Let me add my prayers for Rush who was taken to a hospital in Honolulu this afternoon with chest pains. Queen’s Medical Center listed his condition as “serious”. h/t to Michelle Malkin

Note from the Road: In the last eight minutes, the door across the hall at my hotel has opened and closed no less than 12 times.  There were four loud conversations in the hall.  The occupants – for the time being, have seemed to move their disturbance to another location. Eleven minutes later, there have […]

Amazon.com listed four sets of D’Addario EPS520 ProSteels Super Light Electric Guitar Strings for $3.85 per set, plus $4.04 for shipping for a total of $19.44. Compared to $46.61 retail ($10.79 ea plus 8% tax). I’m thinking it’s a good deal. Having ordered all four, I now see the same items listed for $4.99 each […]

“Contrary to what is claimed by many, the need for a militia continues to exist even in a world of hyper-lethal armies, and especially when engaged in asymetric warfare.” That’s a snippet. Read it all at The Volokh Conspiracy.

Leupold® is issuing a customer alert to purchasers of products, particularly via Internet sales, in regards to bogus Leupold products that are apparently being illegally imported from the People’s Republic of China. These products bear many of the marks and trade dress of current Leupold & Stevens riflescopes making them very hard to distinguish externally […]

Shamelessly stolen from blonde sagacity.

… during tomorrow’s (December 27) Cowboys vs Washington game (on NBC at 7:15 PM Eastern), here’s a link to the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader 2009 Swimsuit Gallery. I feel better already.

Merry Christmas

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Keep you and yours safe and may your holidays be full of wonder. God Bless America.

Is the Healthcare legislation a Bill? Or is it an Amendment? I refer to a clause in Harry Reid’s closed-door Healthcare bill that precludes changes unless a super-majority votes for ratification. [citation to follow]. Methinks the Senate Democrats have now crossed a bright line and landed squarely on Unconstitutional Avenue with their latest gambit in […]

Found on The LRC Blog – with a big tip o’ the ol’ Texas sombrero to Steve Lee at http://ilikeguns.com.au/ where you can buy Steve’s new CD for $25 (plus $10 shipping to the US). From Steve Lee’s Bio: When Steve Lee decided to make an album all about guns, he didn’t realise it would […]

Note to Alabama Rep. Parker Griffith: No more sway with the wind “Representatives” are needed.  We already have plenty. Either you were with us then, or you were against. You were against. Past mistakes will not be excused.  The stakes are too high to count them as minor transgressions. Resign, Mr. Alabama-previously-a-Democrat-Parker-Griffith-Guy.  If you are sincere, […]

It’s the little things people would like to have for the holidays this year: a job, peace on Earth, parole for the old man. Or, let’s say, $20 million. Click here for a PDF with questions. [Goes to abcNews – Ed.] They’re all there on the nation’s wish list, this ABC News poll finds, alongside […]

Seeing Red

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… at Guns and Bikinis.

Accuracy and Zen

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Those who play the pub games of darts know it’s possible to win a game of ‘301’ in just two turns: 1st throw: Double In with 20s, followed by two Triple 20s. 2nd throw: Triple 20, Triple 15, and Double Out with 9s. Since I installed the dart board in my palatial Texas estate, my best result so […]

As Philadelphia officals declare a state of emergency in advance of major mid-Atlanic storm warnings, guess where I’m planning to fly tomorrow. Up to 20 inches of snow and major power outages predicted? No problem, boss. Oh, yeah.  The main road to the DFW Airport?  That’s going to be closed from Saturday night until Monday.  […]

That Was Interesting

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1) MySQL upgrade: Back-up old database; setup new database; import from backup. Check. 2) Edit WordPress config file with new database name. Check. 3) Guess the new DB_HOST name?  Difficulty Level 7.  Check. 4) Update to WordPress 2.9. Done. Step 3 was a little weird, but it looks like it worked!

Uh, Oh.

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The WordPress 2.9 update requires a newer version of MySQL. Wish me luck. … if you don’t see any further posts, it is probably safe to assume something went horribly wrong in the transition.

The nut-buster was my Yamaha RGX 110 guitar. It slipped the lower (bass) E-string during some moderate strumming. My weak Google-Fu found no replacement part. (The “nut” is the piece at the top of the guitar neck that the strings are channeled over). So, today I packed it up and headed for the local Guitar […]

Perhaps my Google-Fu is weak, but I scoured the ‘nets for a mini UZI Instruction Manual without success. So as a public service of sorts, I scanned one. [click pic for pdf – 5.8MB] Merry Christmas!

