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“John McCain’s consistently weak position on illegal immigration and support for a ‘comprehensive reform’ is going to backfire with his Republican base in November,” stated Michael Erickson, chairman of Republicans for the National Interest. “There are indications of growing support among conservative voters for the [Libertarian] Bob Barr candidacy and even though we may not […]

A sad day for those who enjoyed his merry song. This news alert comes from It Comes in Pints?  

My second day in Mexico and already I have a solution to the United States’ illegal immigration problem. Adopt Mexico’s policy! Those who will be working in the country are met at the border with a representative of their new employer who pay their entrance fee and provide employer address details. After 180 days, if […]

Plan your trip to the Flight 93 crash site for the weekend of August 2nd! details at the link  

Footloose in British Columbia

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From Boing Boing. All of them have been right feet inside size 12 sneakers. Read about this bizarrity at the Boing Boing link.

Not the earliest picture posted on the ‘net, but certainly one of the coolest. (Double Click pic to embiggify.) Via email from my bud at NASA.  Thanks!

Bobby Jindal for Vice President?  After seeing this speech I would support Bobby Jindal for President! (With a Hat Tip to Say Uncle)

NRA Tribute: Charlton Heston

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The Bitch Girls have the link to the video.   Go there already.

Energy Fears Looming, New Survivalists Prepare With energy and environment fears looming, a new generation of survivalists prepares for chaos Read it here Yeah, right. Thanks for the “balanced” article. That’s some mighty fine reporting there, Samantha.

Everything the busy traveller needs: Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, in  convenient Travel-Pack sizes!  

Today’s journey took me to the southernmost border of Texas, a drive through history from McAllen to Brownsville. (map) Starting Point: McAllen, Texas:  Militarized Much? The first International Bridge Crossing was near the Santa Ana National Wildlife Park. 12 miles South of Pharr. Some ‘interesting’ professional services are offered throughout the region. At the Border […]

Memorial Day 2008

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“All Gave Some – Some Gave All” May God Bless those who fought to preserve our Freedoms.    

I finally made it home from Louisville today – walked in the door at 5:15 CDT. Wow! What a week that was! Thanks to all the bloggers (and Patriots) who made it to the convention – it has been an honor to have met you all! – USCitizen

From Boing Boing “Since 2005, NASA has observed 100 explosions on the surface of the Moon. The big booms, usually equivalent to a few hundred pounds of TNT, are caused by meteoroids smashing into the Moon’s surface.” Hmm, impacts leave a mark? Who would have thought that to be true?

McCain’s VP Choices

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ANN ALTHOUSE asks: “Looks like McCain wants a governor for VP. Which one?” After attending Bobby Jindal’s speech at the NRA Convention, there was only one question: “Why isn’t he our Nominee?” His speech (really) was that good . I would support Mr. Jindal for national office but I would regret depriving the Citizens of […]

(via IMAO): “I’m not saying American troops should never shoot at Korans, I’m just saying that if they ARE going to shoot at a Koran, they should make sure there’s a terrorist standing behind it.” Sounds about right to me.  

Evidently the Mallard duck family were doing more than just swimming around in the pool this spring.  Today there were nine ducklings joining in the pool-side activities. A huge nest was built right outside the breakfast window. “When the mother duck quacks the alarm call, the ducklings track to her ‘like magnets’!” Wow! Pix probably this […]

He (Mancow)’s “going to take a sledghammer to it.” Robert Spencer weighs in, too. Tom Burnett says he is going to urge listeners who want to visit the memorial to plan for the weekend of August 2nd, when the Memorial Project is scheduled to have its next public meeting. More thanks to the relentless work […]

Yikes?? Traffic Spikes

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The first indication of Traffic Spikes came in this morning from SiteMeter from (Holy Crap!) the New York Times??? The next was Little Green Footballs later in the morning, and Little Green Footballs again in the afternoon. Evidently, the multi-layers of fact checking at the Times failed to differentiate the LGF quote from the headline […]

Another Tip (of the hat) for Glenn

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Another possible topic for Popular Mechanics? KRISS Super V XSMG System .45 ACP Submachine Gun One review can be found here: DefenseReview.com This submachine gun features an internal recoil damper consisting of a spring-loaded counter weight the Inventor / Rep demonstrated for me at the NRA exhibit. Look for YouTube videos to see how the KRISS […]

Others said: via Gateway Pundit – US Sniper Commits Crime of the Century— The horror! Thank goodness we have a responsible media that reports on the atrocities committed in Iraq by our American men and women in uniform! Now the jihadists will be able to behead, torch, stone and rampage guilt free for several months. (Warning: […]


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Resistance – by Mike Vanderboegh (hat tip to Chris Horton)

I had the distinct pleasure of meeting the following writers, pundits and bloggers at the NRA Second Amendment Blogbash – 2008. Hat tips to everyone! A Keyboard and a .45 Bloggo the dog boy Call me Ahab Captain of a Crew of One Chicago Handgun Rights XRLQ – damnum absque injuria Days of our Trailers […]

Video: Instapundit on Gun Politics -at the 2A Blogbash site

Heroes at the NRA Convention

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Oliver North Ronnie Barrett    

With 719,528 responses: 97% answered “Yes”; 2% answered “No”; and 1% “Undecided”. Vote here.

The most moving political speech I have ever heard was delivered tonight at the NRA convention. From Glenn Beck . Wow!

… on the GunBlogosphere . (Large file warning – 160Mb)

NRA Convention Exhibit Hall

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A ‘few’ pics:  

Arrived an hour ago – Checked into the hotel and reclaimed my items at the bell stand. Gunbloggers can call me at the Executive West Hotel (502) 367-2251 – Room 213, to coordinate comings and goings! I have wheels! Update: SayUncle, Sebastian (Snowflakes in Hell), Bitter (The Bitch Girls), Murdoc and many more – including […]

Leave it ALONE. (See the post at Say Anything)

Did I see it? I’m searching for vids to confirm … URLs to videos appreciated. Grand Rapids, MI – John Edwards Endorses Obama: I was watching the “live” coverage and at the very beginning at Obama’s entrance (before he made it to the podium), when I – maybe? – saw what looked like a laser […]

The Militia Act of 1792

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Via Say Uncle: NOTICE: By mandate of the U. S. Secret Service, no firearms will be allowed in Hall A of the Kentucky Exposition Center, the location of the Celebration of American Values Leadership Forum, on Friday, May 16. Please be prepared to go through security screening to enter the venue. We look forward to […]

Good Stuff from RevKharma: The Church of Kharma Futures Read it all here.  

Yep. Could McCain demonstrate worse judgement if he tried? I’m certain La Raza Approves, but what about, uh, Los Voters?!

Former Republican Prepresentative Bob Barr said “voters are hungry for an alternative to the status quo who would dramatically cut the federal government” (from AP-MSNBC) as he announced his Presidential Bid with the Libertarian Party. I’ll have to do some background reading to give a complete list of Pros & Cons, but one thing Bob Barr […]

“After listening carefully to the two policemen, the judge had a problem: He did not believe them.” This is the opening line of a (* gasp *) New York Times piece. Is the Grey Lady finally seeing reality? Has the New York Times seen that the unchecked Federal / State powers which overruns Citizens’ rights, also runs over […]

I dropped by the Executive West hotel in Louisville today and left some goodies at the bell Station. Today, the Archery Teams were arriving by the bus-load. What a zoo it was at the front desk!  It looks like this is gearing up to be a full-on, all-out convention! Freedom marches on.

If just 1,367 people sent me $30,000 each, then I would have 41 million dollars. Which would be nice.  

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