Hotel Fun in Birmingham, AL

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A Video Football Game. A Projector. And a huge wall by the swimming pool, and it’s Hotel Fun in Birmingham, AL! Way Cool!

From BBC There were no armed police officers at Glasgow Airport when the terminal building was attacked last Saturday, BBC Scotland has learned. Armed police were on duty at most other major British airports at the time. The two men arrested at the airport were tackled by an unarmed officer, an off-duty policeman who was […]

As I was puttering around and cleaning up the HTML on the site, It occurred to me to run my blogroll entries through the W3 XHTML Validator, too! Congratulations to Michelle Malkin and River Dog for 100% validation! Ace and Jawa, not so much. Number of errors by site  0000 0000 0000

Option 6: Shoot Him

Category: Gun Stuff | Comments Off on Option 6: Shoot Him has a post on personal safety. Read .357—Don’t Leave Home Without It by Allison Aldrich, Friday, June 29, 2007

AK-47 Inventor Doesn’t Lose Sleep

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  From Fox News / AP: AK-47 Inventor Doesn’t Lose Sleep Over Havoc Wrought With His Invention MOSCOW —  Sixty years after the AK-47 went into production, Mikhail Kalashnikov says he does not stay awake at night worrying about the bloodshed wrought by the world’s most popular assault rifle. “I sleep well. It’s the politicians who […]

Proposed OSHA rules target Ammunition

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From Gun Law News and the National Shooting Sports Foundation: The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), the government agency charged with assuring the safety and health of America’s workers, is proposing a regulatory rule affecting the manufacturing, transportation and storage of small arms ammunition, primers and smokeless propellants. As written, the proposed rule would […]

Way Cool GBR Tee Shirts!

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Get yours at Ride Fast and Shoot Straight’s shop! Close-up of the graphics – it’s the masthead images from the bloggers at GBR I. Groovy.

Independence Day

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The Conservative UAW Guy hosts Circular Thinking, the latest of Mr. Completely’s ePostal matches. Read the rulz and download the targets here.  Print ’em out and punch some holes!


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