Louisville, KY Travel Update: Street Rod Nationals

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While I didn’t get the chance to visit the convention center – or to take snapshots while I was driving; I did encounter some totally bitchin’ rods on the highway to this today,

Ashley and Glen have emailed Mr. C that they plan once again to attend this year’s Gunblogger Rendezvous on Reno, NV. I’m looking forward to it!  Hopefully, their schedules will allow them to have some range time on Saturday. The Gunblogger Rendezvous website has details about attendees, events, lodging specials and other items of interest. It’s […]

Right now is one of those times where action can make a difference.

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Via Gun Law News: Representative Mark Souder has introduced H.Res. 1331 to move House Bill 1399 – To restore Second Amendment rights in the District of Columbia out of committee. Successful action would allow the full house to consider H.R.1399 without delay. The resolution requires the signatures of 218 representatives to move forward. Intoduced on July […]

From Fox News: WASHINGTON —  The plaintiff in the Supreme Court case that overturned Washington’s 32-year-old handgun ban has filed a new federal lawsuit against the city. In a complaint filed Monday in U.S. District Court, Dick Heller and two other plaintiffs allege that the city’s new gun regulations still violate rights guaranteed under the Constitution. […]

From the The Jersey Journal: “The new legal technology in golf has been sitting in a box in Mark Schaare’s office for months now, collecting dust. It’s not a top-secret club or a potion that turns him into Tiger Woods. It’s a seemingly harmless device that looks like binoculars chopped in half — a rangefinder. […]

Taking Guns to Work? OK in GA and FL, 6 other States

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Georgia and Florida expanded state gun laws. People can now bring guns to work, so long as they leave them in their parked cars, joining gun owners in six other states with similar laws. “And it’s about time that we started standing up for the innocent, law-abiding citizens instead of making excuses for the criminals […]

At a fellow Gunblogger’s place. an anonymous poster cried about “wanting to find gun knowledge and instead found ‘right wing drivel’.” Screw ’em! Post Even.More.Gun.Pr0n. Comments are free – and usually worth the price. Your perspective (of the Canadian persuasion) sends valuable insights for freedom to lands where our freedom do not exist. (Canada, Mexico, and the […]

I thought no, it couldn’t be but yes, it’s true: Continental Airlines Thinks You’re A Retard Clic pic for link to Continental Page. OMG.WTF. I’ll need to sell twice as many carbon offset neutralizer kits to counter this! H/T KISP

  Thirdpower picked up the quote from Steve Herr from a letter in the Chicago Tribune. Mike-istan picks up on it here, also. Steve’s solution is this: I have a simple message to everyone who is applauding the recent Supreme Court ruling regarding the 2nd Amendment: I am perfectly willing to not only let you […]

Texas Students Joining Students for Concealed Carry on Campus

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According to this Houston Chronicle report, Texas now has Students for Concealed Carry on Campus chapters at 24 institutions and 150 members, part of 31,000 members nationwide. Texas students in favor of allowing guns on campus are finding a sympathetic ear in House Law Enforcement Chairman Joe Driver, who recently held a hearing on the […]

The most interesting items ordered today were Pink Pistols! These are Cobra Enterprises CA 380ACP in Majestic Pink! (They are also available in Imperial Purple, Royal Blue and Ruby Red). See the Commercial Site’s Handgun Page for quantities and pricing. — With acknowledgement to:  PinkPistols.org – pursuing a worthy mission. —

Say Uncle A Keyboard and a .45 View from the Porch Arms and the Law Sharp As A Marble The View from North Central Idaho Call Me Ahab The Smallest Minority … and to the two more (unannounced) Gunbloggers and one voter-guest: Congrats to all! Training at Blackwater with Todd Jarrett: Priceless! Thanks to ParaUSA for the […]

July’s e-Postal Match is Up!

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See the classes, rules and get the target at Captain of a Crew of One – SailorCurt’s place. This looks like a fun one.  

As CBS News Reports: (It’s) “a great moment in American history.” But prospective gun buyers and sellers said they remain on hold, awaiting the response of D.C. officials who are scrambling to draft new handgun regulations that comply with the court ruling. Why wait? Contact Josh Sugarmann: Josh Sugarmann, head of Violence Policy Center, has […]

And may God bless those who stand for America!  

He’s Right

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it’s still teh awesome.

M4 Gun Pr0n

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Doubletapper has it.


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