Long-time Gunblogger Kim du Toit bids farewell to the blogpsphere today. Drop by and and pay him a visit .

Gun Pr0n: Coach Guns

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I’ve always appreciated the exposed hammer, side by side 12 Ga shotguns. Coach Guns as they are now called. These are Interstate Arms Corp, Model 99W Side-by-Side 12Ga with 20" barrels, blue metal and walnut stocks. These have 3" chambers, improved cylinder bores with a two round capacity, exposed hammers and a bead front sight. […]

Richard Fernandez at Belmont Club says it better than I can, so I quote: "Maybe the most important effect of the Second Amendment is that it it implants the germ of the idea that resistance is a viable option. It’s a germ which must be nurtured by a little training. The gun is an easy […]

The last Gunmen are killed at the Taj Mahal Hotel. Fires consume a landmark. The attackers have accomplished what? Nothing.

Gun Pr0n: NRA Camp Perry 1911

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Springfield Armory NRA Camp Perry Limited Edition 1911. Mil-spec, Stainless .45 ACP with 8 magazines. No 223 of 500 pictured. [Click pic for large view] 88 on hand as of now.  Click here to see current inventory .

Desktop Accessories from HK. [Click pic for larger size image]

We do have much to be thankful for. Let us all take some time today to reflect on the the riches bestowed on us and seek out ways to improve our lives, our fortunes, and to help those among us in our journey through life. Above all others, we thank to our men and women […]

Travel Update: Return from Mordor

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It’s great to be back in the USA! Returned from Mordor at 7:34 PM Check back later for more Gun Pr0n posts!

Who wants to meet up on the Saturday after Thanksgiving for some shootin’ at the Sooper Sekrit Shootin’ Spot?

Robocop says, "AMEN!!" I concur. See The True Meaning of The Second Amendment .

I was there, but I didn’t see it. Hot Air has the video of the Alberta Meteor here ! UPDATE:  Searchers find remains of fireball meteor

Gun Pr0n: Just In! Desert Eagles

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New Stock of Desert Eagles and more from Magnum Research . [Click pic to embiggen]

Right NOW in CHICAGO: To to justify passage of gun control ordinances designed to close all gun shops, then ban and confiscate the guns owned by citizens of Cook county Illinois, the County Board is conducting a telephone poll. Here is how to record your voice in opposition to this infringement on the rights of Chicagoland residents: […]

November 19 is National Ammo Day! Traction Control’s advice:  Buy it all! h/t My good friend, Kim du Toit at The Other Side of Kim

To follow-on the previous Camp Perry NRA Limited Edition M1A special, Traction Control has ordered the companion Springfield Mil-Spec 1911 Pistol + seven (7) 7 round magazines. The Springfield NRA Camp Perry Limited Edition 1911 features custom commemorative grips and ‘canvas bag’ / custom fitted case. Today, I show 88 of these NRA Camp Perry Limited Edition pistols on hand. […]

Article II

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Article II – via A Keyboard and a .45 JR has a keeper.

I present the Springfield Armory NRA Camp Perry Limited Edition M1A in pictoral form. Rifle view – All pictures ar clickable for LARGE format. Receiver Detail view Certificate (#215 of 500) view Stock Engraving Detail View Understatement of the day: the description said this rifle came with a “Canvas Bag”. What it did not say […]

If you read this article you would get the impression that it’s a bad thing: Mordor refers to the nearly barren, devastated, stinking land wherein, beyond the Black Gate, lies Sauron’s fortress of Barad-dûr and the fires of Mount Doom… Whoa, geeking out there… This is how Maude Barlow described what she saw in real life: […]

November 11

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This Day, and every day.  We remember and salute our veterans. Thank you all.

As of now, I have 48 40 31 10 one (1) Springfield Armory’s Limited Edition Camp Perry M1A‘s .  These are semi-automatic rifles, chambered in .308 Win with 22″ barells.  The Camp Perry models have Custom Engraved Walnut Stocks and include a Canvas Case, one 10Rd magazine and are fitted with Camp Perry Limited Edition Adjustable Sights. Price: $1,952.99 each (compare to retail […]

I’m not Karl Rove, nor do I play his character on TV, but it seems to me that fashioning a message to address LA and Chicago would be a winner for a Conservative Candidate – if we actually had a Conservative Candidate, that is. I’m game. Today I’m announcing the candidacy of Traction Control for […]

Gun Pr0n!  What did the Big Brown Truck of Joy deliver this week? Oh my, it’s a Heckler & Koch MP5 SD. [Click pic to embiggify].

Traction Control’s Commercial Site is logging record traffic volume.  Phone calls for orders and back-order requests are even more than web-site hits for the first time. .50 caliber firearms seem very popular, as do NFA (National Firearms Act) transfer requests. It’s almost as if some "game-changing" event ocurred yesterday that awakened a latent demand for guns amongst […]


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Tim Blair Iowahawk And Roger Franklin, Senior Writer from Australia’s Herald Sun converged with Gunbloggers Traction Control and Engineering Johnson in Chicago on Election Day Eve. Conversation started with, “How can the land that elected Ronald Regan for two terms be facing the choices it has tomorrow?” Then it got interesting.

With Iowahawk and Tim Blair! I’m joining Engineering Johnson in a few minutes to head on over.  Updates soon!

The creator of this video says, “We are being pushed and pushed and pushed and pushed….one day will be the last draw. I do not advocate any kind of violence. My videos are an expression of my art and to help spread the truth.” Gunny Goodness starts at 5:10. h/t Whisleblower

The results of the October 2008 ePostal shooting contest are In! “All Eye, No Lash” – a tribute to Kim du Toit. Pistol and Revolver Results Class Yards Raw Score Total Score Shooter Gun / Ammo Class I             10 86 86 Billll Ruger Mk I   10 84 84 […]

Traction Control reports this week from ground zero of Obama-land: Chicago. I’ll try to capture the scene in pictures, if possible.

Via email from the NRA Friday, October 31, 2008 This long campaign season is down to its final days.  Next Tuesday, the American people will make their choice.  It is more important than ever that every gun owner and everyone who values our liberties, takes action to protect the future of our Second Amendment rights. […]

The Hi-Point Comp 9 A Range Day Review. Our friends at MKS Supply were gracious enough to donate a pistol to the Gunblogger Rendezvous raffle in support of Project Valot IT and your host at Traction Control was lucky to win. Here is a picture: The C9 requires no holster – it carries well in […]

This is the final weekend to shoot the October e-Postal Match Targets. Midnight, Pacific Time on Sunday, November 2 is the deadline for sending scores & scans of your targets. Details, targets and rules are here . I’m off to the range!


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