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A good post from Tammy Bruce … with a picture I had to swipe. Click pic to read Tammy’s post. Quote: “… states and individuals are realizing the importance of self-reliance and individual power. It’s that simple.” That it is.

Kenny “The Rat” O’Donnell worked the usual rackets in New York.  Running numbers, strong arm work like shake-downs of strip clubs along the Northeast seaboard – burning them down if his protection money demands weren’t met. Kenny was about to graduate into the bigs when he accepted a contract to kill a millionaire’s wife.  However, […]

Talk about burying the lede. Headline Reads: Official: Woman overstated power of alleged pipe bombs The story is BY NATHANIEL JONES in today’s Fort Worth Star-Telegram: The Arlington woman arrested earlier this month after police found suspected pipe bombs in her pickup truck exaggerated the capabilities of the explosive devices, a Fort Worth bomb squad […]

The aftermath of the storm was 4 days without power, followed by long flights and long hours for work. Blogging was off. So … by way of atonement, here are the guitar chords for The Eagles’  “Hotel California” Bm F# A E G D Em F# (twice) G D F# Bm G D Em F# […]

9.5 inches in the Dallas Fort Worth Area was enough to break tree limbs and shut off power to 206,000 households in North Texas. Thanks for nothing, Al Gore.

Tam’s unobtainium was the ore that was being mined on Pandora, the planet from James Cameron’s movie Avatar.

No, pumpkin.  I haven’t read it myself, yet.  So how could I recommend it? Here a snippet from the Top 10 Lessons For Surviving a Zombie Attack: #4 Blades don’t need reloading. The ZOMBIE SURVIVAL GUIDE by Max Brooks may be an excellent choice. I’ll try to post a review when I finish it.

Well pumpkin, it looks something like this: Daddy?  Why does Al Gore hate humanity so much that he causes so many storms and freezing snow? I don’t know, pumpkin.  Maybe his daughter wasn’t as interested in the world around her as you are. Daddy? If Al Gore was on fire after some terrible accident, would […]

My review: “Wow.” Just wow. Read it. Amazon has a whole Stephen Hunter page. Traction Control recommends you read them all!

Click picture – LARGE (50MB) FILE – for WMV video. New video release shows the Space Shuttle Challenger disaster. From Video cameras were not the ubiquitous devices in 1986 that they are today, so the only video footage of the Space Shuttle Challenger most of us have seen are the live network broadcasts captured […]

As the first snowflakes appeared outside my window, I was happy that the window was attached to a McDonnell Douglas MD-83 (twin-jet) operated by American Airlines. The Track Log from Flight Aware indicates that my exit reached a top speed of 516 mph today. Sweet. UPDATE: Issued by The National Weather Service Philadelphia, PA 9:07 […]

A half-inch two inch long Lego gun piece seen at school brought the Nanny State gears into full lock-down mode. 4th grader in trouble for bringing Lego policeman to school The young boy was playing with Lego. We can’t have that, can we? Yes, we can! h/t to John Lott Just What Is The Matter […]

h/t to Flopping Aces.

I bring welcome news that today PUNXSUTAWNEY PHIL SAW HIS SHADOW! This event virtually ensures us with the statistical accuracy of PROVEN SCIENCE that, despite recent mutterings, our climate remains unaltered. Weather will indeed continue as normal. Seasons will change, seasonally. April through September look like good months to dust off the Harley’s and storm […]

As I stepped out the greet the day this morning, I noticed three news helicopters hanging motionless in the sky to the East. When I went back inside, the local channels were reporting that a small plane had made an emergency landing on the New Jersey Turnpike near Exit 4. No injuries reported. Happy Monday!

No spoilers, here. I, Sniper – (and everything else) by Stephen Hunter are recommended reads!


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