The Shooting Trail on YouTube

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The Shooting Trail is the production of my good friends Kim and Connie du Toit.  After they dissappeared from the Outdoor Network, I despaired greatly.  To find this collection on YouTube was cause for much rejoicing in gunnyland. Thanks Kim & Connie! Episode 1 (part 1 of 2) Episode 1 (part 2 of 2) Episode 2 […]

Heavy Metal: The B2

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Hat tip & Link to most Excellent Video at: Guidons, Guidons, Guidons Heavy Metal  

I’ll be in Boca Raton Monday and Tuesday evening … Cocktails anyone?

Range Day

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A lovely day at the Sooper Sekrit Shooting Spot.

Spring is Sprung! Let’s Go Shooting!

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The Sooper Sekrit (see link for pics) meeting spot is I-45 and Beltline Road (South of Dallas).  We’ll meet Saturday at 11:00 AM at the  (Shell? Texaco) station on the SouthEast corner and proceed from there. JR from A Keyboard and a .45 has RSVP’d. If anyone else in North Texas or surrounding States wants to join […]

“Co-Witness” was a term I wasn’t familiar with until Say Uncle brought out the 6.8 SPC upper at Gunblogger Rendezvous II. Since then, it’s been added to the list of things that I ‘need’. “Co-Witness” refers to a the use of both an electronic rifle sight and a backup mechanical sight to: A) confirm the […]

2008 e-Postal Match Schedule is up

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Check out Mr. Completely (link) if you would like to host a match at your blog. Dates and hosts signed up so far: Start End Host 3/3/2008 3/3/2008 Mr. Completely 4/7/2008 4/28/2008 The Conservative UAW Guy 5/5/2008 5/26/2008 Armes et tir passion 6/2/2008 6/30/2008 Snowflakes in Hell 7/7/2008 7/28/2008 OPEN 8/4/2008 8/25/2008 OPEN 9/1/2008 9/29/2008 […]

Here (pdf format) and Here (MS Word Format)

JUSTICE KENNEDY: “Well, you’re being faithful to Miller. I suggest that Miller may be deficient.“

Today’s the Day: Oral Arguments in Heller Case

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The case to overturn the unconstitutional gun ban in Washington, D.C. will hear oral arguments today. The case which carries far – reaching implication for other gun laws is being watched closely. Scotusblog plans live coverage. It will also be rebroadcast on CSPAN shortly after its conclusion,

Range Report: e-Postal Shoot

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The Smith & Wesson 22A with the red dot sight was the choice for today’s e-Postal Match entry. I scored the first target and turned my attention to plinking in the fast moving waters of the Trinity River. Target 1 score: 83 / 100 Target 2 score: 5/10 (See Mr Completely for e-Postal Targets and […]

Internet Gun Sales (from the VPC Blog) We just plain don’t like them. The whole concept of “firearms commerce” greatly disturbs us. We’ve noticed numerous loopholes that allow a person to purchase firearms without even being seen. To combat this, several methods of advertising and purchasing firearms should be banned: * Inventory listings on websites. […]

Gun Show this Weekend!

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At Big Town in Mesquite, Texas Info Here.

The e-Postal Match: Season Opener

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The 2008 e-Postal Match season opens with “Frequent Flyer” hosted by Mr. Completely. Target 1 (click image to download) Target 2 is here. See Mr. Completely’s post for rules, deadlines, etc. Since it snowed last week, and it’s Texas, that could only mean one thing – 90 degrees tomorrow! Traction Control plans to try the […]

This morning Traction Control was on hand for the first night-time shuttle launch since Columbia (the 30th in the Shuttle program’s history) with the launch of the Space Shuttle Endeavor. The NASA access provided a vantage point some 400 yards closer than the press facilities. (The diagram on the right shows the layout of our […]

Yesterday was tax filing day for me and Buy A Gun Day is approaching fast. [Thanks to]

Shuttle Launch!

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The first night launch since Columbia for the Space Shuttle is planned at 2:30 AM tonight (technically tomorrow morning), and Traction Control has managed to get a VIP Pass onto the base – right next to the press box, for the event! What a hoot! Weather permitting, I hope to have some pictures or video to […]

Should I?

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Having what is perhaps the ultimate EBR (evil black rifle) resting in the safe with a ‘for sale’ on it has been stressful. What I’m tempted to do is add every available option and keep it, lest this current batch of Barrett M82’s be the last. Should I? Here are the options listed at […]

The Hot Air Post: Video: Blogger moved to tears by awesomeness of new machine gun Traction Control‘s Comment: Blogger moved to tears by the law against new machine gun awesomeness. It’s a Glock in a box. Pretty cool, but: Not.A.Machine.Gun.For. Sovereigns. Civilians. Peasants. A machine gun for the ‘peasant-class’ would have had to be manufactured […]

Airport Blogging – Boca Raton

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What a difference a day makes – from 32 degrees and snow to 84 degrees on the Sunny beaches of Florida. Any readers from the Boca Raton / West Palm Beach area? About 3-1/2 miles from Highland Beach – It looks like there are 13 golf courses withing a 5 mile radius – and they […]

Click image to play video in new window or get the .wmv version (download here).


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