USA Today Gun Vote Remember the November poll where USA Today asked if readers thought the Second Amendment meant what it said? Here’s our answer: Does the Second Amendment give individuals the right to bear arms? Yes: 96% No: 3% Undecided: 1% Total Votes: 1,550,922 hat tip t0 This Ain’t Hell — but you can […]

Starting the Class III Transfer clock again … The last two (Form 4) transfers were both about 89 days, with 21 days for a Form 3 transfer. Pretty good turnaround actually. We’ll see how the response time holds up under the new administration!

… (and ornaments and crayons) – captured in photos. From the Daily Mail. Click pictures to view larger versions.   Hat tip to

56 degrees 43 minutes 46.11 seconds North 111 degrees 23 minutes 12.39 seconds West (GoogleEarth it.) Dang. The snowfall is just beginning after a relatively sunny week here.

Gun Pr0n

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Oleg (once more) delivers the best Gun Pr0n. Here and Here, too. The Kel-tec SU-16CA carbine is a noteworthy piece. I especially like the spare mag bays in the stock. Nice feature.

The RULE: Be sure of your target, and what is behind it. The Consequences: NEW YORK —  A man accidentally shot a woman in the stomach with a 30-inch arrow when he fired it at a fence and it went through to the property next door, police said Thursday. Full Story at Fox.

So How About Some Music?

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Alien Ant Farm’s Smooth Criminal.

H&R 1871 or Harrington & Richardson produces a variety of practical firearms. These pictures are taken of the H&R Handi Rifle chambered in .45-70 Govt. The rifle is a single shot, breach loader.  The action is opened by depressing the button to the right of the hammer. Pull back the hammer to cock & it’s […]


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CAN YOU FIRE A GUN IN SPACE? Of course you can … if you can find the ammo these days!

I Prefer Texas …

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… to the -39 degree weather I left yesterday in Northern Alberta, Canada. So how best to celebrate? I’m planning to go to the range to shoot some e-Postal Match targets. The targets and the instructions for this month’s match are at Mr. Completely’s place. Print out a few copies and let me know if […]

More Moose

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Ha! Got pictures this time! Click pics to embigginate.

Shopping in Texas <- Click for video


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