A Lot. Out Loud. Dirty Harry meets Rain Man: H/T to Bore Patch Original credit to xkcd.com – Brilliant!

An executive for Smith & Wesson Holding Corp and 21 others have been charged with violating federal bribery laws involving the sale of weapons and protective gear. Story here.

pssst … want to buy an AR?

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Pre-auction pricing for Caleb’s AR-15 is available now at Call me Ahab‘s place. Now, with pix!

Gunblogger Rendezvous V is On!

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GBR-V is a GO! Mr. C. has the announced the dates! h/t Say Uncle Gun-Bloggers, Gun-Blog readers, Gun-Owners, Gun-Industry sponsors, Gun-Collectors, and the Gun-Curious are encouraged to sign up and join in. There will be fun. See this site for GBR V news and sign-up details.

NICS Stats for December

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GunPundit has ‘em. Quote: “Amazing that it’s still nearly 15% above 2007 levels considering the economy and the fact that everyone has been buying guns practically non-stop for a year now.”

Caleb has Sig Sauer Pistol News

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Sig Sauer announces new ergonomic pistols.

SayUncle writes: Noted that Cheaper Than Dirt joined the ranks of STI and Barrett Rifles by pulling out of California. They won’t sell ammo there anymore since Cali passed their ridiculous ammo ban. Now, I agree with the sentiment of not selling to Cali .gov agencies. However, is it really helping the cause to not […]


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