Happy New Year from Traction Control. Hoping that 2008 is the greatest ever for you and yours. USCitizen

Dallas police, officials discourage random gunfire From the Dallas Morning News who also quotes Deputy Mayor Pro Tem Dwaine Caraway, (who): “… meanwhile, called for stricter laws to pull guns off the streets. He said he expects to lobby officials in the state legislature during the next term to tighten handgun laws. Useless, pol.

Video at Fred08.com. A powerful message. When you consider the alternatives for role of the Commander in Chief, there really only one choice Please give it a look.

It’s time for a Sooper Sekrit Shootin’ Spot meet-up. It’s on for January 1st, 2008. We’ll meet at the southeast corner of the “Sooper Sekrit Intersection” at 11:30 AM Tuesday morning. We plan on test firing some new NFA (full auto) goodies; sighting in the Elk Foundation raffle prize rifle; and doing a field test […]

Or so says the Dallas Morning News in this piece. This fawning piece of journalistic spittle is written about the ‘under-appreciated’ criminals in our midst. (Hey, but they mean well.) Both the Headline and the Article are an embarrassment to Texas and the Nation. In response, I offer this: To every kid at Joe Pool […]

My answer to a long blog post Simple: It is a human right; unalienable and endowed by our Creator; greater than the power of man or government to deny. It is also a necessary reminder for those who would deny such a right: Don’t Tread On Me. Here’s the post I responded to (unlinked – […]

A note from Traction Control‘s Commercial Site (link) where ten’s of thousands of new firearms (currently 35,809 items) are offered daily … Some of the most frequent visitors (7%) are from none other than state.il.us: Welcome, Illinois! With hopes that you may cast aside the chains of bondage and someday join the ranks of free […]

From The Guardian “Boys should be encouraged to play with toy guns at nursery school because it can help improve their academic performance, according to government advice issued yesterday.” Gasp! Does this mean that Human nature cannot be molded by the desires of controlling individuals seeking to impose their Utopian agenda? But wait! There’s more: […]

Tammy Bruce has the quotes from Hillary that define her. NSFW, NSFC, NSFA (Not Safe for … Work, Children or America).

We did it! Here is the Fred Thompson Ad that will run in Iowa. Thanks to everyone who contributed, and H/T to DailyPundit.

Blogburst for Fred! – Day 2

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/> Friday, December 28 is Day 2 of the Blogburst for Fred! and we are almost 2/3 of the way there: $157,176 of the $248,846 target with about eight hours to go. UPDATE I: $74,291 to go (at 11:46 AM Central Time – Ed.) $174,555 raised so far. UPDATE II: $55,445 to go (at 1:27 […]

Rick Moran at Rightwing Nuthouse writes: Dear Friends, I am writing to ask for your help. All of us know the long odds faced by Fred Thompson in his efforts to win the GOP nomination for president. I’m sure you are all aware that Fred has undertaken pretty much of a do or die bus […]

My 70 year old mother was talking about freedom – more specifically our loss of freedoms, this Christmas evening. We recalled times when our dog escaped the backyard fence and local officers helped in its recovery. Today, the officers would seem to be more likely to shoot the dog and issue a citation for (us) […]

Merry Christmas!

For your Christmas Holiday listening pleasure, try the timeless Bing Crosby. White Christmas Silent Night It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas Adestes Fideles God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen Faith of Our Fathers I’ll Be Home for Christmas Christmas in Killarney The First Noel You’re All I Want For Christmas Fir Tree Dark Deck […]

Romo ‘back in the game;’ T.O. out with “high ankle sprain. Final score 20-13 Cowboys. Update: More details here (AP Coverage). Even more here (Chron.com)

YouTube Video link Compared to the other campaigns, Fred! actually ‘gets it.’ Thanks to those rough men who serve and stand ready to do violence on our behalf, so that good people may sleep peaceably in their beds at night. – [paraphrase: Orwell – Ed.]

From Emperor Misha I at the Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiller In a post responding to a Rod Dreher article: Take your “you don’t like Huckabee because he’s a Christian” and shove it, pal. We’re a Christian, about as Christian as they come, and we bloody well hate his guts. It’s not because he’s a Christian, no matter […]

H.R. 4900 Fact Sheet here On the face of it, this looks like a remedy for many areas of actual, and perceived abuses. The proposed Act establishes clear guidelines in many areas of BATFE operations; and moves several gray areas into black and white. Absent clear guidelines, the BATFE spends much of its time issuing […]

An update from www.nraila.org Senate Passes NICS Improvement Act After months of careful negotiation, pro-gun legislation was passed through Congress today. The National Rifle Association (NRA) worked closely with Senator Tom Coburn (R-Okla.) to address his concerns regarding H.R. 2640, the National Instant Check System (NICS) Improvement Act. These changes make a good bill even […]

Here was the line-up: GRAND PRIZE Custom Christensen Arms Hunter Rifle in .300 UM with Elk Foundation logo on the floor plate Or Win One of These: * 2007 Elk Foundation banquet rifle—Ruger #1 in .338 Mag * 2005 Elk Foundation banquet rifle—Browning A Bolt with satin nickel finish in .338 Mag * Smith & […]

Travel Blogging: A Pleasant Surprise

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I tuned into WBAP News/Talk 820 amid the cross-static of the Spanish music stations and caught the Mark Levin show on the way back from work. Ordinarily, not a such big deal, but I’m in Birmingham, Alabama today!

