From Jane’s: US special forces prepare for additional SCAR influx (new rifle) Initial fielding of FNH USA’s Special Operations Forces Combat Assault Rifle (SCAR) to the US Special Operations Command (SOCOM)…is anticipated in early 2010 to fully equip the majority of [SOCOM]. So far 1,200 Mk 16 and Mk 17 SCAR weapon systems have been […]

Article headline: Halloween etiquette: Trick-or-treat but be polite Oops, I was going to provide a quote until I noticed the source was AP. The question I was looking to answer is this: For an evening where dozens, if not hundreds of people gain license to ring at strangers’ doors seeking treats, is it Open Carry […]

Footloose in B.C.

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Foot washes up on B.C. beach Heather Amos Vancouver — Globe and Mail Update Published on Wednesday, Oct. 28, 2009 8:12PM EDT After a year’s hiatus, the mystery of B.C.’s floating feet is back. On Tuesday, two men out walking on a beach in Richmond found a severed human foot washed up on shore. This […]

Useless News (Kyodo)

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No major sports events scheduled in Japan for Monday, Oct. 26 with link

Gun Pr0n

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From Kevin at The Smallest Minority: Big Sandy Machine Gun Shoot, 2009 [pictures and videos] Go there!

The first Barrett .50’s (pictures)

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Pictures of the first *and second* Barrett .50’s ever made. Not here; there: Pics from 2nd or None rally this weekend

LGF: The Artic Ice is Getting Younger Young ice to appear?  Who woulda thunk it? After summer, comes fall.  Then in Winter, the young ice is formed.  That’s pretty much how it works.  It’s all in the tilt of the Earth’s axis – 23 degrees (angle, not temperature). Happens every year at exactly the same […]

Cowboy Stadium

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A tour. Click any picture for a more enlargenerated view.

To the Victor Goes the 33 Bucks This morning, the family and I awoke to some surprising and humbling news. From Iowahawk, we received word that I’d been awarded the Iowahawk Endowment for the Arts. To be honest, I do not feel that I deserve to be in the company of so many of the […]


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Tam has a find… I’ll add a “me too” to the want list.

The Official WRM Hauler.

Gun Pr0n: Minigun

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From our friends at Advanced Armament Corp. h/t Tam and Unc.

[Click <above> pic to play .wmv video] Nice car. Be sure to visit Danica’s site for more info:

Boo and hiss to Planco. Employee fired for viewing gun-related website. via NRA-ILA News and CBS News.

Slo-Mo ballistics

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Slo-Mo ballistics – at Robb’s place. Amazing video.

Now that’s a Wolf! Edson, AB is about 200 km west of Edmonton.  

The next to last Final* e-Postal match of 2009 is being hosted by Traction Control. District 9 Shoot 5 rounds at each of two targets at a distance of 7 yards or more. There are 5 “X-Rings” that score 10 points.  Other areas of the targets have scores as indicated. Total the score for two […]

Constellation “Ouch”

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… at Og’s place

End of the Chicago Handgun Ban

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Via NRA-ILA News I look forward to welcoming our fellow Citizens back into the Union! The Intro: The 2nd Amendment is about to arrive in Chicago which is good news for citizens who see a need to have a handgun in the home for protection against the city’s many criminals. It’s bad news for Mayor […]

via Tech Crunch: Yes! Silverlight was used to build an application that lets shooting and hunting enthusiasts “customize shooting conditions” while comparing Winchester-made bullets. Winchester’s Ballistics Calculator lets gun users choose their type of ammunition and then compare up to five different bullet types with charts and graphs. You can enter specific conditions like wind […]

Airborne Advanced Tactical Laser demo – C-130H Hercules: 1, Car: 0

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  h/t BoingBoing Not only did it hit the car, it hit within a 12″ square painted on the car!


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