97% of all taxes paid. Is your Adjusted Gross Income (AGI) more than $32,879 per year? Do you pay taxes? Congratulations! You are in the group that pays 97% of all taxes to the Federal Government. The bottom 50% with AGI […]

Lyle says, Rex Rammell is the real deal. And if Lyle says so, Rex is a Go! Read the whole post at Joe’s place.

From Jay W. at Say Anything: Snippet: If the health care bill fight has taught us one thing, it’s that the federal government doesn’t care about you.  Your opinion doesn’t matter.  Your opposition doesn’t matter.  Your voice doesn’t matter. … Read the whole thing at the link above. It was not “our sin” that empowered […]

Snapple’s “Real Fact” #717 claims the mango is the most-consumed fruit in the world. I say Nope. Wikipedia (link) posts worldwide mango production at 33 million tons. Bananas, however total 73 million tons (source), and tomatoes total 130 million tons (source).  Oh, grapes – 67 million tons (source), apples – 64 million tons (source) and […]

HKs, Glocks, Smith & Wessons, and others were rented and many a round was sent downrange. The range itself was well-maintained – with good lighting and ventilation. I give Ready, Aim, Fire and “A” grade. Bitter and Sebastian were both able to meet us and put a few magazines through the MP5. [click thumbnail image […]

UPDATE:  It’s ON for TODAY – March 17!! Maybe tomorrow, or the next day … Traction Control is planning a full-auto fun filled field foray to Ready, Aim, Fire in Bristol, PA. We’ll probably get there around 7:00 PM – closing time is at 9:00 PM. A picture from their website shows some of the […]

Wikipedia has extensive background information about the Steyr AUG. … but I have a full-size picture of a full-auto model: Click pic to embiggify.

Your thoughts?


Details at Mr. Completely‘s place. Seven classes, one target. And this is new: There will be a random drawing of all the entries to win a $50 Gift Certificate from Cheaper Than Dirt. (Very cool… thanks CTD!!) . . Go to Mr. Completely’s for the rules and the classes.  You can enter multiple entries. The […]


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