Cool! An internal study at a large company estimated that a $2.5 million investment in an information systems upgrade would yield $5 million in recurring annual savings benefits. That sounded good to the CEO, and to his Board, too. Knowing that a comprehensive and secure consolidation software interface that linked all existing financial systems, preserved […]

Traction Control appreciates the feedback and suggestions for those who are graphically inclined … especially feedback received before the flyers go to press!! Thanks to all, and I hope to meet you at the Nation of Riflemen Shooting Festival this weekend!


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Watch the video at Michelle’s and say, “No!” Please call your Senators today!

Traction Control is planning to bring its virtual gun shop to the First National Nation of Riflemen Shooting Festival See details and Sign up here! with big thanks to Kim, for the invite!! Look for Traction Control under the awning of the 40′ RV! Swap stories, enjoy free soft drinks, and browse our selection of […]

Seen at, from Allahpundit: Report: Senate Republicans sign off on amnesty Senate Republicans met today and it appears that the majority of them are willing to sign on to a White House-Kennedy “comprehensive” reform. Some have convinced themselves that the measure represents a good trade, i.e. amnesty for 12 million (which they privately acknowledge […]

A Call for Help

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Posted at Kim‘s on Tuesday, May 8, 2007: Helping Hands Kim du Toit May 8, 2007 6:34 AM From Reader Robb, a self-confessed pistolero, comes this plea: Help me. Please. I readily admit that I am a handgun guy. I’ve shot rifles and shotguns, but I always came back to my handheld machines of death. […]

210 on Cinco de Mayo

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If the Health o meter(tm) scale doesn’t lie, I weigh in at 210 pounds at the start of this journey.  Today I joined a health club with weights, treadmills, stair climbers, racquetball, basketball and even stationary cycle races every Saturday night! What could go wrong? I do not have a weight goal in this endeavor, per se.  Whether I move […]

Via Sebastian at Snowflakes in Hell David Codrea tells us that Red’s Trading Post is back in business again, after a federal judge issued an injunction against the BATFE! Maybe the Petition did some good! Tags: Guns, Gun Stuff

May 1st Edition – Updated as stories unfold. – Ed. Headlines and quotes from all over (4/29/2007 – 5/1/2007) Recaps from an eventful week: 5/1/2007 LA Officials Promise Review of Clashes at May Day Rally Several people, including about a dozen officers, were hurt during skirmishes at MacArthur Park in Los Angeles near downtown late […]

From Today’s Fort Worth Star Telegram: Allow concealed guns anywhere, governor says By JAY ROOT, Star-Telegram staff writer AUSTIN Gov. Rick Perry, mulling ways to stop the kind of murderous rampages that recently left 33 dead on a college campus in Virginia, said Monday that there’s one sure-fire solution he likes: Allow Texans to take […]


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