On January 12 I posted an update at this post that read: “I paid off the [house note] balance the day after posting this. Ha! – Ed.“ Well, evidently it wasn’t to be. You see, the unnamed mortgage company returned my check with a note that a “pay off” had to be made with a […]

Having alienated all thinking voters, … who preferred Duncan Hunter, … who preferred Tom Tancredo, … who preferred Fred Thompson, … who preferred Mitt Romney … who preferred Mike Huckabee, … who preferred Ron Paul, the MSM has chosen John McCain. And now, CNN is hosting the Republican debates. If you are conservative, your choice […]

While I was waiting at an (undisclosed) airport baggage carousel an actual hottie came over and struck up a conversation with me. “Are you military?”, she asked. “No”, said I. (… other conversational stuff omitted.) As we left the airport, she said, “I was the Air Marshal on tonight’s flight”. Dang. To me, that’s just […]

A confidante (not a confidant) pointed out a pet peeve (not peave) that – yes, yes, I know this is shocking news, but sometimes words are misused. I don’t mean to wreak (not wreck) havoc with this observation but this calls for the truth to be laid bare (not bear). Lest misuse of words give […]

After a decade or more of our magnanimous Government demanding that lenders lend to those they wouldn’t otherwise lend, the credit unworthy has been proven unworthy of credit. The markets crash and billions and perhaps trillions of wealth evaporates. Oopsy!  It’s a good day for the socialists – now everyone can afford a house, since houses […]

I was reading DailyPundit when this ContentLink™ pop-up appeared. Oh, if it only were that easy …

Video from SPLODEtv.com. Gun PrOn alert! Gun Pr0n alert! . Range 100 feet. Full Taser effect. TASER. Protect Life. … and you can back it up with 3 rounds of 000 Buckshot and a slug if that doesn’t do the job. Seems like a winner.

As it turns out, not so much. Read his article here.

Spring-Heeled Jack

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Possibly a great name for a Rock Group; steeped in Victorian English folklore. (seen at slightlywarped.com) Londoners first heard of the terrifying Spring-Heeled Jack in the late fall of 1837. This bogey-man who was rumored to be be able to leap huge hedgerows and breathe flames from his mouth was regarded by many to be […]

Seen at Charming, Just Charming Just For Glee This happened on a flight getting ready to depart for Detroit. Jack was sitting on the plane when a guy took the seat beside him. The guy was an emotional wreck, pale, hands shaking, moaning in fear. ‘What’s the matter?’ Jack asked. ‘I’ve been transferred to Detroit. […]

As it should be

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h/t catfish at Texican Tattler … as he says, Watch it all

The Florida Debates – Reactions

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I have my own views on tonight’s debates, but I thought I would see what others are saying. You can too, by following this path: Biting Summary and, of course lot’s of great comments at Aces’s. Gateway Pundit has running commentary and notes that: Michelle Malkin is liveblogging. So is TigerHawk. Stephen Green is also […]

Metafilter summary: What if no candidate gets a majority (2025 delegates for the Democrats, 1191 for the much smaller Republican convention)? This is where “brokered convention” comes in. Actually, it is more like “All hell breaks loose.“ You can find more details at electoral-vote.com and at myDD: The Near-Impossibility Of A Brokered Convention. … Interesting […]

Here’s the Old Faithful Webcam from Yellowstone National Park.

Check the link the picture below or at the top of the left sidebar for sign-up information. It’s happening in May and that’s coming up fast. Get in and get added to the list of attendees. Glen Beck‘s joining us, too! click for details. I may have an extra room reservation if the hotels sell […]

As cities are forced to find a legal way to deal with illegals, Farmers Branch, Texas may have found the solution. Farmers Branch passes new ban on renting to illegals From PATRICK McGEE (Fort Worth Star-Telegram) Farmers Branch dug in deeper in its fight against illegal immigration Tuesday night with a unanimous City Council vote […]

This piece comes pretty close to what I am thinking about Fred Thompson’s decision to drop out of the race. The Republican Split: Why Some Conservatives Will Be Sitting This Election Out Key graf: There seems to be a sense of “winnerism” coursing through the GOP right now. There’s a lot of people saying things […]

Thompson Out

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Associated Press reports Fred Thompson quits presidential race. A sad day for Conservatism, indeed.

First: answer the question: Why … What is the Value Proposition? There is a lively discussion underway at The American Conservative Party, hosted by Daily Pundit’s Bill Quick. Please join in. My thoughts were these (go read the preceding comments for context): I’m a bit late to the comments, but I’ve seen some good ideas […]

From  SayAnything In Pinal County Arizona Outside Dancing Is Banned In the good old days, the residents of the County would cower in hope for the day the Citizen Militia would storm the town and run the evil dance-(tali)banners out on a rail. Like in Gunsmoke, only for real. When exactly was Citizenship ruled to […]

Giants win it – 23 – 20! In Overtime. After New York missed a game winning field goal with 4 seconds on the clock in regulation! Wow !!

