Helpful Travel Tips – A Traction Control PSA

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From the American Airlines site, restricted baggage items include firearms and ammunition. The specifics are: Firearms (checked baggage only – declared and inspected) The information shown below pertains to travel within the United States only (unless stated otherwise). For information on the transportation of firearms and ammunition to international destinations, please contact Reservations.General Information Firearms […]

Uncle says, “Bring it.”

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via Say Uncle: Indeed. Every black politician in America should follow his lead. Last school year, 34 children were gunned down in Chicago. It is unconscionable that a black lawmaker would retreat from stricter gun laws. Guns are killing our kids. How? Handguns are banned in Chicago. It’s about time someone took on the People […]


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Thousands of rubber duckies are released into the Trinity River, where they could eventually wend, waft and waggle their way through the sooper-sekrit shootin’ spot. Mmm. Targets! Story here

People of the Gun

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Many new additions to the People of the Gun site. Each new address is being updated in Traction Control’s POG blogroll! Scope it out.

“The Great Varmint Rifle errrr Giveaway” at Kim’s is on for next weekend (October 13, 2007). Read the details and background at Kim’s!

Woman surrenders after N. Houston SWAT standoff from The Houston Chronicle A 74-year-old north Houston woman surrendered to police this morning, about nine hours after officers were called to her apartment complex because of reports that she was carrying a pistol. Over militarized much? Oddly enough, no mention of the ubiquitous AK-47 was made in […]

CBS Headline: AK-47s in Florida

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Click either pic to View Video Report CBS’s Kelly Cobiella reports: AK-47s are being used by street criminals in Florida and the police are starting to carry the weapon as well to have an “even chance.” What is bogus about this picture? Can’t the gun expert find the handguard? I can just wonder what else […]

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