Shocking News!  Government market regulation lead to higher consumer prices.

Front Sight, Press has the details on Remington lot number D27HB1232. If you have .22 LR in this this lot number don’t shoot it! Update: Syd writes: “I have removed the Remington Ammo Alert from my blog after further communication with the owner of the rifle. It appears now that the problem is the headspace on […]

Another municipality rejoins the Constitutional Republic of the United States. Evanston, IL has dropped it’s ban on handguns following the Heller vs Washington DC decision. To Evanston: Welcome back to the Freedom that IS the United States!

My, oh my – what has the BBTOJ brought this week?  Why, it’s an MP5.  Click for LARGE image. Updates:  Of course it is full – auto. Of course it is legal. email to ask me how

Conservative Scalawag posts a pistol review: Review of the Taurus M85 revolver . Taurus Model 85B2 Pictured Taurus 85 Revolver Small 5 Rd 38 Special 2" Fixed Sights Right Hand Qty Product Details Stock Number Your Price 28 Steel Blue Rubber +P 21oz TI850021 309.99 4 Steel Blue Rosewood +P 21oz TI850021GRC 339.99 3 Double Action […]

Faster! link to rules and targets is here !

Bill Quick posts a pistol review: Kahr versus Taurus . It’s sure hard to beat Taurus for their value and quality. Today’s stock includes: 62 PT145 Pros – Blue (Stock no. TI145031P) for $339.99 ea. and 53 PT145 Pros – Stainless (Stock no. TI145039P) for $349.99 ea. See the HandGuns link for current stock levels.


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