The Sunday Smith is up at Tam’s

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And she’s a beaut: The Model PC-13 1995

It seems that memory hole was not quite covered over. David Hardy (Of Arms and the Law) posts this: McCain, and an Oregon initiative on gun shows That article that puts John McCain on the negative side of every hot button I have: First Amendment, Second Amendment, Border Security, Amnesty, Taxes and Federalism. Check out […]

Good game – the Chargers were held to 4 field goals, while New England scored touchdowns! Final score: 21 – 12 Congrats to Pats!

Essential Liberties

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Kat posts Sunday Sermon: Essential Liberties Highly recommended reading.

Speak Up! Now is the time to sort things out. By Mark R. Levin As I understand Victor Davis Hanson’s position, those of us who believe John McCain will cause severe damage to the conservative movement and the Republican party should hush up, or at least calm down, for this electoral juggernaut, who has managed […]

HARARE, ZIMBABWE — Zimbabweans will be soon lining their pockets with $10 million bills. The central bank announced Thursday it would increase the denomination of the nation’s highest bank note more than tenfold to keep pace with the world’s highest inflation rate, officially estimated at 25,000 percent annually. Independent financial institutions say real inflation is […]

Good Luck, GOP

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Check out Bill’s latest post at the Daily Pundit. Support for the GOP?  No. You guys are on your own. In fact, I don’t recognize you anymore.

With 84% of Precincts reporting, CNN called John McCain the winner in South Carolina. John McCain garnered 33%, followed by Mike Huckabee (30%) and Fred Thompson (16%). This may be the last update from Traction Control on the political scene. The campaign bunting, the sidebar links, and various posts may all be coming down soon. […]

South Carolina Caucuses With 13% of votes counted for the Republicans, it’s McCain ……16,903 (34%), ..0 delegates, Huckabee ..14,878 (30%), ..0 delegates, Thompson .7,408..(15%), ..0 delegates, Romney ……7,136 (15%), 0 delegates, Paul ………….1,997 (4%), ..0 delegates, Giuliani …….1,768 ..(4%), ..0 delegates, and Hunter ……….122 ..(0%), ..0 delegates.

A fine man and able candidate; Duncan Hunter has withdrawn from the 2008 Presidential Race. His announcement (h/t Michelle Malkin is here). And here: We started this campaign a year ago right here, in San Diego Harbor, against the backdrop of American Naval power. We launched a campaign emphasizing a strong national defense, enforceable borders […]

NEVADA Caucuses With 95% of votes counted for the Republicans, it’s Romney …21,447 (52%), 16 delegates, Paul ……….5,324 (13%), ..3 delegates, McCain ……5,216 (13%), ..3 delegates, Thompson ..3,245 ..(8%), ..2 delegates, Huckabee ..3,188 ..(8%), ..2 delegates, Giuliani ……1,768 ..(4%), ..0 delegates, and Hunter ……….809 ..(2%), ..0 delegates. With 90% of votes counted for the Democrats, […]

Always Conservative South Carolina, Fred Thompson needs your support tomorrow. I hope we can count on you.

More than 17,000 people receiving treatment in the UK have died unnecessarily because of the inadequacies of the NHS, it is claimed today.

The figure, in a paper published by the Taxpayers’ Alliance, is calculated using data given to the World Health Organisation. It compares the number of people who died prematurely, even though their illness was treatable, in five European countries.

Farmers Branch is considering a new way to stop rentals of housing to illegal immigrants, one that places the enforcement burden on the city and federal governments rather than landlords.

The proposed ordinance is intended to address legal concerns raised by opponents of Ordinance 2903, which the city’s voters approved overwhelmingly in May but which has been held up by challenges in federal court.

A couple of years ago I read a moving article in the British Medical Bulletin about the psychological pain caused by inequality. An unemployed working-class man described the internal humiliation he experienced whenever he encountered the well-dressed, casually confident middle classes. He talked of the embarrassment and shame he felt at sitting next to one such woman in a waiting room…

Thanks to Uncle and Snowflakes

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A double-lanche of visits from Say Uncle and Snowflakes in Hell. Thanks!

Classic. An Iowahawk Special Investigative Report

Can We Start A Conservative Party Somehow? Quotable: “Didn’t you GOP machine morons learn anything from 2006?”

Update: The $1 million mark was reached Monday, at 8:15 PM Central Time! Just $10,208 away from raising $1 million for Fred! Follow the link to contribute. Note – With Fred Thompson’s announcement that he will not appear in the Florida debates, I have disabled this link. If he stays in the race it will […]

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