… and lacking virtues. As mentioned before (August 2007 and at other times) the Virtual Fence Designed to Fail has failed. Now $85.5 million dollars poorer for the effort (for taxpayers; or richer – if you are Boeing) it’s official. Tammy has a great write-up here. The border is no safer despite public insistence for […]

Why (Some) Corporations Win

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Hat tip to Scott Rope for the cool image. If not for the financial motive for doing things better, the world would quickly turn to doing things worse. Hat tips also to 3M! A company dedicated to innovation.

The Beretta Storm Series: CX4 and PX4

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In the course of answering a recent product inquiry, I learned of a couple of interesting items I though it would be nice to share: The Beretta CX Storm (Carbine) and the Beretta PX4 Storm (Pistol). Info websites are linked in the Gun Pr0n pictures: and At $769.99 for the carbine and $539.99 for the […]

Note to Self

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Self, “If typing the full URL to this site ever seems tedious, you could enter this instead: http://tinyurl.com/2nt4sh “

A suggestion: Knob Creek?

Fidel Castro Out!

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Cuba Libre !

Thirdpower at Days of Our Trailers has penned a preface and now has four installments in a Modern Militia Series. As one who has had the notion of doing something similar when I set up these pages, I give “kudos” to the thought and effort that went into producing this series. Read them all at […]

The Navy took one shot within a window of mere seconds to take out a crippled US Satellite. Like hitting a bullet with a bullet from 150 miles away. I’d call that some pretty good shootin’. As Kim might say, “All eye, no lash.” h/t Ace of Spades Update: samzidata.net has a good title for […]

More Info and Diagrams at NASA Scope it out! (Peak time: 10:26 EST, Done at 12:09 AM EST)

John E. Rosenthal is a lying liar who lies. Had enough gun violence? We can’t let the NRA block sensible gun-control laws. By John E. Rosenthal from the February 20, 2008 edition Boston – Let’s get this out of the way. I am a gun owner and a staunch supporter of the Second Amendment. Lie#1: […]

(from Scripting News) The simplest podcast API ever A new service from BlogTalkRadio… Call their special phone number: 646-200-0000. It records the call. When you’re done it creates an RSS 2.0 feed with an MP3 of the call. That’s all there is to it! The address of the feed is a function of the phone […]

Do YOU feel safe with the idea that only the police can have the means to protect you? Read, on then. The mother of a 17-year-old girl who was killed in an apparent murder-suicide allegedly committed by her ex-boyfriend said police told the teen to stop calling them for help or she would be arrested, […]

Can be found here: Global warming alarmists knew cooling was coming, were hoping to secure restrictions on economic activity first Some excerpts: “Between 1940 and 2000, solar activity was at the highest levels seen in the geologic record. Given the known effect of solar wind on global temperature, that means that late 20th century warming […]

This Just In! New Stock highlight: Barrett Firearms M82A1/ M107 Helmet, Scope, Scope Rings, Ammo and Monopod available separately. Click here for LARGE image. Barrett’s M82A1 / M107: Semi-automatic 50BMG with a 29″ Fluted Barrel, Adjustable Sights, Black with Black Pelican Carry Case and Military-issue Cleaning Kit. Includes 1 10 Round Magazine. The perfect gift […]

Update: The Latest – kudos to Robb Allen: Previously: My Photoshop-fu is weak, to begin with – and I don’t even use Photoshop. But this is the general idea. Any graphics peeps want to lend a hand to help enhance this logo? Updates: Robb Allen provides this enhancement: Much Better! Looks like the logo has […]

It’s a little hard to read between the line at this post but I think Joe’s trying to say he wants a Masada.

