Many frightening images of Partial Face Transplants from Freaking News, not the least of which is Bill and Hillary Clinton. Nightmarish!

Remembering the 46 Final ‘Yea’ votes on Amnesty: One Down, 45 to go. YEAs —46 Akaka (D-HI) Bennett (R-UT) Biden (D-DE) Boxer (D-CA) Cantwell (D-WA) Cardin (D-MD) Carper (D-DE) Casey (D-PA) Clinton (D-NY) Conrad (D-ND) Craig (R-ID) To Resign Resigned 9/1/2007 Un-resigned Dodd (D-CT) Durbin (D-IL) Feingold (D-WI) Feinstein (D-CA) Graham (R-SC) Gregg (R-NH) Hagel […]

From Michelle (see link for full reportage): Federal judge blocks tougher penalties for illegal-alien hiring Like in Who Are These People? – Part I, where the Census Bureau wanted ICE to curtail enforcement during the census count, this Judge (D-Californiastan) uses the power of the bench to thwart the will of the people. Seriously, Who […]

Making History

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“Making history” was the main focus of this week’s efforts. But sadly, I can’t talk about it. Cheers!

Today’s the Day! .45 Auto 230-Grain Full Metal Jacket, 850 fps, 50 Rds. 20 @ $15.48 = $309.60 .223 Remington, 55-Grain PSP Bullet, 3240fps, 20 Rounds 50 @$13.80 = $690.00 Product Cost $999.60, Shipping Cost $28.12, Tax $84.79 Total $1,112.51

Those Pesky Time Zones

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For the seven or eight readers who may have noticed, the inventory listings for Hand Guns and long Guns have been updated at different times in the morning recently. For the record, I have been consistent, but the time zones have been changing in my AO (my Area of Operations). So far this week -3 […]

Buy ammo day – August 28th – is to show support for our firearms and ammunition dealers on the day when those who protest our 2nd Amendment rights rally in opposition. Suggested Quantity: A) a Box or B) All of it. I’m leaning toward B.

Gun crackdown feeble, say Tories

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From BBC News – Politics The Conservatives have criticised the government’s plans to tackle gun crime as “feeble”. Nick Herbert, the Tory spokesman on justice, dismissed proposals for “drop-off zones” where people can hand in guns or offer tip-offs anonymously … For those on this side of the pond who believe that “drop-off” zones would […]

Why blog?

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Why Blog? It’s an outlet more than anything else, an outlet to rail against the machine that is the media and the political process; the media and the politics that guide and shape the discourse in day-to-day conversation of the Citizenry. Blogging offers another perspective to join with thousands of other unpublished voices to say […]

Two kinds of Engineers

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Overheard at the water-cooler: There are basically two kinds of engineers: Mechanical Engineers and Civil Engineers. The difference? Mechanical Engineers make weapons. Civil Engineers make targets.

Naked man tries to take officer’s weapon, is arrested 09:49 PM CDT on Friday, August 24, 2007 From Staff Reports A naked man was arrested Thursday at the Frank Crowley courts building in Dallas after he tried to take a weapon from an investigator for the Dallas County district attorney’s office. A receptionist saw the […]

From Polipundit: Transcript – Lou Dobbs Tonight – Aug. 23, 2007 PETER GADIEL, 9/11 FAMILIES FOR A SECURE AMERICA: Instead of using reliable low-tech technology, it’s using the highest, most complex technology that’s available, and nobody should be surprised that it doesn’t work, because it’s just – it’s not designed to work. And people have […]

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Headlining genius everyday at FARK! I can’t help but want to read the post when the headlines are: “— — – — -: What could Possibly Go Wrong?” or “This Should End Well: – — ———— ” or “Copyright infringement lawsuit over sanitary pads finally coming to an end after a long period” Pure genius.

Signs Seen in California

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Fresh Water, Handle With Care and Feeding the Ducks is Against the Law So, on item two: who had the time to write that law? Oh, yeah. Our elected representatives. They probably required someone to print the sign at the same time for ‘efficiency in government’ a legislative two for one!

So could this be what we call “Nuance”? From KisP An appeals court has concluded that just being an illegal alien in the United States doesn’t necessarily violate the law, so a judge cannot deny probation and require a jail sentence for a convicted drug dealer who is an illegal alien. The opinion from the […]

Tom and Alec appeared on The Mike and Juliette Show today. The 10-minute video is up and running on their website. Tom and Alec also appeared separately on the Fred Honzberger show from Pittsburgh. Copious hat tips to Error Theory with my many thanks for keeping on this story. Those who may have thought that […]

Femina Fortis – has Traction Control in the Blogroll! Update: Femina also ran the Front Sight Ad post from Dr. Ignatius Piazza so we can all look forward to meeting up in Vegas right?! The message from Dr. Ignatius Piazza was: “I will personally review your link page to verify the links are in place […]

JR at A Keyboard and a .45 is celebrating his one year anniversary today. Pay a visit and help answer a question from his Mail Bag “How to help a spouse become comfortable with the ideas of using a firearm in self defense.” My experience (posted in a comment at JR’s place) was this: JR, […]

From the NY Times: An Afghan television station reported that the woman, an aid worker, was freed in a joint late-night raid by Afghan intelligence services and the police in Kabul. God bless the defenders of freedom who carried out their mission made this possible.

