High court aims low “The newly minted right to handguns in the home also comes with legal loopholes to exploit.” from the July 1, 2008 edition As any city mayor might note, murder by firearm is likely to continue apace despite last week’s Supreme Court ruling granting a right to keep a handgun in one’s […]

A peek inside the world of the so-called merchants of death — otherwise known as arms dealers and defense experts — shows it can be downright glamorous. FoxNews story here.

John Lott: Reaction to D.C. Gun Ban Decision  A good read into Obama’s position(s).

Just give them what they want?

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Elderly woman beaten during home robbery dies Nope.  To quote Tam,  “I ain’t going out like that.”

Joe Horn, a Pasadena Man Cleared for Killing Neighbor’s Burglars. God Bless Texas. Updates: Allah at Hot Air picks up on the story …  Dave in Texas (at Ace of Spades) has a new post here … Bill Quick posts “Hell, Yes, It Is” … 

Update:  Bumped from June 14 because today is the last chance to vote. Snowflakes in Hell provided a link! Thanks, Sebastian! Now, if only I could be a link from Glenn at Instapundit, that might do it. Vote for Traction Control here!!!! mkthxbye    

Headline at Little Green Footballs: McCain’s Top Priority: Resurrecting Failed Immigration Bill. The Republican senator from Arizona said overhauling the country’s broken immigration system, not just securing its borders, “will be my top priority.” … (Asked) “whether ‘comprehensive immigration reform’ – and not just enforcement – would be a top priority in his first 100 […]

Classic Humble Pie Tunage from the Smokin’ album: 30 Days in the Hole.

“Gimme the beat, boys and free my soul; I wanna get lost in your rock and roll.” – Classic Dobie Gray tunage. (click pic to listen – mp3 file) I don’t care who you are, that’s some good stuff right there. Give it a listen, then go and buy the album.

Go to Snowflakes in Hell’s site and hit the e-Postal match target link for the target and the rules. Weather reports call for a weak cold front to bring thunderstorms into Dallas-Fort Worth area on Sunday.  So, is anyone interested in going to the Sooper Sekrit Shootin’ Spot on Saturday? New shooters welcome – guns, […]

Historic Pro-Troop Telethon Raises Over $1 Million For Care Package Drive The Sacramento Union, by Staff Original Article Posted (at Lucianne) By:GOPJihad, 6/27/2008 10:49:29 AM Mountain View, CA —An unprecedented 8-hour telethon raised $1,068,041 to send the largest single shipment of care packages for U.S. troops in history. The drive was organized by the nation’s largest […]

Follow the announcements now at SCOTUSblog.com. Update:  Heller is affirmed. Update: Link to the opinion (,pdf) is here.  Local Link is here.  Quote: “The Second Amendment protects an individual right to possess a firearm unconnected with service in a militia, and to use that arm for traditionally lawful purposes, such as self-defense within the home. Pp. 2–53.   (a) The […]

Clark Security guards Assistant Chief Steve Hatchett, 62 lower the flags to half staff at Gibbs Die Casting Wednesday June 25, 2008 in Henderson, Ky.. in respect of the Atlantis Plastic Inc. employees that were killed an employee shot five people to death before killing himself. Gibbs’ is across the street from Atlantis Plastic in […]

Texas Fred and his lovely wife Becky stopped by today and were welcomed into Traction Control’s hearth and home. It was a pleasure to meet you both. Update: Thanks for the mention!

The first of the specially priced M1 Carbines were delivered on my arrival at DFW yesterday evening.  No travel today, so what to do? Mow the grass; swim in the pool; fire up the Harley; and buy a new gold Rolex?  Yep. Life’s good in Texas.

Home again – What a Week It Was!

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This week’s travel: Dallas to Detroit to Dallas to Brownsville to Matamoros to Brownsville to Dallas to Knoxville to Dallas. Just doing my part to maintain my carbon footprint.  I figure that when the subsidies are launched for carbon reduction, the dot Gov will probably send me a cool million $ to stay home.  Sweet for me, but likely disaserous […]

A side trip on the way to the airport – just checking to see what others were doing this Friday while I had to work – took me to South Padre Island. (Click pictures to see ridiculously large versions) The Walkway The Fisherman … And a special pic for SayUncle.  

Note: Quantities updated July 20, 2008 – Ed. Twenty-Two (23) Barrett Semi-Auto 50 caliber rifles are now available: Five (5) 82A1s with 29 inch barrels; twenty-two (18) Barrett 82A1 Kits (with VariX Scopes); and zero (0) 82CQ models (with 20.6″ barrels) are available for next day pickup or delivery to your local FFL. Plus: One (1) UEBR (Ultimate Evil […]

This week’s travel schedule: Texas to Detroit Michigan, to Texas, to Matamoros, Mexico, to Texas, to Maryville, Tennessee (on Saturday), and back again on Sunday. Little time to blog in between … P.S.   Do you know the literal meaning of “Matamoros” in Spanish?  I found it interesting.

From ATF Form 1 line 4. i.: Q: “State Why You Intend To Make Firearm (Use additional sheet if necessary)” A: “Zombies” Result:  Approved Click pic to embigginify. Found at Armed Canadian.

(Hot) Range e-Postal Match Report

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While the Texican Tattler and JR (A Keyboard and a .45) were strolling the exhibits at the Market Hall Gun show, your humble host at Traction Control was spending time and expending hot brass and fast-moving lead on a hot Texas range. Today’s venue was not the usual Sooper Sekrit spot but instead, it was […]

The buses roll in to the Industrial Park just before 7:00 AM, having gathered the workers from the surrounding areas.  With the mirage distorting the early morning sunlight it almost appears as if the buses are slave ships arriving from a distant shore. $2 per hour is all it pays – about $9,000 per year.   Yet they turn out.  To […]

M1Carbines! Limited time. RI1470-G  Inland $559.99 RI1471-G  Winchester $671.99 RI1472-G  National Postal Meter $649.99 RI1477-G  Saginaw $638.99 RI1477-GC  Saginaw $627.99 RI1480-G  Standard $671.99 RI1480-GC  Standard $615.99 RI1476-G  Quality $649.99 RI1476-GC  Quality $649.99 Order by Fax Form is here  

Lou Dobbs outlines the very worst of the Amnesty Bill in this video.  (Large file warning: 4 MB) Can you believe U.S. Citizens actually voted its sponsors into office? Enough, I say!  Throw them out of office and only elect those who would protect and not destroy our borders (posted from Mexico – 6/9/2008 – Ed.)  

The title of this post is a paraphrase of an article in the New York Times, “Where Illegal Guns Can Do No More Harm” In his provocatively titled article (full text here), Al Baker cites the Mayor’s (Bloomberg) agenda of “taking illegal handguns off the streets” and continues to detail the destruction process so that they […]


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