Thirdpower at Days of Our Trailers has penned a preface and three installments in a Modern Militia Series. As one who has had the notion of doing something similar in these pages, I give “kudos” to the thought that went into producing these. Read them all at the source: Modern Militia: Preface The Modern Militia: […]

From CNN via Hotline on Call: As polls closed in MD, the nets called it for Barack Obama and John McCain. MD’s black, affluent and well-educated population likely delivered for Obama. Both candidates scored huge margins. MD offers 99 delegates … Early MD exit polls posted by CNN show Obama leading Clinton 62-35% among Dems. […]

The Crossfire MK-1 This Crossfire MK-1 is a combination Rifle / Shotgun designed by Crossfire, LLC and engineered by Saco Defense. From (the no longer live) link at crossfirellc.com we have this description: “With the simple movement of your finger you have a choice of shotgun or rifle…# 6’s or .223 Rem…any type of shotgun […]

The Benelli M4 This is the Benelli M4 semiautomatic 12 Ga shotgun, also known as the M11707 Joint Service Shotgun. The renowned Italian action of this shotgun reportedly will enable a full ‘standard’ load of five rounds to be fired before the first empty shell hits the ground. (I have not tried this myself, but […]

The Thompson M1A1 This is the Auto-Ordnance M1SB which maintains the look of the original Thompson submachine gun, but operates as a semi-automatic rifle. Because of it’s barrel length, this model is an NFA item. The Full Automatic models are not currently in production at Auto-Ordnance. (From Wikipedia:) The Thompson Submachine Gun was designed by General […]

Two battle rifles: The M1 Garand and the Gewehr 98 share a case following their scrubbing. The M1 Garand, which General George S. Patton called, “the the greatest implement of battle ever devised,” loads eight rounds in an en bloc clip. As the last round is fired, there is a distinctive “ping” sound when the […]

Obama called winner!

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Nebraska, Washington, Virgin Islands and Louisiana are a pick-up of 161(?) delegates. Hillary cries. Huckabee triumphs with the ABM voter tally! Miracles do happen.


Part II – The United States House of Representatives: A brief was filed for DC v. Heller with the Supreme Court for Amici Curiae by 250 Members of the House of Representatives. This brief lists specific ways the Legislature has supported the Individual Right to Keep and Bear Arms throughout its history. Looking at the […]

Part I – The United States Senate: A brief was filed for DC v. Heller with the Supreme Court for Amici Curiae by 55 Senators, and the President of the Senate, Dick Cheney. This brief lists specific ways the Legislature has supported the Individual Right to Keep and Bear Arms throughout its history. Looking at […]

Congrats! from all your fellow Moron-Bloggers. Tonight, we hoist both a black flag and a Valu-Rite in honor of your award. Quite a speech, too I understand. Well played, Sir. Well played. Thanks for The Ace-of-Spade HQ   (With a photo which may or may not actually be Ace.)

This page is a permanent link to briefs and other filings for the DC-Heller case now before the United States Supreme Court. This information is posted as an information resource only, without commentary, opinion or analysis. Comments are encouraged only to advise of other relevant documents I have not posted. This page will be updated […]

Here (Washington State Campus Carry Alert ) may be the newest of many tactics that our masters popularly-elected representatives will employ to imprison the Citizenry: … via Cognito Ergo Geek. At this rate, the laws will soon catch up with, and overwhelm the law-abiding. “The fight for freedom is unending; for wherever freedom is challenged, […]

At Dumblooks Still Free, the post is America’s Other Army. The facts, laws and precedents of America’s Militias: the National Guard and you and I. Highly Recommended. And another addition to the Traction Control blogroll.

Write in: Fred Dalton Thompson Thank you.

A bill passed this week by a House committee would guarantee people the right to carry or possess firearms on the campuses of South Dakota’s public universities. HB1261 would also prevent schools from expelling students or firing employees for having a gun on campus. Glenn says, “I hope that more states — including mine — […]

Probably old, but new to me: The RPC M1B

The CNN Article is here. This Nation was founded on distrust and opposition to a standing army in our midst and declared that the Citizen’s hold responsibility for the national defense. Here’s a big part of the reason why: The article (linked above) cites a $48 billion shortfall in funds so that “in more than […]

Columbia Remembered

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February 1, 2003. Columbia


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