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Yup. Yesterday we had another critter sighting.  This time it was neither moose nor wolf, deer nor ‘yote. Instead, now there be BEARS here.  (About 20 yards from the office door, in fact). Critter sightings to date in Mordor “with no birds in the sky or animals below” include coyote (4), deer (2), moose (5), […]

I can’t personally vouch for the site, but here’s a possible source:

Air Force One, followed by an F-16 Fighter Jet makes a low pass over lower Manhattan.  Terrifying NYC office workers who run to the streets. White House is unprepared with a response. Audacity? … or Dry Run? h/t Ace Instapundit update: Feds Knew NYC Flyover Would Cause Panic, Proceeded Anyway.

How the Associated Press defines “assault rifle” – at Instapundit, referencing this post by Jeff Soyer at “… when a newspaper writer uses the term “assault rifle,” they do so for the emotional or “fear factor” response they hope to raise in their readers.” Click the links to read the whole thing. Update: Insta-lanche […]

With activists and observers still opining on whether his remarks on secession and his advocacy of states’ rights enhanced or harmed his reputation, or whether he even has a national reputation, Perry will moderate a forum Monday on President Barack Obama’s first 100 days. Expect more talk about out-of-control Washington spending … (Full story here)

The Associated Press has further vital information, but asserts: “All rights reserved.  This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.” No link to AP. No quote from AP. Use hand sanitizer Wear Protective N95 masks Avoid people Take Tamiflu or Relenza at first sign of symptoms Unlike the Associated Press, Traction Control […]

April ePostal Match

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The April ePostal match is being hosted by jimmyb, The Conservative UAW Guy. Get over there, download some targets, and punch some holes in the deficit! Thanks

No means no. Thomas Jefferson Street blog via U.S. News & World Report.

The first 100 days of the Obama Administration will come to pass on April 29, 2009. Now that industries have been seized, the treasury looted, and opposition is being put under FBI surviellance, the real tell is this: A photo is published without the ‘halo’. hat tip to Pat Dollard who posts: “100 Days: What Obama […]

The announcement came out today that General Motors will close 13 assembly lines for nine weeks, instead of the normal two for model change re-tooling. This was in response to an oversupply of inventory; inventory accumulation due in no small part to would-be purchasers’ concerns over GM’s long term viability now that the Government is a shareholder. […]

The worst people in American politics? “Judge” Andrew Napolitano is at it again, legitimizing the worst people in American politics on his “Freedom Watch” Fox News online show. This time around, he’s pimping for Ron Paul, racialist paleocon Lew Rockwell, and Glenn Beck, and featuring Baptist pastor Steve Anderson. ORLY? The worst?

Craigslist: Assault and Murder

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Be careful out there. Behind every online site is an offline IRL person.

Obama signs $5.7 Billion bill for forced youth conscription. “Today, another young president has challenged another generation to give back to their nation,” (brain cancer-ridden Ted) Kennedy said, citing his brother’s advocacy for the Peace Corps. Bolstering voluntary public service programs has been a priority of Obama, who credits his work as a community organizer […]

Little Green Footballs proclaims Civil War Raging in Right-Wing Blogosphere. After accusing Gates of Vienna, Atlas Shrugs and others of being conscripted fascists, or some-other vile name, LGF proclaims Civil War when those bloggers post objections. Traction Control is going to stay out of that fray, but is considering a separate conservative objection to‘s AllahPundit […]

h/t DrewM at Ace of Spades – Chris Simcox to challenge McCain in AZ primary?  It’s.On. Simcox will officially kick off his campaign tomorrow in Phoenix. GO CHRIS!!

Stimulating Sheriffs?

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With $7 million in stimulus funds, the Harris County Sheriff would lease and staff a helicopter, buy a covert surveillance van, and add machine guns to boats. (Well, I have to admit – with $7 million? – so would I.) But the strings attached to the ‘stimulus money’ would require Texas to spend it on […]

To give you an idea of how large the Budget is; and by comparison, how insignificant Obama’s new $100 million ‘spending cut challenge’ is: Try to find the $100 million (Orange) slice of this (Blue) pie chart. Hint:  You Can’t. As others have illustrated, it’s like a household with $50,000 in income deciding to skip […]

Flaming Skull alert is up at Ace’s Reports are that the Ninth Circuit Court Incorporates the 2nd Amendment into 14th Amendment Rights … meaning, that States, Counties, Cities, Towns cannot abridge incorporated Rights. WIN! See pdf (linked)

By Kyle-Anne Shiver “In all my years of watching news coverage in America, I don’t believe I have ever witnessed more condescending, amateurish, purely politicized reporting than what just transpired among the liberal MSM covering America’s Tax Day Tea Parties.  The Tea Parties represented a very significant news event.” Read the whole thing here. Yep.

