Front Sight asks for links

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We got links: Front Sight Firearms Training Ignatius Piazza – founder of Front Sight Ignatius Piazza Blog Ignatius Piazza – in Las Vegas Mercury Front Sight – in The Mail on Sunday Review Ignatius Piazza – in Times Democrat Front Sight – on CNN Ignatius Piazza – in National Enquirer Front Sight – in Icon […]

Arrived yesterday into Birmingham. What’s going on here? (For a city with so much history, it’s tough to find on the City’s web site – Ed.) SLOGAN: Officially, it’s The Magic City, I think. The Slogan for Birmingham is under much discussion, I hope I can find that article I read from the free newspaper. […]

From Ride Fast and Shoot Straight comes the current listing of those who have signed up to attend the Second Annual Gunblogger Rendezvous and Extravaganza! GBR-II – Planning to attend – UPDATE DirtCrashr of Anthroblogogy Fodder and the Commandress from Ride Fast & Shoot Straight Rivrdog Say Uncle JimmyB and Mrs JimmyB from The Conservative […]

Kimber Pro Carry in .45 ACP for your wallpapery viewing pleasure. Click Image for large size.

Curt, at Captain of a Crew of One is hosting this month’s ePostal match called “Reload Drill”. Get rules and targets here. This is a quick drill. Fire two, reload, fire two more. Repeating five times for a total of ten rounds in each of two targets. My times averaged 6.8 seconds for all five […]

Headlines read: Ex-Marine kills bear with log But once a Marine, always a Marine. Semper Fi. And, the only “Ex” in this story is the bear. HELEN, Ga. — A 300-pound black bear raided a family’s campsite, and the father saved his sons from harm by throwing a log at the beast, killing it with […]

GBR-II Update at Mr. C.’s

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Mister Completely posts the latest list of attendees for October’s Reno Rendezvous in the GBR-II Attendees list Update. CLICK FOR GUN BLOGGER RENDEZVOUS INFORMATION AND WEBSITE October 11th., 12th., 13th., and 14th. in Reno, NV.   It’s not just for Bloggers.   Gun-Blog Readers, Shooters, Gun owners, Vendors, Investors, Collectors, and others with gun interests […]

Here’s a note from Mr. Completely: The registration info is now posted for the upcoming Gun Blogger Rendezvous, (GBR-II for short!). Here’s the link: This year any money we raise at the Rondy will be going to Project Valour-IT. It shouldn’t be to long until I can announce our Guest of Honor, but that isn’t […]

Scooter Traffic Safety Tip

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Ride Fast and Shoot Straight is looking for “better ways to bring long guns on a scooter.” Well, there’s always the shoulder strap over the saddle bag technique. Traffic safety bonus:  I have noticed the cars that I pass tend not to crowd so much and maintain a very safe distance.

Saturday, June 1, 2007. Taken at the First National Nation of Riflemen Shooting Festival. The RV. The AR. (click pix for large sizes).

NoR Shooting Festival – Day 2

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8:35 AM: 73 degrees, mostly cloudy with a weather outlook for isolated / scattered thunderstorms. It looks like it could get wet! We will be directing arrivals to park on the roadway outside of the facility to make sure no one gets stuck if the weather turns bad. The National Doppler Radar site shows a […]

Last night, Kim and Connie du Toit were joined by Misha (The Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler), Og (Neanderpundit), Chris and Melanie (The Anarchangel – thanks to TheConservativeUAWGuy for the correction – Ed.), Combat Commander and approximately 40 more for a wonderful evening of dinner, conversation, and an extensive show and tell of various firearms. This morning, we […]


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