Will we also be required to leave out keys in our cars and keep the windows rolled down? Should we leave all our cash on the front porch with the light on, too? It’s time to give some thought to the End Game our Federal Government is pursuing. Let’s see, Jail our Border Patrol Agents? […]

Strengthening it. From the Washington Times: “The fact that this was buried in a bloated, 3,500-page omnibus speaks volumes about the Democrats’ unserious approach on border security and illegal immigration,” said House Minority Leader John A. Boehner, Ohio Republican. “Gutting the Secure Fence Act will make our borders less secure, but it’s consistent with the […]

Here we go again.

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Bill Quick writes this at Daily Pundit: Hey, yahoos! Congress is weakening the border fence. – By Mickey Kaus – Slate Magazine The 2006 Secure Fence Act specifically called for “two layers of reinforced fencing” and listed five specific sections of border where it should be installed. The new spending bill removes the two-tier requirement […]

Seen earlier today at Ace of Spades HQ – WorldNet Daily writes: Republican presidential hopeful Duncan Hunter is blasting a Democrat-sponsored bill that would eliminate the requirement passed by Congress to build a double-layered fence covering 854 miles of the U.S.-Mexico border.“By eliminating the double fence requirement, the Democratic Congress is going to make it […]


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Scrappleface has this.

The World Bank has released economic ranking data which compares economies of nations as a percent of world output. With a h/t to PowerLine: China’s Economy: Not So Big After All, here is a graph of the World Bank rankings: Using the more conventional measure of GDP (Data source: 1999 CIA World FactBook, compiled by […]

Article: WASHINGTON (CNN) — Nearly two-thirds of Americans say they believe the Constitution guarantees each person the right to own a gun, according to a poll released Sunday. In all, 65 percent said they thought the Constitution ensures that right, and 31 percent said it did not. The question had a sampling error of plus-or-minus […]

With zero completed passes in the 1st quarter, and only 3:09 minutes of possession for the offense, Tony Romo and the Dallas Cowboys were off to a bad start in Sunday’s game with the Philadelphia Eagles. A decision not to go for a touchdown at the close of the half may have proved fateful. Dallas […]

Black SUVs

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Ace posts the Black SUV Video (from our friends at Dillon Aero ). Looks like picking the brass out of the windshield wipers would be a pain, though. Specifications: Standard M134D The Dillon M134D Gatling Gun is the finest small caliber, defense suppression weapon available. It is a six barreled, electrically driven machine gun chambered […]

The Traction Control Pegboard© BlogStation™ ‘s latest upgrade incorporates dual 20″ Dell 2007FP monitors for twice the 1600 x 1200 reading goodness. (click to embiggen) Sweet.

samcvt wrote – among other things, that: “My personal belief is that the Second Amendment has been used to hammer away at any effort to bring the amendment into some degree of conformity with the 20th and 21st Century …” The very first commenter, T-Time replied: “Lance does it better. Sorry chap.” See Constitution – […]

… with this message – typos and all: “This domain has been consistently flagged as an intermediary to the direct source of news and/or video content. Please linke directly to the story source. No more Diggs from me.

Witness guns down Gunman

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By DEANNA BOYD – Star-Telegram.com (source) FORT WORTH — A witness to a slaying escaped severe injury or death early Thursday when a relative of the murder suspect tried to shoot him in the head but the gun would not fire, police said.Lt. Dean Sullivan, police spokesman, said the witness, who had noticed that the […]

Buys Adult Friend Finder (link NSFW) abc story here

Fred!’s Apology

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From Karen Hanretty, Deputy Communications Director: In light of Mike Huckabee’s heartfelt apology to Mitt Romney for making reference to Romney’s religion in the New York Times Magazine, we at the Thompson Campaign would like to offer Huckabee our own heartfelt apologies for some references we’ve made about his record as Governor of Arkansas. We […]

* Sigh *

Illegal Smile

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One of many John Prine classics. Update: Song removed from server 12/26/2007.

News today included 29 Presidential pardons. Conspicuously absent from today’s list were Border Patrol agents Ramos and Compean. Mr. President: Please reconsider this oversight and free our imprisoned Border Patrol agents: Ramos and Compean. Signed, USCitizen

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