2007 e-Postal Match #1

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The 2007 e-Postal season starts with “High Fives” at Mr. Completely’s place – read all the rules there. This month’s handgun match “High Fives”, is a real challenge. The object is to get the highest score you can with 10 shots, 5 fired from a rest position, and 5 fired from a two handed standing […]

Headlines and quotes from all over (3/26/2007 – 3/30/2007): Recaps from an eventful week: 3/29/2006 Bureaucrat Clowns Trying to Cover Their Asses How about some actual news for a change? We thought you might like that too, so here goes: If there is one thing that approaches the levels of disgust that we felt the […]

For those whom I’ve asked to “stay tuned”, the next outing at the Sooper Sekrit Shootin’ Spot is on for Saturday. Link for pix here, here, here, here, here, here, and here. Comment or email for details. See ya there!  

Scooter Trash Gunnies

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Ride Fast & Shoot Straight posts Scooter Trash Gunnies and lists Traction Control! Gratuitous Scoot Pic. Click for large size! Tags:  Bikes, Scoots

Fair Treatment of FFL Dealers

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A petition for the Fair Treatment of FFL Dealers by the ATF (h/t Kim du Toit) is here. I have been notified that writing “Main St.” instead of “Main Street” on an ATF Form is the sort of “willful errors” that are subjecting firearms dealers to Federal Prosecution. Read the background story here. Read Kim’s […]

Fox News Reads the Gunbloggers

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… and notes the rapid mobilization on issues affecting the Gunosphere. Tags: Guns, Gun Stuff

For those who followed my ordeal with a computer upgrade last month, I would like to share a different experience. This story is about the absolutely stellar performance of Henry Repeating Arms in response to a customer service inquiry. Two weeks ago, the spring came out of a feeding tube of one of my boy’s […]

Quotable Truth from BlameBush

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“Obey Me, or Die” Gore Warns Congress The Full Quote: Environmental Prophet Al Gore warned a stunned Congress today of the dire consequences should we puny humans refuse to obey him. Hurricanes. Tornadoes. Earthquakes. Plagues of locusts. Disoriented manatees. Cats and dogs living together. The deliberate and systematic destruction of all life on Arrakis. Terrifying, […]

2nd Amendment Blogburst

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2nd Amendment Blogburst – Notes and quotes from all over in this eventful week: 3/7/2007 – 3/13/2007 Tags: Guns, Politics 3/13/2007 Second Amendment Showdown Why the D.C. Circuit affirmed the right to bear arms. Hopefully This is the Death of SB43 Support Brochin! Looks like the Bradys aren’t going to get the vote they needed […]


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‘300’ Rocks! Those who fought, rather than to kneel to overwhelming forces send the message: Freedom is never Free. IMAX theater with 12,000 watts of digital surround sound. Molon labe Tags: Movies

Via Chron.com: Ron Paul, a nine-term Texas congressman who describes himself as a lifelong libertarian, formally announced his candidacy for the Republican presidential nomination today. Unfortunately, Ron is on the list of 17 Republicans who decided to put a permanent end their political careers with a “Yes” vote in opposition to funding for the troops. […]

Robin’s Egg blue skies over Texas on the bank of a lazy river. Family, friends, firearms & fun. Lessons. Finding a target. Kim du Toit takes the BAG Day IV Thompson for a trial run. (I think he approves!) All in all, today was a personal tribute to the re-affirmation of the 2nd Amendment as […]

From none other than the NY Times: (snark and anguish omitted for brevity) By ADAM LIPTAK, Published: March 10, 2007 Interpreting the Second Amendment broadly, a federal appeals court in Washington yesterday struck down a gun control law in the District of Columbia that bars residents from keeping handguns in their homes. Decision: Parker v. […]

  The following takes place in Allen, Texas on February 6, 2007. We’ve heard of the dubious practice of following bar patrons when they get into their cars for DUI busts. Evidently, Allen, Texas has refined that concept and moved the enforcement into the bar itself. Last month, four of Allen’s finest, two officers and […]

Guest posting at PoliPundit, Duncan Hunter says if his bill HR 563 to pardon Border Patrol Agents Compean and Ramos is not successful, he will – if elected, make a pardon one of his first acts of his Presidency. Duncan Hunter has risen much in my estimation over the past few weeks. Read his post […]

(Click for 1490x 1200 resolution image – I think Oleg Volk would be proud.) Few articles better illustrate the beauty of American hardwood than these two finely crafted instruments. On top we have the Thompson M1SB from Kahr Arms, finished in American Walnut. The deep blue gunmetal sets off the dark wood finish quite elegantly. […]

The petition is here. There are 22,096 signatures so far (as of 3/6/2007). I believe that there are a number of gun owners in this country who do not want to see themselves criminalized by this arbitrary and capricious legislation. This bill even goes after shotguns, so the ‘Fraternity of Hunters’ might just want to […]

Headlines and quotes from all over (2/22/2007 – 3/2/2007): Recaps from an eventful week follow: 3/2/3007 Border Patrol Trial Transcripts – Robert H. Arnold, Jr. (Volume XI) More in this ongoing series. h/t DRJ – Patterico 3/1/2007 Pelosi urged to probe Ramos-Compean 38 Republicans want House hearings on border agents’ case h/t missionaryman – News […]


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