Rights to Machine Gun Ownership

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Publicola pens an excellent argument and provides rich background materials in Automatic For The Free People. The subject: Machine Guns and the constitutionally protected rights of ownership. Highly recommended reading.

ePostal Contest Reminder

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Mr. C reminds us that the ePostal entries for High Fives (click link for targets and instructions) are due Midnight Monday night, April 23rd. My entries are in the (e)mail!

Pump Action percussion on Rogers trap set with Zildjian cymbals. Made in the USA. April 15 – Buy a Gun Day V ! Crossfire Mk-1, Commando Edition: (5) 3″ magnum ( or 2 3/4″ ) 12 Ga. over (40) 5.56 NATO (.223 Rem) = Something for everyone! This rare combination gun was engineered and manufactured […]

Shooting indoors

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Ah, just a fleeting whiff of Cordite defied the wind of the air conditioners blowing fumes safely downrange to EPA filters.  The muffled thump-thump-thump of the Thompson and the Wham, wham … wham of the Kimber sending copper-jacketed rounds through the targets at seven, fifteen and even twenty yards.  The even artificial lighting illuminating the […]

The Good ‘ol Days

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The 1929 catalog Johnson Smith & Co. of Racine, WIS listed some items of interest (found on Flikr): Lest you found yourself pining for Good ‘ol Days’ pricing, where a .45 cal. 1911 model could be had for $45, let not your heart be troubled. Compared to 1929 (with a 3-1/2% price increase per annum) […]


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What Would Jack Do?  Jack Bauer that is, would have an HK USP Compact in 9mm.  That’s what! Now you know. Tags: Guns, Gun Stuff

Site Traffic Analysis and Elisha Cuthbert

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After careful analysis of site traffic to determine whether readers are most interested in Border Security, Crime, Flight 93, Guns, the Global War on Terror, Politics, the Military or Travel. The Answer is: Elisha Cuthbert! Well, alrighty then.

Cowboy Blob’s Saloon and Shootin Gallery is tracking BAG Day Heroes at his site. Let him know what you’ve acquired on this momentous occasion. Updated: As of 4/28/2007 product availability information and links are posted in the right sidebar.  Check out what is currently available and get contact info at the FFL link. Check out […]

Hot Brass

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BAG Day Specials coming soon … special Discounts for Bloggers.


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