Comment at Daily Pundit: No one else seems to be saying what Fred is saying. Note to Fred: “I’m with you, now get in the race already.” Signed, Moi

The father of Thomas E. Burnett, Jr. wants his son’s name withheld from the Flight 93 Memorial. Tom Burnett, Sr., said (in a Post Gazette story) the request was “something I’d rather not do, but I can’t get anyone to listen.” Many of the features of the proposed memorial that have been documented by Alec […]

YouTube link.

Any bloggers – or blog readers – in San Diego or Atlanta next week? I’m open to ticker-tape welcomes – or a beer – at either airport on arrival.

Red’s Trading Post

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Red’s Trading Post – the Oldest Gun Store in Idaho is where I’ll be buying my August 28th “Exercise Your Rights Day” ammo. Visit Red’s Trading Post at 215 Shoshone St. S. Twin Falls, ID. 83301 Phone: 208.733.3546 Fax: 208.734.2793

… from the Belmont Club – an ever reliable and excellent source of reasoned analysis.

August 28th

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Details here. More details here And Here. And Here. And Here. And Here. And Here. And Here. And Here. and at: The Liberty Sphere Rational Review News Digest Kent’s Hooligan Libertarian Blog Ohio CCW Forums Oscar Poppa The High Road

Who Are These People?

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Heard today on the Rush Limbaugh Show – link from PoliPundit: “Census wants halt in immigrant raids for survey” This reads like satire, WASHINGTON – The Census Bureau wants immigration agents to suspend enforcement raids during the 2010 census so the government can better count illegal immigrants. Raids during the population count would make an […]

Ace O’ Spades was kind enough to add Traction Control to his Blogroll today!! I returned the favor with a special invite to the Gunblogger Rendezvous. I hope he can join us!

San Diego yesterday, El Segundo today, Palmdale tomorrow, and Yuba City – Marysville on the visit list – Traction Control has returned to the Defense Sector to enhance the war-fighters’ Mission Capable status. Camp Pendleton was quite a sight from the highway – amphibious boats launching, Chinooks landing, ground forces on maneuvers with Cobra Gunships […]

God, Damn Them

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May God Damn them, and those who empowered the abomination that is the Flight 93 Memorial. Story at Atlas Shrugs

Seizing on a tragedy (3 Killed in Mo. Church Shooting) to further an AP agenda item? “The gunman had two small-caliber handguns and one 9 mm semiautomatic machine pistol with a large magazine, McCracken said.” A semiautomatic machine pistol? A self-contained contradiction in terms. Perhaps there could have been a fully-automatic single shot rifle involved, […]

America Can’t Compete in Arms Sales From Jihad Watch we have this: Iraqi government officials secretly buy 100,000 Russian automatic weapons “It seems strange that a pro-Western government, supported by the U.S. Army and other NATO countries on its own territory, would seek Russian or Chinese weapons through questionable channels.” Indeed it does. The story […]

Really Pissed. Her boss may want to consider taking next week off.

As the designated Crew Chief for On Board Weapons with Gunblogger Airways, USCitizen has this in-flight PA addresss prepared for you. So, just sit back and enjoy your flight! (Copious hat tips to Kevin at The Smallest Minority for the graphics! Go see ‘em all!) Don’t delay. Sign up for the Gunblogger Rendezvous here. You […]

From Fox News: Government to Step Up Immigration Law Enforcement WASHINGTON — A crackdown on illegal immigration will have to go forward without help from Congress, the Bush administration said Friday, asserting that an executive-branch-only approach is better than doing nothing. Two Cabinet secretaries — Homeland Security’s Michael Chertoff and Commerce’s Carlos Gutierrez — said […]

The following notice describes the changes in ATF Form 4473 that go into effect Over-the-Counter transfers on and after September 1, 2007: —————————————————– U.S. Department of Justice Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives Washington., DC 20226Br/> IMPORTANT NOTICE TO FEDERAL FIREARMS LICENSEES In the Open Letter to All Federal Firearms Licensees dated May […]

From Gateway Pundit: “With last week’s final approval for the crescent design, the hijacker still has control of the cockpit.” The public comments have been ignored while the US forged on with the design and praised their “process”. I have no more words to express my disgust with the design of this memorial. (See previous […]

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