Stolen Gun BOLO

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Dealers told to be on the lookout for stolen guns. Antique Guns Stolen 12/15/09 Jay Hendricks (cbs7kosa.com 12/15/09) (Alpine)- Sul Ross State University Public Safety officers have released details on two antique guns stolen from the Museum of the Big Bend. Two 1800’S long arm rifles were taken in a theft that was reported last […]

Goblins: -31

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Via this My FOX 35 Orlando news article: Headline: Homeowner kills home invasion suspect MARION COUNTY, Fla. (WOFL FOX 35) – A Marion County man shot at two men, killing one of them, who invaded his home late Monday night. The Marion County Sheriff’s Office says 62-year-old Gary A. Wroblewski, who uses a wheelchair, answered […]

abcNews headline and quote: “Teabaggers” protest on the Capitol against health care reform Dec. 15, 2009″ Note to abcNews: The term you use to describe Citizens who voice genuine concern over the issues facing the country is a derogatory description of an obscene sexual practice. The term you are looking for is “Tea Party Protesters” […]

Caleb tells Brady-weenie that posting CCW holder information is a huge invasion of privacy. Well done, sir.

Boomers & BS has this lovely item for sale on behalf of a friend. Since I have no Google or Blogger account, I have not been able to comment on his posts to express an interest. (I hope this post will generate a trackback ping, or that someone can put me in touch with the […]

Generous Update: Poll Results 12/15 10:45AM President Obama gives himself a B+ for his first 11 months in office. What grade would you give him? A 7% B+ 9% B 7% C 8% D 16% F 53% Cast your vote here. Vote

Sunday Tunage – Old School

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For Kevin – h/t The Other McCain The Ides of March – Vehicle

Amen. h/t David-Crockett

Help Out if you can. Details here. III

According to this story “Woods spent $65,000 on visits from several high-priced prostitutes, a Hollywood madam has claimed. Michelle Braun told the New York Post Woods would call her to order prostitutes, and sometimes hired two women for one encounter.” I mean, “Hey, this is News? What’s the big deal with that?” Sometimes I look […]

Via this Fox28.com news article: Headline: Apparent robber is fatally shot by S. Ind. homeowner [No quotations are used from the AP Article] One man was shot dead after entering an Indiana man’s home asking to use the phone. Once the door was opened, a second man entered, wearing a mask. The homeowner went for […]

Tancredo rouses gun rights advocates Full article at the Washington Times link.

To me it looks like the Three Wise Men ought to be saddling up for a ride up North. Challenge question, Difficulty Level 9:  Do we have three wise men? See more from the Daily Mail. Here’s a pic: … and here’s another: … and another: … and another: … and a vid from much […]

Instead of ranting about the Tiger Woods story, I’d rather talk about magicJack! According to their website, here’s how easy it is: 1) Plug any household phone into the magicJack 2) Plug the magicJack into any USB port on your computer 3) Pick up the phone and talk for free anywhere in the USA and […]

Anzio Iron Works makes ‘em. Anzio20mm with optional handguard shown next to 26″ barreled Anzio 50. Features: – 49” match grade fluted barrel – Heavy duty clam-shell brake – Detachable box magazine – Available in 14.5mm, 20mm, and new Anzio 20-50 calibers – Titanium firing pin – 5000 yard maximum range – Optional weights and […]

President Franklin D. Roosevelt: Yesterday, December 7, 1941—a date which will live in infamy—the United States of America was suddenly and deliberately attacked by naval and air forces of the Empire of Japan. The United States was at peace with that nation, and, at the solicitation of Japan, was still in conversation with its government […]

More Cowbell

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Click pic for insanely large size.

Colorado State University has banned guns on campus – Students Oppose Decision So what are their options? Utah allows arms on campus. Move or disobey? (Heard on NRA Radio Cam & Company tonight.)

So, I hopped in the car after work and NRA Radio (on Sirius’ Patriot station 144) comes on. I’m thinking, “Wow, it’s pretty cool to have met the host, Cam Edwards.” Then, Cam has a guest on the show and it’s Caleb / Call me Ahab from Gun Nuts Media and I’m thinking “Double, wow!  […]

As previously mentioned on Traction Control, Winter (in the Northern hemisphere) tends to bring snow; Spring is accompanied by warming; Summer is generally hot; and Fall brings cooling. Therefore: Climate change does exist!! The climate changes every year, generally at the same time of the season – as it has for thousands of years IN […]

No posts since 11/25!  and the Firearms Inventory update skipped a day. Dang. I’ve been a bad blogger. I flew to San Diego without my laptop’s AC power supply and the battery was depleted while updating the Firearms inventory database.  FedEx arrived to my rescue this morning! I ordered a spare AC power supply from […]


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