Not the earliest picture posted on the ‘net, but certainly one of the coolest. (Double Click pic to embiggify.) Via email from my bud at NASA.  Thanks!

Everything the busy traveller needs: Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, in  convenient Travel-Pack sizes!  

Memorial Day 2008

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“All Gave Some – Some Gave All” May God Bless those who fought to preserve our Freedoms.    

I finally made it home from Louisville today – walked in the door at 5:15 CDT. Wow! What a week that was! Thanks to all the bloggers (and Patriots) who made it to the convention – it has been an honor to have met you all! – USCitizen

Another Tip (of the hat) for Glenn

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Another possible topic for Popular Mechanics? KRISS Super V XSMG System .45 ACP Submachine Gun One review can be found here: This submachine gun features an internal recoil damper consisting of a spring-loaded counter weight the Inventor / Rep demonstrated for me at the NRA exhibit. Look for YouTube videos to see how the KRISS […]

Others said: via Gateway Pundit – US Sniper Commits Crime of the Century— The horror! Thank goodness we have a responsible media that reports on the atrocities committed in Iraq by our American men and women in uniform! Now the jihadists will be able to behead, torch, stone and rampage guilt free for several months. (Warning: […]

Heroes at the NRA Convention

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Oliver North Ronnie Barrett    

With 719,528 responses: 97% answered “Yes”; 2% answered “No”; and 1% “Undecided”. Vote here.

… on the GunBlogosphere . (Large file warning – 160Mb)

NRA Convention Exhibit Hall

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A ‘few’ pics:  

Arrived an hour ago – Checked into the hotel and reclaimed my items at the bell stand. Gunbloggers can call me at the Executive West Hotel (502) 367-2251 – Room 213, to coordinate comings and goings! I have wheels! Update: SayUncle, Sebastian (Snowflakes in Hell), Bitter (The Bitch Girls), Murdoc and many more – including […]

Leave it ALONE. (See the post at Say Anything)

Via Say Uncle: NOTICE: By mandate of the U. S. Secret Service, no firearms will be allowed in Hall A of the Kentucky Exposition Center, the location of the Celebration of American Values Leadership Forum, on Friday, May 16. Please be prepared to go through security screening to enter the venue. We look forward to […]

It seems peeps want pix!  Hard to do on quick notice with the travel, but here we go: First up, the Before picture: Next up, the Components:   Barrett BORS Ballistic Computer and Leupold Mark 4 – 8.5-25 x 50mm LR/T Long Range Tactical Mil-Dot Scope. The software is for changing ballistic charateristics for different ammunition. […]


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