Demand for Ammo Depletes Stores’ Stock Possible Change In Gun Laws May Be Driving Ammo Sales (abcNews) Ammunition suppliers nationwide are reporting a stock shortage due in part to a sharp rise in gun sales after the election of President Obama, said to be fueling fears that his administration will usher in more restrictive gun […]

Goblins -15

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Learn About Guns posts: “Roanoke, VA Home Invader Shot in Self Defense” . . . A man called 911 and secured his family members in a locked bedroom, then loaded his double-barreled, 12-gauge shotgun. The home invading criminal used a wrought iron patio chair to break a glass sliding door, and then entered the home. […]

Atomic Wedgie

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From The Economist, Democracy in America blog Alienating everyone on guns commentor McJakome wrote: The NRA won’t support banning individuals owning atomic weapons, that would just be the opening wedge to eliminating the right to bear arms. [Bold text by me. – Ed.] An atomic wedgie? I think the phrase McJakome was reaching for was “automatic […]

Riehl World View writes, “You can’t help but defend yourself.” . . . 55 year-old Valton Morgan was drunk and repeatedly tried to gain access to an apartment with two young women and a child inside. He eventually managed to get in. He might have been better off if he had not “Despite her roommate […]

From Drudge: GOVERNOR SAYS TEXAS CAN LEAVE THE UNION IF IT WANTS In all fairness, we did tell you, “Don’t Mess With Texas“.

“Ma Deuce .50 caliber machinegun with 10,000 rounds, protecting our freedom one half-inch at a time” from Human Events.

Buy A Gun Day is April 15th! Hand Guns Long Guns In God We Trust, In Guns We Invest!

Xavier Thoughts  writes, “Let this be a lesson to thugs everywhere – you should always be careful what you ask for, especially when you are not in a so-called gun free zone, more aptly named a self defense free zone. . . . A robber who walked into the Columbia downtown Alcoholics Anonymous center, pulled out […]

Because …  – you only thought you were voicing your opinions as a free Citizen of the greatest Nation on Earth; – because you only thought honoring the Military for fighting and dying to preserve your rights and freedom was a sacred and solemn act, or you were actually in the Military; – because you only […]

Ex-Pat TEA PARTY in Ft McMurray, Alberta, Canada. US Citizens working in Canada’s Oil Sands? Join us on Wednesday, April 15th from 7:00PM – 9:00 PM at the pub in the Podollan hotel,”The Pod” to tell the U.S. Federal Government, “Enough is Enough!” Those in the area are urged to to invite any media contacts […]

Winter’s Over

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As the snowbank’s recede to reveal the waiting grasses and other flora in Canada’s Boreal Forest one of my fellow travelers thought that the newly warmed landscape would offer a chance to read the sign-posts we had noticed all winter, but were to far away to see in detail. He ventured out on the side […]

The solution? Guns. Story here. Update with details: From a source which claims no Associated Press connections, Navy snipers had multiple chances to shoot Somali pirates.

No offense to Governor Rick Perry, but having Sarah Palin elected as an ‘honorary’ President of  Texas would be cool with me. If the entry criteria were high enough to ensure other States’ or individual Counties could be admitted as ‘honorary’  Texas territory without diluting the quintessential Texas Spirit, we could do quite well against the welfare cities / voting […]

Cynthia Tucker voices an opinion at ajc: Shootings are insane, but so is response Traction Control has an opinion as well: Cynthia, Each of these incidents is regrettable, but even the sum of the damage done cannot justify making everyone defenseless in response. – USCitizen

Here is mine… ———— I was 12 and my brother and two cousins were 10 and 8 years old when grandfather was telling the story about shooting the bear that became the rug at his house. We listened in amazement to a story that seemed to grow in the telling.  As the eldest, I remember […]

As the story unfolds about How Could a Lifeboat conquer a Destroyer? (I refer to the American Captain held hostage at sea by Somalia Pirates). I have a simple suggestion. Carry guns. Guns are very effective deterrents against many forms of anti-social behavior. Piracy included. Seriously, if a ship can’t carry $1,000 worth of deterrence […]

Buy A Gun Day is April 15th! Hand Guns Long Guns In God We Trust, In Guns We Invest!

Say Uncle  writes “(this is) near your neck of the woods,” about a rolling gunbattle on Interstate 45 in  Houston. From the (Houston Chronical) article: “According to police, they were driving a white Pontiac Grand Prix when they fired gunshots at the driver of a truck. Then they exited the freeway at West Gulf Bank. The truck […]

JR has the news at A Keyboard and a .45. Details: There is now an Arlington Tax Day Tea Party. That is super cool. Arlington TEA Party Date and Location DATE: April 15, 2009 TIME: 4:30 to 7:30 pm LOCATION: River Legacy Park Main Pavilion 701 NW Green Oaks Bl at Cooper Arlington, TX 76006 […]

  The article: Many Recent Shooters Had Legal Gun Permits Licensed to kill? Nearly every gunman in recent mass shootings had weapons permits Read it all here. (If you care to) My Response:  Deborah, No.  Licensing aside, nothing would “entitle” a shooter to “fire his weapons” in the situations you mention. If you wish to write […]

Hat Tip Toolmonger – (Click pic to Ginourmusize.) Now that’s something I had never thought of doing!

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