DACA Gunshow this weekend

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The Dallas Arms Collectors Assoc., Inc. hosts its gun show this weekend at Market Hall. Saturday 9:00 – 6:00, Sunday 9:00 – 5:00. Admission is $7.00 adults; children 12 and under FREE. Directions: The Gun and Knife Shows are held at: Market Hall on I-35E at Market Center Blvd. Directions From Fort Worth: Take I30 […]

Members of Student Group Push for the Right to Carry Concealed Weapons on College Campuses A group at the school are among 8,000 students nationwide who have joined the non-partisan Students for Concealed Carry on Campus, arguing that students and faculty should be allowed to do so on college campuses. “It’s the basic right of […]

Shoot, score, scan and WIN! Traction Control‘s ePostal target match closes December 2, 2007. Get your pistol scores recorded. Details and down-loadable targets are here.

… with a shotgun! Seen at Gizmodo. Click link so see Discovery channel video clip. Quote: The Auto Assault-12 (AA-12) is an automatic 12-gauge shotgun that can fire 300 rounds per minute and is recoilless. Basically, it’s incredibly powerful and you really, really, don’t want to be at the wrong end of it. It’s also […]

National Ammo Day. Buy 100 rounds (or more!) The deed is done. 500 rounds of Winchester “Personal Protection” in 115 Gr. hollow point; 50 rounds of Remington .380 Auto; and just the coolest pump action shotgun lighter ever! Happy National Ammo Day! And happy birthday Kim.

Ho Ho Ho – Christmas Gun List

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Bitter at the Bitch Girls asks, “If the Santa in your family could fill your stocking with some gear or one gun, what would it be?” With the limited bank account parameters in mind, Traction Control recommends: The M1 Garand I bought mine on the recommendation of the late Jeff Cooper. After all, “There ain’t […]

National Ammo Day II

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It’s tomorrow! National Ammo Day. Buy 100 rounds (or more!)

NOVEMBER 19TH IS NATIONAL AMMO DAY: Pick up a box or two. Hey, get some Chinese-made ammo and at least it’ll be something that’s supposed to contain lead! posted at 09:26 PM by Glenn Reynolds   You know, I just might do that.   Thanks, Glen!

From Say Uncle: Not today: The Supreme Court on Tuesday announced no action on a new case testing the meaning of the Second Amendment. The next date for possible action on it is likely to be November 26, following a pre-Thanksgiving Conference set for November 20. The case sent to the Supreme Court involves a […]

Call of Duty 4 – Modern Warfare is Activision’s photo-realistic war-time shooter. I bought the PC (XP/Vista) version. In short, prepare to dissolve 8 to 12 hours of your life in this fully engrossing environment. The game play remains similar to the previous versions where the action is guided along a ‘track'; the player still […]

Overhead – since Saturday, I have seen and definitely heard the sound of Freedom. On Saturday, a B-24; today, four F-22 Raptors. Awesome.

I track my gas mileage to see how various driving conditions affect my gas mileage. On 9/15/2007 I had with the recommended 32 psi in my tires and recorded a typical range (313.4 miles) and mileage of 22.4 mpg. To see what effect more air pressure would have on my gas mileage, I increased the […]

Confused man with one shoe found covered in dressing at D/FW By MELISSA VARGAS msanchez@star-telegram.com D/FW Airport — A (descriptive info deleted- Ed.) passenger recently found himself in sticky situation. The disheveled passenger was arrested in Terminal B after police found him sitting on an American Eagle jet bridge covered in salad dressing, according to […]

Traction Control salutes our current and former members of the armed services. My sincere gratitude to you, one and all.

Statistics in motion: FAA Flight Patterns from Aaron Koblin

Airport Blogging – LAX

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747 on final approach into Los Angeles International airport – picture snapped on the cell phone before I made my way to the airport. I was the last one on board on standby for an earlier flight – so I got home 2-1/2 hours earlier than planned. Yeah!

Quote: “Just enjoy the pr0n. Tissues are on the table.“

Cops find themselves in arms race with criminals WEST PALM BEACH, Florida (CNN) — The war on the streets is escalating. As gangs and other criminals pack more firepower, police departments say they find themselves in an arms race. … Eleven paragraphs into the story, we find the source, the motivation and the agenda for […]

Back in the City of Angels, a cool sea breeze wafting through the window on the water’s edge – the sounds of commerce – planes, buses, cars, drifting up to my palatial suite atop the Renaissance Montura. A parking lot filled with exotic cars; super-models in the lobbies and bars, and millions of dollars to […]

God Bless Texas! The bartender gave me this … … and apologized that he was out of ‘rocks glasses’. Tab: $6.19 – in the DFW airport. Bottoms up – and Westward ho! Cheers!

Today the Birmingham, AL airport hosts a formidable weapon in the battle to preserve Homeland Security. Traction Control brings you, The Interceptor … (The tiny blue sticker in the center reads, “0 to 60 in five minutes“). Next destination, Los Angeles International …

SayUncle emailed this link last week. Before I saw it, I didn’t realize I needed it! Does the AM15 full auto UPPER RECEIVER allow you to shoot slightly modified.22LR American 180 drums, in either 165 round, 220 round or 275 round capacity, on your M16 host receiver? Why yes! Is the full auto AM15 upper […]

STI M-1911 animation – from m1911.org Seen at Knowledge is Power (with hat tips to DougM !) Bonus: There’s also a Screensaver!

National Ammo Day II

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It’s coming soon! National Ammo Day. Buy 100 rounds. (I just picked up 400 rounds of CCI Mini-Mag HP, 400 rounds of CCI Green Tag Precision, and 25 rounds of Remington 000 Buck in 2-3/4″ for the Benelli). I hope that will hold me over until the 19th! I plan to meet up with JR […]

The Boston business is wrapped up. The cool weather has moved in – not another warm day until June – or so they say on the radio (WRKO). I am so outta’ there. I just returned to the State of Texas! … home again from a long week. Monday, I’m off to Alabama – Tuesday, […]


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